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  • 01/08/20--14:48: 32949
  • You stupid?Or cant read proper English?
    I am not a member at Jeff and i am just saying
    Its not fair having people pay and only you hve access duh?

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  • 01/08/20--15:03: 32950
  • Call me names or whatever. I will share every program you purchased full price to every member on 7chan for free, this is why I started the group buy/pool. Why does anyone care about access when they will get the full program, on less they want to see before and after pictures of other members, I can't think of any other reasons they will want access.. are you feeling stupid now?

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  • 01/08/20--15:03: 32951
  • >>32946

    Firstly, I'm not this guy who is commenting about sharing login etc, or calling you stupid, but they do have a point though to prove authenticity, even if only a brief log in with a changed password to check the program is active and not some cheeky resale. Given the IP tracking I'd say its best for one to be accessing to rip the site and to keep formatting the same but more hands on are better of course.

    As for blocked access to the website, that is funny as hell. I like Jeff's protection methods even if it's not conducive to the pirating many enjoy of his works of art.

    Back to the topic of trust and sharing. Why not post Ananbolix yourself, you have the videos there.

    Not trying to say you are on the fiddle but when some material is on the web and some try to sell it doubts do occur at the integrity of the offer and provenance of the material.

    we all use anonymous names at times but that adds to the issue of trusting someone who also hides behind throw away email accounts. Your case getting paid by payment methods un able to be charged back, even for nominal amounts its still a loss. Who knows how many have offered to join or even if any have yet. Be crazy to suggest you do this for $20/$10/$5. See where its going. Easy to fake and that's how most tricks are made, there has been so many on the web in the fit community. People reselling whats out there already is so common its unbelievable.

    Same with giving authorised people access to programs in private drives only to be shut out after the dash and grab. Again I am not stating that either you or Henry are on fiddle raising some pertinent points which do come from experience. Trust is hard to earn between known people at the best of times but new faces its as you appreciate bloody harder. Some of the biggest sharers have lost all sorts amongst people they had some form of trusting relationship with online.

    As for calling someone a dickhead when wanting something I'd say isn't the right way to go about it especially when I haven't thrown any negative names your way. .

    FWIW I haven't noticed anyone mentioning Anabolix other than you selling it hence why I haven't uploaded it and nor has anyone else. Then again so little few do upload what they have got its not surprising. I do need to upload it somewhere but I have terrible connection at the moment, ISP service issues in the area the last few days and its over 600MB

    Genuine or a fiddle, the points to address are there to read as a caveat.

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  • 01/08/20--15:19: 32952
  • Anyone has max size with videos?

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  • 01/08/20--15:35: 32953
  • I will upload Ananbolix soon, but I'm trying to get people to join in the pool, I'm 2 short. people have joined the pool and are interested in helping. I received emails asking for proof so I posted it here.. Video from program and image for people who think it's stolen and renamed. You could of saved bandwidth/time by not replying at all and maybe gone to Walmart, Starbucks, McDonald and uploaded the program, they have fast Wifi.

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  • 01/08/20--16:05: 32954
  • >>32953

    Why should I have uploaded it? You are trying to buy and sell it. By uploading a video suggests you have something already even more reason why I didn't need to go out. Would anyone else help by driving to a mac d or starbucks.....will they fuck!

    Talks of selling or buying whats already about is not going to get me to rush to some's needs when they are the ones doing a so called buy and all they have posted so far is a long list of wants and at first just saying you completed AX1 and AX2 and posted what the rest of community have posted or have. >>32686 is one of your comments the rest developed in to a sell.

    Anabolix needn't be your bring in program if this is already about. I'd go for something else, just looking at those first few programs on the offer I know have been about. Not really gave them any interest before but know the videos to the pdfs for Hurricane and Half Life are available and the videos can be obtained from somewhere if I traded. But then there is the reason why should I give away my tradeable material for something I don't need
    when I know I will need to use it to get the very program/s I want myself and its not Athlean. Very much after something what a few here want but no one has it seemingly or coming forward, its only Drew Bayes TSC. I'm in no rush to read it but may end up buying it anyway.

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  • 01/08/20--16:05: 32955
  • >>32948
    >You sound like a troll..
    Troll harder trolltard.

    >You must be mad you paid full price for it and don't want it out..
    He pays for his shit while you live on handouts and charity. Well, that clearly establishes whose the Alpha male out of you two. Hint: Not you.

    >release everything you have on AthleanX before I do soon, this thread is about sharing and helping others.
    FUCKING DO IT! DO IT!!! Oh wait you can't cause you're a pussy who subsists on handouts and won't share anything that hasn't been shared by others already. I'm sure when you find something from another site you're trolling for handouts and finally find has something that hasn't already been shared here you'll come running over proclaiming yourself but until then do us a favour and bitch on back down that hole you came in.

