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  • 05/23/15--09:22: 18238
  • You'll probably lose some of the hypertrophy if you stop the strength training, but you'll still be toned; just not "ripped".
    You can extend your workout sessions to minimize the loss, but it will take up quite a bit of time and energy.

    It has to do with your personal buildup of muscles as well. If you have a propensity for strength (sounds like it), you won't be as successful in stamina/endurance. (for me it's the opposite, I can run for hours, but don't ask me to sprint for my life) It has to do with fast and slow twitch muscle fibres (early tiring and stronger versus long winded and weaker).

    See image for an extreme example.

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  • 05/23/15--09:22: 18239
  • Does any on have

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  • 05/24/15--09:46: 18240
  • anyone have elite athletic development seminars by kenn and robertson? those videos look awesome

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  • 05/24/15--09:46: 18241
  • http://dropcanvas.com/#KZuZ6vv1l5m1uw

    Here's Kinobody for No. 18191

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  • 05/25/15--09:56: 18242
  • any one able to re-upload the bikini guide? Would be much appreciated, thanks!

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  • 05/25/15--09:56: 18243
  • could someone reupload the RP auto template?

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  • 05/26/15--10:31: 18244
  • Sohee Lee - How to Count Macros?

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  • 05/27/15--11:39: 18245
  • >>12864
    did you ever find PRI? i have the FMS material for you

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  • 05/27/15--11:39: 18246
  • >>12864
    did you ever find PRI? i have the FMS material for you

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  • 05/28/15--12:00: 18247
  • Does any on have

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  • 05/29/15--12:26: 18248
  • Requesting :

    Bony to Beastly – Muscle & Health Series : http://bonytobeastly.com/members/signup/index/c/muscle-health

    Kinobody Presents The Greek God Muscle Building Program : https://kinobodyelite.com/shop/ggp/

    Superhero Bulking Program : https://kinobodyelite.com/shop/sbp/

    The Goddess Toning Program : https://kinobodyelite.com/shop/gtp/

    Weighted Calisthenics E-Book : http://www.littlebeastm.com/4-weighted-calisthenics

    Extreme Bodyweight Bodybuilding Program : http://www.littlebeastm.com/9-extreme-bodyweight-bodybuilding-program

    Handstand Mastery E-Book : http://www.littlebeastm.com/1-handstand-mastery-e-book

    The Handstand Press E-Book : http://www.littlebeastm.com/7-the-handstand-press-e-book

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  • 05/29/15--12:26: 18253
  • Physical Preparation 101 by Mike Robertson? Please!

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  • 05/30/15--12:40: 18254
  • Special Strength Development for all Sports

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  • 05/30/15--12:40: 18255
  • Requesting Grip and rip, Gym movement or the biofeedback solution

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  • 05/30/15--12:40: 18256
  • There's not a cooking board on here but this falls under the category of "health."
    So here is my situation. I'm currently battling depression and living with ADD. I'm getting therapy and medication to help me through it. That's not the point as to why I'm here though. I'm aware that an unhealthy diet can be a substantial contributor to depression and a healthy diet can ease ADD symptoms. My goal is to only eat food that I make myself. I'm 24 years old and live by myself with very limited kitchen space. I'm working with my budget and slowly building up my cooking utilities. I am no stranger to Google and I'm going to continue searching for myself, but it doesn't hurt to ask for help.

    I'm looking for a resource or guide that can help a 24 year old man eat and cook healthy. Starting out simple enough, I'm sticking to whole grains only, I always keep a dozen eggs in my refrigerator, I buy unsalted butter and don't use margarine or any other synthetic butter substitute, I'm sticking with lean red meat at the moment as I get comfortable with cooking more foods, and only 100% juice, whole milk (should probably switch to 2%), and water (occasionally Snapple) fill my fridge for drinks, and I seldom buy junk like Doritos as I prefer to snack on things like fruits and raw veggies. I feel like this is a decent start, but I do want a guide that can actually help me stay on track and also give me ideas on switching things up.

    TL:DR I'm a young man trying to eat healthy and cook for myself. got any advice?

    Here's Mavis because I love this movie.

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  • 05/30/15--12:40: 18257
  • Hello, anyone have Complete Olympic Lifting by Wil Fleming and any books by Daniel Vandal (FitnessFAQ) and Metin Dabak (littlebeastm)?

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  • 05/31/15--12:53: 18258
  • RP template in the chat is for a 77kg or 170lb, MALE, who wants to CUT. If you dont meet the criteria. Youre going to be under fed or over fed depending on your personal stats.

