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  • 11/03/19--05:10: 31559
  • Does anyone have any Evolve Nation programmes?

    Thank you ☺️

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  • 11/03/19--06:13: 31560
  • I shared the two books which were heavily demanded and not against it but if someone really has The N1 Education course - Please Upload it, Man up the shits just rotting in your hard drives it might as well help us and for God's sake get rid of this we have it but we won't share shit.

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  • 11/03/19--07:17: 31561
  • >>31511

    You entitled little prick, you can keep on begging for the N1 course here there and everywhere you haven't even the mentality to finish level 2 gym but you are asking for something that requires a brain cell.

    $28 against something that costs 0000s, you can keep on saying if you have you may as well share it but when all you are doing is throwing about what others shared with you if you actually bought something not something you leech you may get it.

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  • 11/03/19--07:17: 31562
  • >>31556

    Well sir, your message has been seen by so many people who are here wanting something special too. They go on about people not sharing, Nippard Male Method and my fav N1 course) I know many of the swines have Seedman's book but has anyone come to your aid???? NO and they call me a hypocrite.


    Don't worry You are enjoying our contributions already and have done so for a very long time. If it was for us most of the content above and over the years wouldn't be on your hard drives. Some of us have spent thousands and shared without wanting anything back but no you club card collectors who probably never stepped in a gym enough to benefit from a proper workout are here throwing morals about.

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  • 11/03/19--07:49: 31563
  • >>22341

    Afternoon everyone, can someone please help me find the following book, thank you.

    RELOAD Your Barbell Strength Blueprint by Pavel Tsatsouline & Fabio Zonin

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  • 11/03/19--08:06: 31564
  • >>31507

    Don't make out you gave that to all, Croker2016 shared it and I know where you got it from. As always he's feeding the community

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  • 11/03/19--08:06: 31565
  • >>31513

    Don't make him out to be a god, Croker and Orestes shared those books not this leeching fuckwit

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  • 11/03/19--08:40: 31566
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  • 11/03/19--09:10: 31567
  • >>31550

    that's the one - thanks!

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  • 11/03/19--09:25: 31568
  • >>31566

    Thank you

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  • 11/03/19--10:12: 31569
  • Ryan Terry olympia(2015-17)

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  • 11/03/19--10:43: 31570
  • all i know is he was the one who shared it here the two heavily requested books were shared by him regardless the means it was him who did it croker maybe feeding another community but not this

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  • 11/03/19--10:58: 31571
  • ah bloo bloo

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  • 11/03/19--11:14: 31572
  • https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Oty8X_wTf_DAC3DyMQavXfs8WGKGH1rp

    Link to google drive with the entire Art of Breath Course. Just sharing it uploaded to drive, vice the previous post of it in .rar

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  • 11/03/19--12:17: 31573
  • >>31570

    Thats how it is here. You all beg and leech then go and trade taking the glory and profits and never return the favours you've had to feed back in to the supply of things. Why would you when you can keep your model up of crying begging and being selfish even more. The twat who shared those two books hasn't even had the decency to say thanks or even share something on where they got them books from.

    Just look not one of you has come up with Seedmans book and you'll have it somewhere just like you do with many other books but do you share........no same story.

    See where I am coming from? You all ask and take but do you give back. No! but you do get snotty like little petulant kids you are.

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  • 11/03/19--12:32: 31574
  • keep up with your little tantrum people will always share things for free here while u group buying cucks keep splitting it with each other no one can stop the flow of free information it's not all about profits u fucking jews can try all you like but u will not succeed

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  • 11/03/19--13:03: 31575
  • >>31507

    N1 again, you're not letting that course go. There's a few in the group buy and each one has said fuck sharing it on the basis of people like you.


    If it weren't for us jews you fucking babies wouldn't have most of the stuff you have your drives but as always you leave it up to everyone else to spend their money and do all the work.

    You lot will miss out on some awesome programs from now on.

    Good for stealing other peoples thunder aren't you.

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  • 11/03/19--13:03: 31576
  • it doesn't matter we were missing out long ago when u guys decided to do this group buying bullshit and stop sharing why is it any different now? stop with your empty threats they mean nothing nothing useful have been shared by u guys for a long time nothing has changed

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  • 11/03/19--13:18: 31577
  • >>31576

    Put your money where your mouth is and spend some of it.......oh no thats not your style you just want everyone else to do especially for the newly released stuff. That's why private groups exist so these people can make more material on the back of the purchases and eventually share but they way it is going with you entitled kids is that we must deprive our families of our earnings and spend it on you kids instead.

    Spend your own money and step up to the table and share too not just sharing what someone else shared with you on the back of your crying and bitching. You'll then see more. It can't be fairer than that.

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  • 11/03/19--13:18: 31578
  • >>31576

    Nothing useful has been shared by us, you taking the piss you fucking ungrateful piece of shit. You're passing around our programs that I know costs in excess of $50k, and thats not the half of it, and you still say we have given nothing. I alone have spent 3000 on proper books not some cookie cutter plans or guides, you know the stuff you use to actually learn to know what you are doing and able to be decent trainers / trainees yourselves but I guess learning and appreciating the facts is too much for you, Like always someone else has to do the work for you hence your desires to have the latest instagrammer's fitness book.

    Go rip a website, lose a few $$ in fees and then be valued and not some whiny kid who must be given everything he sets his eyes on just like the little kid you are when at the supermarket checkout and all those chocolates are there for the picking but mummy won't buy you any. Thats why societies are being ruined ungrateful twats think of yourselves and two fingers to everyone else even if they help you!

    N1 anyone? You know where to buy it

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