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  • 07/30/18--11:18: 22184
  • In the spirit of others posting awesome things

    Here is Meadows building the beast seminar and his workout of the month from his website



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  • 07/30/18--13:49: 22185
  • >>22183
    post in the meantime the neurotyping programs instead

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  • 07/30/18--13:49: 22186
  • Tell you what, illnpost the complete neurotyping system, all 5 programs if somebody post this


    That's a good deal

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  • 07/30/18--14:05: 22187
  • Or everyone could just post what they have? Crazy idea, I know.

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  • 07/30/18--14:20: 22188
  • >>22187
    i dont understand how he still doesn't get it...

    man im sure if someone has it he will post it, i would really like to have it and post it for you, but i don't. just post the neuro programs in the meantime, it doesn't cost you anything, and you are making people that can't afford it happy. would you really say that in all this thread you didn't get at least double the value in money of the neuro programs from other stuff you downloaded? it seems you already had a good deal, but you only took your part.

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  • 07/30/18--15:43: 22189
  • i cant stop laughing to all you begging losers!
    If you cant afford a fucken program then go train with a free one from youtube..If you dont give you wont get..NOW SHUT THE FUCK asking for the neurotype THIB programs..Peasants..ANd tdslu dont post anything else man to these fags..they are worse than beggars..

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  • 07/30/18--16:50: 22190
  • Yea I am done. I try and be nice and have posted over a hundred programs in the last 2 weeks with all the bodyweight programs I posted. Same ole story, don't post the ones they want, they bitch. Fuck em tdlsu777

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  • 07/30/18--18:27: 22191
  • Brother, take your own advice, you’re asking for shit too.
    It’s not worth getting all worked up over a sharing forum. Post if you want, don’t if you don’t want to.
    Just don’t flaunt that you have a program but not be willing to share it with everyone. No one else is asking to trade, simply because this isn’t a trading forum.
    I’ll quit “begging” if that’s what it comes off as and that’s what you insist upon.
    So again, post if you want. There’s nothing we can do about whether you decide to or not.

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  • 07/30/18--19:36: 22192
  • >>22191
    i aggree completely

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  • 07/30/18--21:52: 22193
  • If I'm done with anything in this thread, it's seeing warthog prostitutes advertising. Lost my lunch to that one.

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  • 07/30/18--22:11: 22194
  • Exactly. You request stuff too, and theres nothing wrong with that. But then you say you have items that people have requested (ie Ben pollack, JM, etc) but never share them. No one here is begging, they are just requesting something be shared in the Share thread, meanwhile you lord it over them that you have whatever they want. If you don't like the thread don't post here.

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  • 07/31/18--01:53: 22195
  • stop requesting programs they aren't gonna help you. you're all skinny faggots lol its so obvious.

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  • 07/31/18--02:37: 22196
  • >>22146
    thank you for the stuff . really appreciate it.

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  • 07/31/18--02:52: 22197
  • Post something, then ask for something in return.

    What people forget is that it takes ages to build up a collection, lots of searching, email other people to trade and even buying some programs.

    People aren't going to post everything they have and expect nothing in return.

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  • 07/31/18--04:00: 22198
  • I wouldn’t post shit anymore of what I wanted wasn’t posted up first. For the exact reason that no one will post the shit you want even after you posted up what everyone is begging for you to post up on here. A example is he Jordan Peters program. Someone posted the new program....where are the 4 programs that were posted if the new one was posted. Exactly, they weren’t posted up like promised.

    So fuck everyone that begs for the program first and then promises to post there’s afterwards. That clearly doesn’t happen as we have seen. The trust of this thread has been broken and can’t be fixed.

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  • 07/31/18--04:40: 22199
  • it's sad, i hope the one like me that shared all this time for the sake of sharing will continue to do so, at least between us.

    i'm still of the idea that everyone requesting for trade and posting his mail should be permanently banned

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  • 07/31/18--05:10: 22200
  • Has anyone been banned for posting spam?

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  • 07/31/18--05:28: 22201
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  • 07/31/18--05:28: 22202
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  • 07/31/18--05:28: 22203
  • >>22202

    Here is Essentials of Strength Training and Tactical Strength Training


    I'm posting these is small pieces because the spam ban bot seems to block larger posts

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