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  • 01/08/20--06:36: 32926
  • >>32922

    I'd share it but not seeing any shares coming forward by anyone who is requesting it, it appears that many have the belief of 'let someone else skint themselves'. If only some people thought about offering something good themselves when they ask for something new they may stand a chance of getting what they want.

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  • 01/08/20--06:52: 32928
  • I only need 2 more people for the group buy for Athlean-X NXT a $30/month program at $5 each, Cost of a cup of coffee. as soon as I get two more I will release Anabolix, videos are ripped directly from server, no screen recording. if you are concerned about being anonymous, I can take amazon gift cards since I buy diapers monthly anyways. that you can purchase at any store. come on guys email me so we can get all 18 programs out on 7chan.


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  • 01/08/20--07:23: 32929
  • Hi everyone, has anyone got stephanie buttermore foundation program for beginner? There were some links but not available anymore.

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  • 01/08/20--08:32: 32930
  • Hi! anyone have Marcus Filly program or OPEX course stuff program? Thanks!

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  • 01/08/20--08:32: 32931
  • does anyone have the updated 4 times a week CHEST and BACK program

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  • 01/08/20--08:51: 32932
  • Thank you so much to whoever reposted the thibarmy stuff, i hope you get what you requested.

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  • 01/08/20--09:08: 32933
  • >>32929

    I've already posted it for you https://we.tl/t-Tqoc7sCnfw, if you use search you would have found it. Same goes for anyone else, try ctrl+F keys then enter your author name and you may get something


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  • 01/08/20--10:28: 32934
  • >>32926

    I understand what you're saying, however all the programs I was interested in or have, have already been posted before. I don't see the purpose in re-posting, if it's already available on the thread.

    That being said, I don't really have the finances or lifestyle that would allow me to purchase 100€ + plans, if I could, I'd gladly share what I have here.

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  • 01/08/20--12:21: 32935
  • I have 4 in the group pool for Athlean-X NXT a $30/month program, I only need two more who can put in $5 minimum every Month, The cost of a cup of coffee. as soon as I get two more I will release Anabolix, videos are ripped directly from server, no screen recording, good quality. if you are concerned about being anonymous, I can take amazon gift cards. Help us get all 18 NXT programs out on 7chan.

    proof of Anabolix for those who don't trust anyone.

    Athlean-X just released The Core4 Abs Training System I'm also doing a group pool if you are interested email me below


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  • 01/08/20--13:09: 32937
  • >>32935

    What programs have you bought in the past and shared?

    That video clip is same as d1 video I have in the list below of Anonabolix files. So could be a simple rename as its the same exact file size and resolution of the d1 video I have and even has the same media date and that's not even recent. Who is to say you haven't got hold of a known member's massive Athlean file dump that was on his mega drive recently and posted here and just renamed the files and made a text document which is duplicating what is said in the video and on the NXT_Anabolx.pdf included with both our collections which yours I will add has a memorable similarities to a name that appeared buyer watermarked on other programs shared long before you were here.


    See the problem we have here is that we have two unknown people starting group buys or private groups and either don't have a registered name or any history to even know you both are legit or in the case of yourself you your green name is Mike, your email is Billysmith and the name on the PDF you uploaded is Harold Alvarez. Now do you see how trust is a concern here

    The risk of course is always there when making arrangements with anyone over the internet but unknowns seeking the trust of others, especially when it comes to money or MUST HAVE ONLY new material to join a group as you may gather is rather concerning.

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  • 01/08/20--13:25: 32938
  • I use fake names for everything. it's called being anonymous. I'll post other proof.. but then again I got it from google images :) hard to show proof. since you have Anabolx share, I seen requests for it and no one shared it.

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  • 01/08/20--13:41: 32940
  • I use fake names for everything. it's called being anonymous. I'll post other proof.. but then again I got it from google images :) hard to show proof for anything nowadays. since you have Anabolx share it, I seen requests for it. I mean by now you would of seen someone complain of being scammed. plus it's only 5 dollars.. for those who would want to help on a pool for Athlean-X NXT, email me below


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  • 01/08/20--13:41: 32941
  • I can give my discount if it's possible to join the group. I'm interested in it and I guess max size.DavidGomez90@protonmail.com

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  • 01/08/20--13:58: 32942
  • And You do know it's easy ripping those videos from the website right, like right clicking and selecting save as after finding mp4 link in source code.

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  • 01/08/20--13:58: 32943
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  • 01/08/20--14:14: 32944
  • proof https://imgur.com/a/sm5d5jY .. can you delete you're post now, it just feels so negative.

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  • 01/08/20--14:31: 32945
  • Since people pay for access to the account
    shouldnt you share the login details with them?
    Or you think they ll pay and you ll be the only one who is goin to have access?LOL

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  • 01/08/20--14:31: 32946
  • Are you Jeff from AthleanX trying to stop me from sharing.. You should know you're own policy...

    Please share Anabolix since you have it and stop attacking me dick head.

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  • 01/08/20--14:31: 32947
  • AHHAHAHAHA.Most ridiculous thing i ever read.
    Who is he ?THE FBI?
    Dude i ma sharing my 5 different accounts with 7 different people for 5 years now.
    Are y serious?Do you realy believe this?

    Anyway its not fair for someone to pay and dont have straight access to a site.

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  • 01/08/20--14:48: 32948
  • You sound like a troll.. You must be mad you paid full price for it and don't want it out.. release everything you have on AthleanX before I do soon, this thread is about sharing and helping others.

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