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  • 11/01/19--23:32: 31455
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  • 11/01/19--23:32: 31456
  • Is anyone thinking about getting Damien Patrick's new program that'll be released in a few days? https://www.damienpatrick.com/collections/training-programs/products/lean-body-the-ultimate-diet-and-training-program

    I have his Ripped 365 that I'll upload when I'm on my computer

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  • 11/01/19--23:32: 31458
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  • 11/01/19--23:32: 31459
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  • 11/01/19--23:32: 31460
  • Do More Pushups - Maximum Pushup Workout Guide
    Gym Basics - 48 Best Exercises to Add Strength And Muscle
    How To Do A Handstand - Learn To Balance A Fearless Handstand In 20 Days Or Less
    15 Minute Calorie Burn Workout (15 Minute Fitness)
    Bodybuilding Anatomy - Your Illustrated Guide to Increasing Mass and Sculpting Physique
    Total Body Transformation - The very best workouts for strength, fitness, and function
    Foam Roller Workbook, 2nd Edition - A Step-by-Step Guide to Stretching, Strengthening and Rehabilitative Techniques
    Mass - Monthly Applications In Strenght Sport
    Tactical Barbell - Definitive Strength Training for the Operational Athlete
    The 21 Day Blast Plan - Lose weight, lose inches, gain strength and reboot your body
    Powerlifting Over 50 - Mastering the Skills for an Empowered Body and Life
    The 90-Day Home Workout Plan - A Total Body Fitness Program for Weight Training, Cardio, Core & Stretching
    Lifted - 28 Days To Focus Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, And Elevate Your Spiri
    Nutrition for Sport, Exercise, and Health
    The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid v2.0 Nutrion
    The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid v2.0 Training
    The Art Of Gen Pop Transformations - Female Guide Book
    Train 365 By Jujimufu

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  • 11/01/19--23:32: 31485
  • Can someone please share Mark Caroll’s new guide The Male Method please

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  • 11/01/19--23:48: 31486
  • Hey guys does anyone have Jeff Nippards “The Ultimate Guide To Body Recomposition? Thanks in advanced

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  • 11/02/19--01:24: 31487
  • >>31486

    Before a book is even released the vultures are circling. Its not even released til 3rd November it can be bought for only $28.12 on preorder today as there' a discount. I've got it on preorder so hope it to be with me soon

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  • 11/02/19--02:12: 31488
  • >>31487
    Well if you pre ordered you would have it because it’s out already talking about Vultures when lying here through your teeth Mr I pre ordered on the discount

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  • 11/02/19--02:27: 31489
  • >>31488

    Here is mr scrounger. FYI The lead in our group buy hasn't come online, he's away on holiday, and yes we have preordered but whilst we split costs and share between us I guess we'll not be sharing it here along with a few other books some are so badly in need of.

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  • 11/02/19--02:27: 31490
  • i laugh my ass off at you cringe fucks talking about your little elitist group buy is your life that uninteresting that u have to come here and rub it on everyone face not a day goes by without you mentioning the "group buy" or the mysterious "forum"

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  • 11/02/19--02:44: 31491
  • >>31490

    Laugh all you like, if there wasn't so much I am entitled or expectations of others to fulfil your needs without having to ever part with your own money, those of us who spend our own money would be more willing to help. The moment a book is released it gets requested and its often the same people. Most new books etc get used for trades so immediate release would void any of those trades which in turn does affect what books could be obtained to be eventually shared again.

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  • 11/02/19--02:59: 31492
  • i mean i understand why u would be frustrated again no reason to be a dick this is a request thread if people requesting shit frustrates u should probably stop visting this thread i never expect anything from anyone but if you're going to act ENTITLED in a request thread honestly fuck off

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  • 11/02/19--03:16: 31493
  • >>31491

    If you hadn't have been such a rude and entitled fool you would have seen Male Method today as a trade pulled off and I uploaded it ready to share. If you were part of this elitist group as you like to call it then you would have my book already. Just keep on leeching and expecting others to fund your lifestyle, I will fuck off now but in the meantime keep on begging, you are probably another reason why the best have left, due to being pissed at being taken advantage off too often, yes most have all ended up in private groups away from greedy dick but this has been at the cost of the site.

    What some of you don't realise most of you through your greedy wanker incessant give me behaviours have ruined a good thing by just leaving the sharing to others. Some of the biggest programs come from some of the best uploaders, and their wallets, who I don't blame at all for abandoning this site.

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  • 11/02/19--03:48: 31494
  • >>31493
    Please will you share the Male Method

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  • 11/02/19--03:48: 31495
  • i never beg or request anything if someone wants to share something IN THE REQUEST THREAD then so be it but i don't ask for it keep making yourself look like the fool also i'm not in your shitty group buy nor do i ever want to be if they are filled with similar shitty personalities like yours

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  • 11/02/19--04:19: 31496
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  • 11/02/19--05:39: 31497
  • Does anybody have th emind pump Powerlift prorgam? I have seen comments talking about a group that buys but doesn't release some book syet, would love to be in it and help buy more programs

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  • 11/02/19--05:39: 31498
  • >>31493
    Can I be part of your group?

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  • 11/02/19--06:43: 31499
  • Can someone please share The Male Method? As a student i could really save some bucks.. I understand that some are ungrateful around here but not everyone :-(

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