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  • 02/13/15--01:00: 17429
  • Could someone please re-upload AMD 2.0? Thanks!

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  • 02/13/15--01:00: 17430
  • C'mon, anyone have Incredible Bulk? Some guys that upload a lot of good things are requesting this and nothing happens. Looks like this community are full of blood suckers.

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  • 02/13/15--01:00: 17431
  • Guys, you don't have to record video manually, you can actually get the direct link of the video using Firebug. Here is a couple of site explaining it.


    Hope this helps.

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  • 02/13/15--01:00: 17432
  • Use this app, you click a button and it will download any video on the page. Very useful tool


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  • 02/13/15--01:00: 17433
  • Yeah,

    Its full of leechers.

    I've been wanting Rehab 2.0 for a long time, suddenly a bunch of people want it. I'm the only person willing to go spend $27 to get it, it actually costs $117, it was on sale for $77 late last year.

    Normally no one has anything I am after anyways, and I upload quite a bit. Saying that, some people have uploaded some stuff I've been after which has been AWESOME and AMAZING.

    I ended up buying some bloke a CORE program, and everyone complained it was "crap"

    I was happy to go buy in's as-well. If you have 10-15 people, and believe me hundreds lurk on this board and everyone puts in $3-4 you have a program! It's simple!

    I dislike when people ask for TRADES, esp when they've prob found some on here for themselves! I understand trying to TRADE, but it's really not fair.

    Because I will buy Diesel Squat, should I try trade with others who want Rehab 2.0? Haha ha ha ha ha..


    Somethings I wouldnt mind finding,

    Reverse Dieting - Sohee Lee
    Eric Cressey & Mike R. = Functional Stability Traning (Upper Body, Core, Lower Body DVDs)
    Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction - Evan Osar
    Alwyn Cosgrove Core dvd
    Defranco/Smith - HARD:CORE DVD
    Defranco/Diesel POWER
    Functional Stability Training Core by Eric Cressey
    Travis Stoetzel's shredded in 7
    Dean Somerset & Tony's Awesome LA Workshop
    Spinal Health and Core Training Seminar - Tony Gentilcore
    Sonnon MOBILITY
    Anything from following..
    Evan Osar
    Dr. E. Sarno
    Paul Ingraham
    Naudi Augiler

    Strength Lab - Matt Vincent.

    Anything from :

    I will try buy Diesel Squat on Sunday for Rehab 2.0(Can this upload confirm? Do you have higher quality versions?)

    Thank you

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  • 02/13/15--01:00: 17434
  • LaLa

    i have a few of the things in your list to trade. if you ever get post rehab essentials let me know

    you can check in the chat room to see all i've uploaded recently

    i'm not going to upload all i have. sorry i don't have the time

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  • 02/13/15--01:00: 17435
  • LaLa,

    Not taking it personally but I do want to mention that I am fairly new here, and I have uploaded some stuff I got off private torrent tracks. I also try to use my Google skills to find more awesome stuff that is needed - One Man One Barbell, The Incredible Bulk etc...
    But unfortunately some stuff aren't there yet..

    Keep up the good work man, don't think yourself as a sucker for sharing and making this community better, and don't mind the 'leechers'.

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17437
  • For LaLa
    I uploaded Evan Osar's book Corrective Exercises (.mobi)and Naudi Aguilar's The Power of Posture. I buyed those books so if you have something interesting like Diesel Squat and other books please share with us!!

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17438
  • >>17433
    Well done for buying Diesel Squats.

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17439
  • Can someone please upload Built 2 Last by Joe DeFranco? The link has expired already. Thanks guys!

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17440
  • >>17437
    Thanks for the two books.
    I think we need to find somebody with time that can act as admin. Somebody that can be trusted. and also an email account so that we can forward some info particularly to admin.

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17441
  • >>17440

    I would do it, got time, love this board and got experience with geeky online forums, but..:

    1. I think it is no necessary, as Mods are here, or so it seems.
    2. What would the admin do, and how will he get admin status from 7chan.org?

    Anyways, I would like to think of myself as trustworthy.

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17442
  • Requesting for the re-up of Built 2 Last by Joe defranco? Thanks guys! Sorry for the double post.

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17443
  • >>17442

    If I were an admin/mod I would have deleted that.
    Sorry for the double post? in less than an hour. You should be.. :P

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17444
  • Anyone have the Specfore Alpha Male System?

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17445
  • I browse the chatroom using both home PC and work PC. However, I find the content of the chatbox is different between PC. That is, I can see certain message in Home PC but not work PC. All I can say is Chatroom is very good for sharing but not reliable for mass communication.

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17446
  • Anyone have the book: Buil the Classic Physique by Matt Marshall?

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17447
  • I´m looking for SpecForce Alpha MAle System by Tood Lamb, Anoyone that can share it...

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17448
  • Let's make it a habit that we group buy what can't be found online.

    1. Set up bi-weekly polls with 10+ alternatives listed in there.
    2. Every voter commits to chime in on bying the thing he/she voted for.
    3. If the product which gets most votes costs $100 and 30 people voted for it, the cost per person are rounded up a bit and the extra rounding is used for next week's product or to cover for the few non-paying voters. In other words $100 : 30 = $3.33 for each voter but everyone pays $4-$4.5.
    4. Share the link for the product here/in the chat.

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  • 02/14/15--01:02: 17449
  • I suggested this in the chat room. Why don't we set up another chat room with an initial low membership fee or a monthly fee. The members could propose a group purchase. Whoever wants it will split the payment towards it. Some money will already be there. Members will have shown good faith by putting in money to start so whoever pays for the
    the product doesn't get screwed

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