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  • 01/08/20--16:05: 32956
  • >>32954

    Anonfile etc are crap for me tonight so had to use something else. Got it uploaded though. Here it is: https://we.tl/t-Xojl18MixM

    Anyone who downloads it be community spirited and add something decent to the collection. I will see what is uploaded in return and decide if I can use some of my data allowance to help again.

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  • 01/08/20--16:20: 32957
  • Wow so many haters. Hope no one asks for group pools any more. 😂😂

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  • 01/08/20--16:20: 32958
  • >>32957

    No Hatting here, just as with all group buys authenticity of the deal is a must and certain methods of confirmation are needed and when something is already known to have been shared previously and when someone already has a lot of what was found online again it needs validating that they aren't one of the shady types often found on some sites trying to resell what they obtained through other means.

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  • 01/08/20--16:36: 32959
  • Proof where it was posted, or it never happened. I did a search for 2 years nothing showing here.

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  • 01/08/20--16:51: 32960
  • >>32959

    What proof? do you mean where Anabolix was posted or it never happened? I do hope you're not referring these files otherwise you must be having a right laugh They certainly were not bought by myself.

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  • 01/08/20--17:07: 32961
  • >>32956
    But then how are new users supposed to get stuff which are not upped on being requested by people who have them?
    Group buys definitely takes a lot of trust. But a buy worth 5$ is worth taking a risk on imo. See either the guy delivers, or else next month nobody is gonna pay. It's not like betting 100s of dollars like many of the other elite level group buys.
    Trust would come through time. New unknown users would become the next leaders keeping this thread alive.
    Lot of older users are already sharing in private groups and don't care about "leechers". Not everyone is that rich.
    I for one am tremendously grateful to all the people who have shared stuff over here over the years.
    But please don't discourage group buys from new users specially when it's only 5$.
    See nobody was posting the Anabolix and other Athlean videos even when it was being requested multiple times. So what are new poor users supposed to do?
    As long as the users of the group buy are satisfied and the initial conditions under which they paid are met, it should be good enough.
    As for whether the money 400$+ needed to buy the entire NXT would be well spent on something else, well that's a different question.

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  • 01/08/20--18:42: 32962
  • >>32959

    i chipped in $5, the name on the pdf is different than the name on the one from MEGA. Could be a scam, could be a legit guy trying to organize a genuine group buy, could be the guy has all the programs and is just trying to recoup his money, i don't know, we'll see.

    As far as account access, I get it and just see it as a cost of doing business. he gets access and i get the files for cheap. If it was a deal breaker, i'd save up and get it myself or organize my own group buy.

    FYI i have no idea how to post on this site, feel like a grandpa even though i'm in my 30s so sorry if i did something wrong

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  • 01/08/20--20:18: 32963
  • Hi all, does anybody have the RP simplified dieting templates? More specifically any around 170/160lbs? Cheers.

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  • 01/08/20--20:18: 32964
  • Hi all, does anybody have the RP simplified dieting templates? More specifically any around 170/160lbs? Cheers.

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  • 01/08/20--22:10: 32965
  • >>32891

    I would appreciate the temporary access. The email is: quileutey@gmail.com Thx in advance

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  • 01/08/20--23:46: 32966
  • >>32928

    If you post Anabolix, you are getting 20£ voucher for Amazon, from me.

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  • 01/08/20--23:46: 32967
  • >>32966

    See my post >>32956 I have uploaded. Still want to send me the voucher lol

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  • 01/09/20--00:18: 32968
  • >>32961

    For me the reason why so many don't freely post a lot of new material is the other side of users here treat this site as a hand out and demand programs to be given. These same people doing nothing in return but moan and whinge they don't what they want.

    Anabolix has not been requested from my scans of the full entire thread. I have a load of other completed Athlean X programs only one or two missing the videos now. Most of these have come of the back of the original share which only had a couple of complete programs from the newer series but did have pdfs.

    I post a lot to fulfill requests here, if its books or heavily in circulation programs no problem but if its rare or hard to find, lets have some two way efforts and not leave it to everyone else to fund.

    As with helping those who are too poor to finance their collection, its nothing to do with someone's finances its all about someone's contributions, sadly not enough think about giving back the other way even when they have such programs.

    I woke up this morning to a nice collection of links on the back of a similar discussion I had. It seems that I struck a nerve and people actually started to understand that if you want stuff you have to part of giving stuff too, don't leave it to others. Fuck me we have N1 and more complete programs floating but if all there is going to be are leeches are abusers well I can see why folders and drives aren't being made public.

    I've posted Anabolix now, lets see what Mike/Billy or even the others in the group buy comes to share with us

    I'd drop more but not all at once, time consuming and bandwidth is terrible still. I'd run to Mac D if someone posted Drew Bayes TSC though or something just as tempting but for those who are just sitting there waiting. Going to have to be patient could be weeks, could be months

    >>32962 If you are paying an equal split equal access must be provided. Its like those doing a group buy for a certification course, those chipping in wont get the qualification but one will, therefore the lions share of the cost must be their's

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