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  • 02/08/13--11:31: 11317
  • Good Day /fit/,


    Take a look at my squat and let me know if I'm supremely fucking up in the technique department. Or any other suggestions are appreciated.

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  • 02/08/13--11:31: 11318
  • Since months I cannot wake up to the alarm clock. It goes off at 6, I re-set it to 6:20. It goes off at 6:20, I re-set it to 6:50. And so on...
    Would it help if I slept 9-10 hours instead of 8? Or what else could help?

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  • 02/08/13--11:31: 11319
  • A bit fast on the way down, but otherwise I can't see you doing anything horribly wrong.

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  • 02/08/13--11:31: 11320
  • More sleep *could* help. Maybe half an hour in the afternoon?

    However, you've also developed a bad habit of re-seting/snoozing your alarm. The sleep you get between the alarm going off is pretty much shit. You'd be better off setting it at 6:50 from the beginning and getting your arse out of bed when it rings the first time. Relocate your alarm so you can't turn it off without getting out of bed.

    Also, most people have sleep cycles around 90 minutes, so try setting your alarm according to that. 7 and a half hour might be easier to wake up from, since at the 8 hour mark you might be heading down into deep sleep, hence you being tired when it rings.

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  • 02/08/13--11:31: 11321
  • >>11313
    >even 15 minutes DOES help if youve been a couch potato your whole life. I've bumped it up to 20 minutes this week. I didn't want to go in full force and then end up quitting so I'm conditioning myself before I go for 30 minutes

    Very much so. In fact everyone should be running half an hour (or walk briskly for an hour) or doing other light cardio every day. This may also help with the urge to snack, as you're more likely to want proper food after physical exertion.

    I see some people advocate atkins and such, and it will help with fat loss *but* it also has health issues regarding intake of large amounts of fat, especially if it's saturated.

    My personal recommendation is to aim for a balanced healthy diet that you can maintain indefinitely. You should certainly avoid sugar and simple carbs, however in non-excessive quantities there's nothing wrong with a slice of bread* or a baked/boiled potato (but chips are a no-no). If you are hungry, eat vegetables to fill you up and drink water with every meal. Stay away from soda and beer/alcohol.

    *Read the labels on bread carefully to avoid ones with added sugar. Look for high fiber content and be aware that many store breads has food colouring to look darker and healthier than they really are. 1-2 slices max per meal depending on activity level and meal frequency.

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  • 02/08/13--11:31: 11322
  • Anybody have "Pushing the Limits! - Total Body Strength With No Equipment" by Al Kavadlo?

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  • 02/08/13--11:31: 11323
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  • 02/08/13--11:31: 11324
  • Get off that nexus shampoo as soon as possible. I was using it for a while, my hair started falling out, I figured since I was 30 it was just time for it to start. The rate of it falling out kept increasing and within months I was noticeably bald on the top of my head a d thinning everywhere else. I never even thought it was the shampoo and was getting depressed at the rate it was falling out. It wasn't until I developed very bad dandruff that I finally thought about the shampoo. I switched shampoos, dandruff cleared up and in a short period where I was bald had grown back in and the rest of my hair thickened back up as well.

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  • 02/08/13--11:31: 11325
  • >>11282
    H&S is terrible in general. Have you noticed how they mention that you "have to keep using it or it will come back"? Yeah, they're not interested in making a product that actually does something about the problem, just momentarily cures the symptoms.

    You can get medical shampoos that will clear things up with biweekly treatment for 2-3 weeks, then only requiring monthly or rarer treatment, in case of recurrence.

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  • 02/08/13--11:31: 11326
  • >>11319
    This. Speed depends mostly in what your aim is; I do my reps way slower and my advice is you should too if you want to build strength, 'cause this way you're using a lot of momentum instead of actual muscle control. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091004093655AA4Ezca I know the source ain't the best one, but there is something on the subject.
    But the technique itself is OK, you won't make you no harm or something.

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  • 02/08/13--11:31: 11327
  • >>11326
    Here's a better article in case you're interested, http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/manny1.htm

    >One of the biggest pitfalls that contribute to bad form is executing the exercises too fast. For example, on the bench press, very often I see many lifters drop the weight to their sternum and pop the weight back up to the start position. In many respects, not only is this very dangerous for your sternum, but also for the ligaments and tendons.
    Same can be applied to squatting. But, as said, this is only if your aim is to build more strength than, for instance, stamina.

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  • 02/10/13--08:45: 11328
  • >>11323

    Holy shit, that was quick !! Thanks. Does anybody have Supersize your Strength by Andy Bolton ?

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  • 02/10/13--08:45: 11329
  • Yeah, same as what the guy above said. It's a bad habit, simplest way is to summon some willpower to get up.

    Also, rub your eyes when you first wake up, it really helps. Maybe it's cause you're rubbing away the eye boogers that are holding your eyes slightly shut or something, but I know that after a good eye rubbing I feel awake.

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  • 02/10/13--08:45: 11330
  • Anyone have Chad Wesley Smith's Raw Squatting Guide or Powerlifting Year 1?

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  • 02/10/13--08:45: 11331
  • If you are a girl you have to seriously work at it (or do roids) to even come close to bulking up like a man; I wouldn't worry at all. Eat well and lift hard, it's not like your muscles will explode in size over night, and you can always change your workout later on anyway.

    Image related. Lidia Valentín snatched 120kg and jerked 145kg at the olympics, and I don't think anyone would accuse her of not looking feminine.

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  • 02/10/13--08:45: 11332
  • Requesting:

    visual impact-rusty moore

    adonis index (adonisgoldenratio.com) by John Barban

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  • 02/10/13--08:45: 11333
  • anyone have stretch to win by chris and ann frederick or athletic body in balance by gray cook. much appreciated

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  • 02/10/13--08:45: 11334
  • try shorter as well. you gotta find where you can wake at the end of REM cycles. i'm usually good just short of 8hrs, but sometimes that doesn't always work. ie sometimes i get closer to 6hrs. most days it's shitty, but every now and then (of course i never clock when i hit the bed) i'll wake up with just the perfect amont and feel more fulfilled than more sleep would have done.
    also, sleeping in is a bad habit. gotta find motivation to break it. me, i just think of all the shit i'm not getting done, how much i could do vs all the nothing of another 100min in bed

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  • 02/12/13--08:12: 11335
  • >>11314
    >My mistake. I'm also only eating around 1200 calories a day with an eating window between 12-4.

    I'd up that to 1500 kcal at least. Remember that males burn upwards of 2000kcal a day without any significant activity. Working out can easily bump this to 2500-3000k a day. So, yeah, I'd stay above 1500 to stay well clear of starvation issues.

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  • 02/12/13--08:12: 11336
  • There is none and the author will translate it in every language but english to squeeze monney out of every language market before going global

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