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  • 01/28/13--23:57: 11255
  • Looks like a lot of fun.

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  • 01/28/13--23:57: 11256
  • I've been growing my hair out for a while now and it's gotten to the point where it doesn't want to get longer because it falls out from the follicle. I'm currently using Nexxus shampoo and conditioner and while my hair it'self is nice and no longer has any split ends or anything I can't seem to take care enough to keep it from falling out. Anyone have experience with say, Head&Shoulders or something? Any advice is appreciated.

    Pic is where I'd like to get it but right now it's stalled at about chin length from the bangs.

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  • 01/28/13--23:57: 11257
  • well, healthy hair DOES fall out from the root too. I have midback length hair and it not breaking off at the end is a good sign meaning the entire hair shaft is strong and not splitting.
    if you're serious about growing your hair out i'd NOT use head and shoulders. you're going to need to invest in something without sulfates and with compounds that are water soluble that actually hydrate your hair rather than coat it with shiny waxes. If you have a Ricky's they have great shampoos but they will cost you.

    TLDR; invest in non sulfate shampoo preferably one without suds that clarifies your scalp.

    if in doubt, check the curly girl method - it works for dudes

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  • 01/30/13--01:21: 11258
  • This is purely conjecture, but it's possible that you're just noticing your hair falling out more because it's so long. You do realise that hair falls out at a constant rate of around 40-120 strands a day (Unreliable Google stats, but you get the picture).

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  • 01/30/13--01:21: 11259
  • I don't think it provides the same level of cardiovascular benefit that running does, purely because you're not exerting yourself as much.

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  • 01/30/13--01:21: 11260
  • I do gymnastics twice a week and I always find that my muscles bounce too much on the tramps, kinda like how boobs do I guess. It feels wierd.

    Loving the mats though, flipping is great explosive excersize

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  • 01/30/13--01:21: 11261
  • How old are you bro? Might be broscience but I think you keep growing til around 26. Maybe eat more and exercise a lot, could induce an artificial growth spurt, look it up.

    also maybe look at your testosterone levels and maybe take a test supp.

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  • 01/30/13--01:21: 11262
  • EC stack, anyone? (ephedrine and caffeine)

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  • 01/30/13--01:21: 11263
  • >>11261
    Please don't encourage him.

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  • 01/30/13--01:21: 11264
  • >>11258

    Really? I know it's not like you can stop it completely but that's a lot of hair falling out. Wouldn't it make it easier for the longest strands to fall out more often because of the increased stress on them? I'm wondering if it's even possible for my hair to get longer than it is for this reason.

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  • 01/30/13--01:21: 11265
  • >>11261
    Man don't grow after 21/22 years. Testosterone actually ends the growing, that's why man with testosterone deficits such as those who have Klinefelter syndrome tend to be really tall.
    I'm 1.68 m, pretty fucked 'cause I'm 22, and so are you OP.
    Also, don't greentext like that in here... you're already aware I guess.

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  • 01/31/13--06:57: 11266
  • you're going bald dude.

    it happens to lots of guys as they age. enjoy it while you got it, you're gonna be shaving it soon enough.

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  • 01/31/13--06:57: 11267
  • >>11266

    ...No they grow back, I just feel like only the long ones are falling out. My hair is turning grey pretty fast though and I'm only 21.

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  • 01/31/13--06:57: 11268
  • >>11265
    >testosterone ends the growing
    No it doesn't asswipe, get your goddamn facts straight

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  • 01/31/13--06:57: 11269
  • The reason so much of your hair is falling out is because although it would be falling at the normal rate, it's a lot more noticeable when the strands are longer. I had hair about the length of that picture, the only thing I could find that helped was brushing it like crazy before bed and again in the morning. As long as you're using a good conditioner and sulfate free shampoo there's not much else you can do. Also try looking at some leave in conditioners, they can help too.

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  • 02/01/13--21:05: 11270
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  • 02/01/13--21:05: 11271
  • >>11269
    this is a third vote for 'you're just noticing it now'. brushing helps just cuz it collects your loose hair into the brush, rather than on your clothes and the shower drain.
    i used pantene when i had hair the length of OP. not the cleanest(chemically), but did a pretty nice job.

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  • 02/01/13--21:05: 11272
  • caffeine is pretty easy and safeish >>11234 >>11262

    if you wanna go real hard and battle addiction after weight loss, >>11249

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  • 02/01/13--21:05: 11273
  • >>11268
    >The bones and the brain are two important tissues in humans where the primary effect of testosterone is by way of aromatization to estradiol. In the bones, estradiol accelerates ossification of cartilage into bone, leading to closure of the epiphyses and conclusion of growth.
    from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testosterone
    Take a look at least at the wikipedia before you talk, nigger.

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  • 02/01/13--21:05: 11274
  • Hey /fit/
    So there's this question which I have avoided for a long time.
    When I get on the scales to measure myself, let's say I get something like 85 kg (190 lbs) and then I get on them again the next day (or once, twenty minutes later, even) it goes up to something like 90 kg (200 lbs).
    You can see how demotivational and misguiding this can be. I usually measure at the same time (and I have quite a routine bowel-movement-program) so I don't think it's related to that sort of thing. Any advices or ideas would be appreciated.

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