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  • 02/05/13--05:47: 11297
  • What kind of foods have no carbs?

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  • 02/05/13--05:47: 11298
  • >>11297
    Cheese, meat, eggs, most vegetables are ok too.

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  • 02/05/13--05:47: 11299
  • >>11292

    I would ditch apples and shredded wheat - not quality food - but the rest is fine if you moderate the fruit.

    Otherwise, low-carb might be worth a try depending on your metabolism, but since you're not a mammoth to start off with, personally in your place I would take it easy and do moderate carb (100-200g/day). Really depends on your metabolism.

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  • 02/05/13--05:47: 11300
  • You probably should read the sticky

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  • 02/05/13--05:47: 11301
  • >>10756
    I lost it OP
    /r/equesting Stephen diet and brain workout plan. Thanks in advance

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11302
  • I'm a novice (been doing cardio, small weights excersices and cutting calories for maybe one month) and I want to bulk some muscle and ensure my daily brotein intake.

    I was wondering which one will I buy if I can get "whey protein" or "nitro tech"?? should I drink it before, between or after workout? will it help me even if I'm a newfag?

    thanks /fit/

    also if it matters I'm a girl and I know I won't build muscle as a man -actually it's a good thing-

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11303
  • >>11294
    >>11138 here. OP posted a suggestion for a work out routine, I gave feedback on it. I was never abusive nor insulting, instead I merely suggested a different approach that might yield him better results based on his individual needs and capabilities. So I'm not sure what made you fly into a shitfit of such vaginal proportions, but I suggest you keep your irrational and unfounded rants to /b/ or /rnb/ in the future. That way the people who wish to trade knowledge and information can do so in an environment conducive to doing precisely that, without you retarding up the place. Nice double post, btw.

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11304
  • OP here.

    Got through my first month find, ended up doing three sets of ~10 the last few days for press and chins. Squats and sits I was doing in one set.

    Gotta side with you here, he is getting rather bunched up over nothing but I think it's more a case of him retaliating at >>11140 being a dick and you getting caught up in the swash of it because you were more critical than constructive.

    Well, month two here we go......

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11305
  • What's your guys' stance on IF for weight loss?

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11306
  • I take mine after workouts, pretty sure that's the standard method. The thing is, you're making micro-tears in your muscles by lifting weights, and by taking protein after your workouts, you provide your body with the protein it needs to rebuild the muscle and prevent muscle loss (from overworking muscles).

    You could take a few gulps of the protein shake during a workout I guess, if you're feeling tired and need a bit of energy, but they invented amino acid tablets for that purpose. Also, I had a bad experience where I took a protein shake before a workout, and threw it all up after squats. So yeah, I'd say post-workout is the best.

    But if you're a girl and not looking to put on too much muscle, you don't really need protein all that much, just eat right and save yourself the trouble of buying protein and making shakes every workout. If you do go with protein though, make sure you take a shake on rest days too. The general rule is to take 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, daily.

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11307
  • I'm actually leaving atkins today and starting lean gains. My position is IF is amazing for weight loss, muscle gain, and maintaining a great health condition in general, even when I've only been on it for a few weeks like 5 months ago.
    Of course it's not the only way to do it, and it doesn't work for everyone (as any other diet/lifestyle), but if it does for you, you'll find it great. You can save time, money, and feel in great condition as you get in shape pretty quick.

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11308
  • Samefagging here, I was >>11293
    Check out your routine. 15' of jogging won't help; as any other cardio, you'll need at least 30' of continued activity for some results.
    Find a diet that suits your needs and preferences. My stance has always been that complex carbs are pretty bad stuff, mostly if you don't work out much, and restricting them is the way to go, but it depends much of your lifestyle and goals.
    Montignac, Atkins, IF, or paleodiet mixed with cardio are what I always recommend to everyone, for they have worked miracles on my formerly disfigured body; but you gotta find your path to a healthy way to eat that you can maintain in times to come, and that's a very personal thing.

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11309
  • >>11306
    thanks a lot bro

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11310
  • hi! how do you remove protection from azw (kindle bought) documents? gonna post some books I bought. tnx

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11311
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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11312
  • AFAIK: I always have it after exercise only. The reason being that whey is very insulinogenic (which can block fat burning). So if (like me) weight loss is one motivation for working out, then it's best to have it after.

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11313
  • Hey, you gotta start somewhere and i can tell you just from the past week of me doing cardio that even 15 minutes DOES help if youve been a couch potato your whole life. I've bumped it up to 20 minutes this week. I didn't want to go in full force and then end up quitting so I'm conditioning myself before I go for 30 minutes. I'm never sore afterwards and I don't become fatigued until about 11 minutes in, whereas when I first started I was beconing heavy footed after about 5 minutes. I also run everyday.

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11314
  • >jog everyday

    My mistake. I'm also only eating around 1200 calories a day with an eating window between 12-4.

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  • 02/06/13--15:41: 11315
  • >>11310

    That shit works like a charm. I'm the one above that posted Practical Programming 2nd edition. Used this to remove the DRM.

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  • 02/08/13--11:31: 11316
  • after
    as FPOB said, you need it for the muscle repair. but also as he said, if you're looking for small gains, just clean up your diet and tilt it towards protein heavy--like, sub out some bread for nuts, etc

    i guess...maybe you could use protein shakes and go kinda big on the weights. just do all your muscle gain pretty quick and afterwards only worry about maintenance hahaha. (no idea if this is a legit option, i just thought it'd be entertaining. maybe you want to do a science experiment!)

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