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  • 01/25/13--19:58: 11235
  • >>11230

    Thanks! Also intersted in RTS by Mike T

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  • 01/25/13--19:58: 11236
  • i'll straight eat the back half a goat while the front half still breathin motherfucker you skinny faggots wanna talk food lets fuckin talk food you pussy bitches

    got my teeth cut the fuck out and replacec with teflon coated titanium bitch i got a thirteen million dollar artificial intelligence bionic swallow muscle designed by nasa that can straight push an unplucked turkey downmy fuckin throat fuckin feet and all you fuckin busters

    sometimes i order like three four double quarter pounders and walk out into the parking lot and just start cold whippin em at passing police cars i don't give a shit nigga the cops know i eat taser electricity like a german nigger eat mustard that shits lie fuckin parsley to me

    the sun don't set bitch i just get hungry at dusk

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  • 01/25/13--19:58: 11237
  • I don't care for parsley.

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  • 01/25/13--19:58: 11238
  • Hello everyone, I wrote an article about minimalist running. I thought this might fit here. What does everyone think about the topic and the article? Thanks.


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  • 01/25/13--19:58: 11239
  • Just stay away from white or sweetened bread and you'll be fine. Learn to read labels and find one with high fiber content, or make your own. 1-2 slices of bread per meal depending on activity level.

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  • 01/25/13--19:58: 11240
  • >>11233


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  • 01/25/13--19:58: 11241
  • >>11132

    That just got my dick hard, any pics of your sissy ass?

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  • 01/26/13--22:53: 11242
  • >>11151
    Would love to have Triphasic by Cal Dietz in pdf. Such a great resource!

    Very Much Appreciated!

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  • 01/26/13--22:53: 11243
  • >>11237
    what about SAGE

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  • 01/26/13--22:53: 11244
  • I don't care for words in all caps either.

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  • 01/27/13--22:58: 11245
  • Egg yolks (if the chicken is raised by eating what nature intended it to eat instead of all this fucking corn) are literally a superfood. The nutritional value of egg yolks is tremendous. Egg whites have protein in them, but eating egg whites without the yolk is like eating a hamburger without the meat.

    Little known fact: dietary cholesterol has almost no bearing on cholesterol levels in your body. Excess cholesterol is properly routed and dispelled by your body. Canada does not have a dietary guideline for cholesterol now due to this reason. The U.S. hasn't caught up for two reasons:
    a) Real, concrete information and knowledge about lipidology is actually fairly new with much of it having been discovered in the last six years or so. [so your doctor likely doesn't know either]

    b) The people who make the dietary guidelines and laws are bureaucrats, not nutritional experts. Very few bureaucrats making our laws have any background in science or nutrition.

    So... it really doesn't matter how much cholesterol is in the yolk.

    Also bread (even whole wheat) is bad for many people (not all and not most), because many people's bodies don't handle tons of carbs well AND one out of three people are gluten intolerant to some extent.

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  • 01/27/13--22:58: 11246
  • i enjoyed this post, pasta or not

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  • 01/27/13--22:58: 11247
  • i don't like it for the same reason as corn, it's far too inbred. it IS cheap as shit. eggs are closer to a whole protein

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  • 01/27/13--22:58: 11248
  • Anybody has Super strength bible by Steve Justa ?

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  • 01/28/13--23:57: 11249
  • Niggertits /fit/ goes on and on about DNP. It can be some nasty shit if you eat it like candy but if taken with very strict conservative doses you can lose fat at record speeds.

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  • 01/28/13--23:57: 11250
  • http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12659241


    Fapping will not make your T levels drop. Don't worry about it. Not fapping for a week does increase it though, just a little bit.

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  • 01/28/13--23:57: 11251
  • Do any copies of 'The strongest shall survive' by Bill Starr exist on the internet? if so, speak up!

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  • 01/28/13--23:57: 11252
  • >>10770
    that brain energy

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  • 01/28/13--23:57: 11253
  • >Short
    >Want to grow
    >According to some bone scan which name i forgot i cant grow anymore
    >Am i fucked?
    >Wat do
    >Pic unrelated

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  • 01/28/13--23:57: 11254
  • What does /fit/ think about trampolines as exercise? I'm a runner, but this article seems to make me think that trampolines would be a much more effective exercise method, bullshit or fact?


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