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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17450
  • >>17449

    Yes. IMO everybody should pay a small fee anyway, exactly like a membership. We are all downloading more than buying..

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17451
  • need to decrease my library, adding some videos and stuff i already read to the chat

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17453
  • Hi! I'm looking for Power Positions by Andrea Hudy.

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17454
  • Does anybody have MMA or martial art book? e.g:Wrestling for Fighting, Fedor: The Fighting System, San Shou, etc.

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17455
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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17456
  • Sorry, been flat out.

    I didn't mean to offend anyone, off course there is great people in here. I meant the 280 leeches vs the 20 up-loaders :P

    Aybesea - What do you have I listed?

    Om - We're all pretty good with Google skills, sometimes you just gotta buy something! :P

    Bert - Yeah I do, do you want me to leave it for you in the chat room? That way an Admin can delete it after 24 hours.

    Evan Osar's book Corrective Exercises (.mobi)and Naudi Aguilar's The Power of Posture - To whom posted, thank you. Once I buy Diesel Squat, I will upload. It may not be til the following weekend as I have work in a few hours.

    Poster who has Rehab 2.0 - Would you be able to contact me via email, if I left it in the chat roon? That way I can confirm you have it(I would like highest quality videos) and also so I can organise to discuss with you Diesel Squat. Let me know!

    I've always been keen for a buy in! Within a few months we'd have everything and get it all as it comes out. I'm down for that!

    I wouldn't mind DIESEL POWER, it's on the website which sells DIESEL SQUAT b Defranco! It looks solid! If anyone has it, its a few years old I believe.

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17457
  • http://defrancoinsider.com/

    Along with John Meadows, I am considering signing up for these.

    Hopefully in a few weeks, because I assume it will take me a while to RIP all the content/videos.

    Just checking incase we have any members here already? I know alot of fitness industry professionals are members of these programs, as its a huge benefit.


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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17458
  • i have some movement lectures and the Power DVD which i saved but it's in a weird format. you can see the screen shot. i may have something else you wanted
    on another hard drive that is packed away that i'll have to check

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17459
  • LaLa,

    I think I have the Power manual you're after. Should I share it here or in the chat?

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17460
  • there are two PDF files for the power DVD

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17461
  • >>17458
    That's a full DVD format. You have to encode it to an mp4, if you want to make it smaller.
    If I'm not mistaken, you said you were on a Mac - so try this - http://www.macxdvd.com/mac-dvd-video-converter-how-to/rip-and-convert-dvd-to-mp4-mac-free.htm

    Or just Google 'dvd to mp4', or juzt zip it up and upload if you want the full decompressed version, should be about 4.7GB per DVD.

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17462
  • Yes you can leave it in the chat or on here. Up to you.

    If you can afford the insider..it's great, you won't regret it ;)
    New version of westside for skinny bastards 4 coming..although he is naming it strong bastard 911.

    I look forward to your email address.

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17463
  • willing to help out w/ MountainDog sub Lala.

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17464
  • Missed a few things from the chat:
    inside out the ultimate upperbody warm up
    Comprehensive Bodyweight Workout list.
    Handstands - Gold Mdal Bodies.
    Rough Strength

    Also looking (as well as other people I know):
    The Man Diet
    Reverse Dieting
    The Incredible Bulk
    Ultra Lean

    I'm the one who uploaded the Pavel and Arnold stuff.

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17465
  • Hi aybesea
    Just put the files in a rar file with iZip or similar and upload. Then I'll turn it into an ISO and re-post or you can turn ibto an ISO yourself: there are lots of free tools out there. All you have at the moment is the raw DVD contents which is good; please don't compress and spoil the quality. Thanks

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17466
  • The person who has RE2 obviously has the vids in some kind of quality and you have said you would buy DS so stop delaying and he/she will upload. as you said you are getting 117 bucks for 30 so dont complain.someone has to buy more than one thing at some point.

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  • 02/15/15--01:40: 17467
  • Yeh I agree several of us want Rehab2;first you say you'll buy this weekend and now its next; how long does it take you to click on a few buttons and fill in your details and place an order? How are we supposed to trust you with buy ins when you have made a promise you look like you are not going to keep: it makes you look untrustworthy? besides does it matter what quality the lectures are in they are still pretty decent compared to the ones someone filmed with a cam on there screen (BTW the uploader of those movies thank you very much, you will it will be easier for you to use GetFlv, Freemake or any other Chrome/FireFox downloader to download online movies:))

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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17471
  • Anyone got Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy meals?

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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17472
  • Some of you guys are real douches

    "I'll only upload this if someone else uploads that"

    Uploading post rehab 2.0 to chat room now. Will take a while

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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17473
  • >>17471
    Uploading to chat

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