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  • 05/13/13--02:32: 11682
  • >>11680
    That's not completely accurate. It's truth that the risk is bigger during the outbreaks, but you can get it at any time, 'cause the virus in discussion can be is saliva and sperm or other fluids. The reason why you can't prevent it is precisely this one, adding the fact that it enters to the body trough mucous membrane, so no cream could avoid you from getting it.
    This guys from Maryland agree with me

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  • 05/13/13--02:32: 11683
  • >>11682
    >can be is saliva
    I meant "in"

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  • 05/13/13--02:32: 11684
  • >>11623
    DASH is mostly for prevention of strange diseases, such ad diabetes or hypertension, than for weight loss. You need drastic stuff for a quick loss, then get into the DASH (or perfect health) for maintenance.
    Go keto.

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  • 05/13/13--02:32: 11685
  • >>11610
    "Greg Everett - Olympic Weightlifting PDF


    can you reupload it please

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  • 05/13/13--02:32: 11686
  • My BMI is 13.0
    Am i anorexic?

    pic not related

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  • 05/14/13--03:58: 11687
  • If you're not Somalian, yes.

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  • 05/14/13--03:58: 11688
  • not neccesarily

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  • 05/14/13--03:58: 11689
  • prepare for ultimate flames!

    I'm a "fruitarian" I only eat sweet fruit and I'm a "body building enthusiast"

    i used to study nutrition in college before I changed major.

    this goes against everything i was taught. i get bloodtests every month (old nutritionist habit)

    its been three years. i feel awesome.

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  • 05/14/13--03:58: 11690
  • What are some good hypertrophy & strength training manuals for women?

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  • 05/14/13--03:58: 11691
  • >>11689
    Of course that goes against anything ever taught to anyone, 'cause fruit is just sugar, and you need the good old protein to live, and our very nice fellows "iron" and "magnesium", remember them?
    You liar.

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  • 05/15/13--04:22: 11692
  • >>11690
    Women aren't special. They can train the same way a guy does. Pick a book from the thread, any book related to hypertrophy.

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  • 05/15/13--04:22: 11693
  • >>11599
    Any playgrounds near your home?
    Some of them do great for sports. Just try going on low-attendance hours, that will make it a lot easier to use them.

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  • 05/15/13--04:22: 11694
  • Found one of these quite close to home, so I decided I might give it a try.

    Things I should know before I go for the first time?

    I mean dos and don'ts, what to wear, special shoes needed, etiquette, any suggestions will be welcome.

    Thanks, /fit/

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  • 05/15/13--04:22: 11695
  • >>11694

    I have been indoor/outdoor rock climbing for the last.....4 years? My best advice is as follows:

    -Stretch a fucking lot, otherwise muscle cramps are guaranteed, gotta stay loose and limber.

    -Equipment; Now most rock climbing places will offer shoe and harness rental. If you plan to do it more than a few times invest in a good pair of climbing shoes. They should be a half size to a full size smaller. Trust me, loose shoes mean no foot grip and that blows. Also Chalk bag is essential, otherwise your hands get to sweaty and you slip a lot.

    -Start out bouldering(without a harness climbing) to get into the groove and to get comfortable with the holds.

    -Don't be surprised if you don't make it for longer than 20-30 minutes your first time. Climbing is a intense sport that uses a lot of muscles you normally don't. It's really good for building core strength.

    Best of luck to you brother, climb well.

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  • 05/15/13--04:22: 11696
  • >>11344

    Look for pdf(piratebay has it for sure) called "Convict Conditioning." Really good book on free form work-outs with no equipment. Most of it is high repetition and muscle toning.

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  • 05/15/13--04:22: 11697
  • Hey. There are special shoes that can help quite a lot but when starting out you can climb barefoot or lend shoes.

    There is also chalk for when your hands get sweaty.

    Climbing indoors helps with fitness but climbing on real rock is much funner :P

    Ask someone there to help you get started.


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  • 05/15/13--04:22: 11698
  • As for etiquette, please use a chalk ball that you squeeze inside the pouch, and not loose chalk. Makes the air, surroundings better for everyone.

    I'm not sure why it hasn't been mentioned, but get a competent safety person you can trust. By "Safety person" I mean the one holding the other end of the rope, securing you if you fall (I'm not knowledgeable of the English nomenclature, sry). Remember to double-check each others knots!

    As a final note: DON'T LOOK DOWN (or do, that's fun too!:)

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  • 05/15/13--04:22: 11701
  • >>>11692 and 11690

    That response was as useless as raising bald-headed mink!! USELESS!! Here you go 11690......take a look at this link, I think it will help.


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  • 05/15/13--04:22: 11702
  • is the password for the Supple Leopard PDF already known ?

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  • 05/15/13--04:22: 11703
  • >>11689
    nice trolling there, son

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