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  • 11/03/19--13:50: 31579
  • Hoes mad I fucking love watching you group buying cucks get so riled up acting like saint's like your all about giving to the people when infact when people were asking for the male method instead of just ignoring them because u were not interested in sharing it u had to run it in their faces that u had it and we couldn't get our hands on it guess what motherfucker we do

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  • 11/03/19--13:50: 31580
  • >>31579

    It wasn't about not sharing it was about give it time to be utlised first, there was mention that trades need to be pulled off first. You all jump on the give me path before the people that parted with their money made some good of it, ie get some trades on the back of it to help share more. Oh no instead of being patient and accepting that it was in the pipeline you got all shitty same with a certain person asking for N1 course.

    For all those that now have our books, recent or older posts, what have you made of the back of them? Have you even thought about just posting those trades to share back......erm no. That's the point we're trying to make here. You want it now but won't give time for the shares to be increased in size with more of your desired books. Then when you do get what you want you go and trade elsewhere but give nothing back. See my point.

    Us group buyers do a lot for the community, and if wasn't for most of us you wouldn't have what you have access to, but if you can't see that more fool you.

    How many of you have spent $10 let alone $100 or a $1000 like the rest of us. 99% of the time you don't even read these books you just trade so why the life and death bollocks all the time

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  • 11/03/19--14:07: 31581
  • This guy is a schizo he thinks WE are the ones trading when it's not even remotely true and it was just confirmed as soon as that guy got his hands on the male method he shared it here he didn't trade it or do anything doesn't matter how he got it he could have profited like u say but he didn't it's ONLY YOU guys that are in it for the profit

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  • 11/03/19--14:27: 31582
  • >>31581

    Bollocks you profit from a freebie, its our own money you know that stuff you get from working. We don't even get time to read a preface before you start begging. 99% you don't even read. As for male method etc being shared, they would have made their way here anyway, many here are on another site where this lad got it from, but a few of your requests like Begin Bodyweight from Daniel Vadnal, JPS programs, Thibarmy and loads more RP stuff have now gone too poof as yet again you need to ruin things, not quite all yet, and demand. He's no saviour just the usual lurking in the background waiting for the food to drop on the floor. He's a new face trying to get his bollocks tickled by being a suck up.

    You are the ones profiting not anyone else, we don't resell group buys but some of you do, its a fact and well know some are even vocal about.

    Do any of you take a gamble on using your own money and time ripping a website off or bying a book? Have a think about your own efforts and what you do for the community instead of being unappreciative impatient fools.

    Share without being asked to when you get something from your trade of your freebies and then actually have some substance in your moans otherwise keep your fingers away from the keyboard as you make yourself look like entitled fools

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  • 11/03/19--14:27: 31583
  • I no longer stay this toxic site. Nothing new here all come from the usual uploader ripped from other place.

    Whoever 'anonymous' entitled crybaby person is, have fun

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  • 11/03/19--14:27: 31584
  • Good riddance

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  • 11/03/19--14:27: 31585
  • Oh you mean the programs u were going to hoard all to yourself then tease us about it when u finally got it yeah I'm glad they are gone I would rather watch the world burn that let u motherfuckers have your way you are slimey and scummy you can choose to do whatever u want with the things u buy but NEVER come here and flaunt that shit around us fucking asshole

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  • 11/03/19--14:27: 31586
  • >>31585

    Jesus this place is fucked this morning.. Stop all your complaining everyone and just do what is meant to be done or this will get wiped again by the mods..

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  • 11/03/19--14:42: 31588
  • based

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  • 11/03/19--14:42: 31589
  • >>31580
    >It wasn't about not sharing it was about give it time to be utlised first,
    Slow down fukko. Can we get serious now. You're either fat as fudge or thin as a twig, there ain't no inbetween son, this is the internet and if you're gonna post shit about benching 50lbs (no, I didn't miss a zero) I'm calling bull. Pics or that shit don't lift Bro.

    None of this stuff is being "utlised" properly in the first place.

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  • 11/03/19--14:58: 31590
  • >>31585

    We'll just do that, fucking leeches. Better to be an arsehole with lots of programs and content with our valid community contribution than be miserable poverty pleading scourge on society.

    Keep on bitching us and we'll just keep on being deterred from ever letting anything go wild. It's not hard to see what is trying to be achieved but when you have no conscious then what are you to care about.

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  • 11/03/19--14:58: 31591
  • Stop giving this troll (31587) stuff to pull himself to later. Let him go troll and get his wank bank material elsewhere.

    Known fact trolls die if you don’t feed them.

    Go choke yourself quietly in the corner weirdo. No one else cares.

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  • 11/03/19--14:58: 31592
  • >>31590
    >Better to be an arsehole with lots of programs and content with our valid community contribution than be miserable poverty pleading scourge on society.
    And yet you came here begging like the rest of us...

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  • 11/03/19--14:58: 31593
  • >>31592

    What you on about, I. Have been a massive sharer here and always give back if I ever ask for anything which I know has only been twice and then I bought the books as the rips that were available were terrible pdf conversions. Why would I ask when my central sharing group is the reason why so many books are in circulation.

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  • 11/03/19--15:14: 31594
  • Stop cringe posting this is a fit board go take your shit elsewhere

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  • 11/03/19--15:14: 31595
  • Since we are sharing, I haven’t asked for Opex mixed modal for a while 😉 appreciate it if some good soul could throw it up please and thank you of course!

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  • 11/03/19--16:07: 31596
  • Just looking for any of the Female RP sheets...I have a bunch of the male ones already

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  • 11/03/19--16:07: 31597
  • Just looking for any of the Female RP sheets...I have a bunch of the male ones already

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  • 11/03/19--17:56: 31598
  • can anyone share updated RP templates please :)

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  • 11/03/19--18:11: 31599
  • I would also settle for the Strength Course please :P

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