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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17474
  • Hi guys.
    How can I get in chat room?

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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17475
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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17476
  • How come there's always around 70 people in the chat room but only 5 are actually uploading stuff?
    Come on people, share your books/programs, no matter what you have (topic-related), someone might just find it useful.

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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17477
  • Tnx man! You have made my day..
    Any chance somebody can re-upload Evan Osar book (Corrective Exercise) and Aguilar Power of Posture to chatroom, couldn't find them there.. tnx..

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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17478
  • Repost email Om!

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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17479
  • >>17478

    Click on my nick

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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17480
  • 1 This might sound naive but almost everyone who offers a product also offers 100% money back.
    Ie, for Paluski - " if you decide it’s not working for you, just let me know and I’ll refund every penny."
    Has anyone every tried it???
    Or do they wiggle out of it somehow and never refund?

    2. Still willing to negotiated/mediate deals, click my nick of my email.

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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17481
  • Firstly, I was the one who complained about "trading:

    Secondly, if I had the Squat program I would of uploaded it ages ago without someone asking.

    The original person with RB2 was the one asking for a TRADE.

    I was the only PERSON here who offered to buy what he wanted, so to the t**ser who complained why I haven't bought it yet is because I wanted to confirm he has the WHOLE SERIES, as I was GOING TO FORK OUT MY MONEY for something I have no interest in! I also worked triple 12 hour shifts over the weekend and I have taken the week off GYM so I can get stuff done. My life doesn't resolve around this FORUM, or uploading s**t for jobless fucken tight arses!

    Happy to call me out, when barely any of you BUY NEW STUFF ... downloading torrents and uploading it doesn't mean SHIT.

    When people make comments like this, I only want to send the original uploaded of RH2 the SQUAT PROGRAM, instead of sharing it with a bunch of children who complain.


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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17482
  • Don't want to be pain in the ass, but is there more form Post Rehab E?? there is 9 hours, and full last 12, so, if this great guy who already post this 9 hours have it all it would be great if he can post it.. post it or not tnx anyway..

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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17483
  • Om - I was looking into that for the HYPERTROPHY, but the postage to my country was a bit silly.

    I never asked the uploaded of RB2 to upload it, I asked to contact him. I was/would of sent a screenshot of the BUY, and done it that way. Pretty simple. I was the one forking out money, no one else. I suggest you stfu, unless you put your money where your mouth is.

    Aybesea - That would be awesome if you have it, and someone can organise to convert it. Awesome job.

    As I mentioned, I will hold up my end of the bargain and buy this Squat program.

    Fuck you cunts who complain. I'd hate to be a tight ass piece of shit who sits on a forum complaining about the TIME someone has to spend their money to buy a program while you download stuff for FREE. Fucken wanker/s.

    To everyone else, sorry for the rage. I'm not having a go at anyone, just the fucken tools that complain. I don't sit on a computer for a JOB, I have limited time online when I'm home. When I get round to it, I would of and I didn't expect RH2 to be uploaded til I did what I said.

    I wish Admins could block the complaining nut huggers who do NOTHING but download.

    Everyone else, great job.

    Ill organise the program tonight or tomorrow.

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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17484
  • Actually with the currency exchange, it cost me $40

    Hope you enjoy it, will upload to the file sharing page.

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  • 02/16/15--02:12: 17485
  • Check chat room, may have to scroll up.

    Squat video/videos will be uploaded within 24 hours.

    Thanks all.

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  • 02/17/15--02:26: 17488
  • I put up the Weingroff video how to make a monster. someone put up the Power DVD before I could figure out how to convert it from the format i have

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  • 02/17/15--02:26: 17489
  • A note on "Breaking Parallel A Guide to CrossFit Gymnastics and Body Movement by Jeff R. Tucker.pdf"

    The file hanging around the Net is FAKE. If you find another version, please open it up and see if it actually displays. THEN upload.


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  • 02/17/15--02:26: 17490
  • if you have a lean build, why are you trying to lose weight

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  • 02/17/15--02:26: 17491
  • Awesome. You could still put up the power dvd? The video put up was only an hour long. From the screenshot you put up, it looks like you might have more content.

    Thanks for putting up the weingroff video. Any chance you put up jamieson and wards videos? You don't have to film the screen. Theres an app which extracts the video. Type in 'Video Downloader professional' into google. Click on the first link and add the extension. Its super duper easy.

    Thank for all your help :) :) :)

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  • 02/17/15--02:26: 17492
  • I downloaded what the program to convert DVDs and I can' t get it to work. I have a pretty bad virus and am not thinking so well so maybe that's part of it. I don't see how to move the Power video into the list. I can upload Patrick Ward's presentation i don't have Joel's. i'm uploading the rest of the Weingroff Training = Rehab. it's going very slowly. it will take some time probably tomorrow at this rate for Ward's

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  • 02/17/15--02:26: 17493
  • http://dieselsc.com/shop/

    Anyone have any of their other products? Some look decent!

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  • 02/17/15--02:26: 17494
  • Sure,

    If the video uploaded is not the full video?

    I'd love it.


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  • 02/17/15--02:26: 17495
  • Weingroff training=rehab is already freely available

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