    The book is out there. Use that shit

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  • 05/31/15--12:53: 18259
  • Hello, I have a similar situation (prone to depressive episodes, young, eating healthy). Luckily I'm pretty handy in the kitchen.
    Eating junk food feels nice at the time, but afterwards I feel terrible (either some kind of guilt, or my body reacts negatively to huge amounts of sugar or fat).

    I support switching to less-fat milks, definitely. I actually went non-fat, and now any milk with a little fat tastes weird. Your mileage may vary.

    I don't use butter very often (unless I'm attempting baking something). I use olive or sunflower oil for cooking. People say you shouldn't use olive oil for cooking, as it has a low smoke point (a lower temperature at which it gives food the "burnt" taste). There are two kinds as you know - extra-virgin and refined. With extra-virgin, it's best to use it raw, with vegetables.
    You can use refined for cooking (refined has a higher smoke point, closer to sunflower oil).
    If you like, you can add some spices, garlic, dried peppers, and the like to a small bottle of extra-virgin olive oil and wait for a few days, it'll make a good dip for bread, and a good garnish for salad.

    I don't know whether or not you get fresh fruit and vegetables at a reasonable price in your country to make them your main food source, but these are the staples of my diet.

    Eggs are very nutritious, but can be high in cholesterol. Be sure not to exceed two eggs a day. And also try to boil them instead of frying.

    My mistake was that I didn't like eating meat so much, after a few months, I got B12 deficiency.

    Try to expand your meat range with chicken and turkey breast. These can be easily cooked on a frying pan with a little amount of oil, are low on fats, and rich in protein. Unlike red meat, ensure it is cooked throughout. You can garnish them with vegetables and spices. (my favourites are curry, thyme, freshly ground black pepper, and laurel leaves - if you can get them) You can also add vegetables like carolina bell peppers and carrots into the mix. Also garlic and onions add a pretty nice flavor, if you like them. Garlic is very good in this aspect as it lasts in your fridge for ages, and goes with pretty much anything. You can also add some almonds or walnuts, or perhaps some hot chilli sauce.
    The thing to mind with lean breast meat, is that it can get very dry, which isn't fun to eat, especially turkey. If you prefer, you can immerse it in oil and spices for something like 15-30 minutes before cooking. I don't, I've started finding it too oily that way.

    And be careful, as white meat goes off notoriously fast. Cook it in three days of your buying it, and pay special attention to the expiration date and general look.

    I can also recommend seafood. Be careful as some frozen varieties (not all), have unnecessary preservatives in them. I don't really mind a small amount of preservatives, but why ingest that when you can buy it preservative-free? Anyways, you can get some frozen shrimp, mussels, and calamari; put them in the freezer, and use them whenever you like. They go best with rice, noodles, and pasta (linguine is traditional). There are quite a lot of recipes on how to garnish them.

    For fruit and veg based snacks, I can recommend to keep a supply of tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots at hand. You can get a tall drinking glass, fill it to the middle with lemon juice, and insert carrots and cucumbers cut longitudinally into it. It's easy to make and tasty (and lasts days in the fridge). You can also get those peeler things to peel the vegetables. It also works on apples and pears. I also recommend those small cherry/cocktail tomatoes, as you only need to wash them and they're ready to eat. It's also rare for them to be tasteless like the huge ones.

    You can also introduce peanut butter to your diet. Compare the nutritional info between brands, go for the healthier-seeming one. You can usually tell by the taste as well. I get Calvé's peanut butter in my supermarket (or at least, used to. I suspect someone is buying the lot each time it ships in). It makes for a tasty snack and also keeps you full. If calories are not a problem, you can add it to your cooking. It goes brilliantly cooked with turkey breast.

    Try not to go overboard with juice and soft drinks. A little bit in once in a while is fine, but those things have a lot of sugar in them. You can get an orange and lemon squeezer things and make your own once in a while.
    We all like a tasty drink, and you can add a small amount of lemon juice to cold water for the upcoming summer days - if you like sour, that is. You can also add some apple slices as well. It's a mild taste, but it's best if you're watching your weight (you didn't mention it, but I am, heh heh).

    Oh, and I wouldn't recommend that "only eat food that I make myself" ideal. It's a nice idea, but too hard to manage, unless you mean those "microwave meal" type things. If you mean ordering food in, go for a healthier alternative, and you'll be fine. Sometimes you can be too tired/drained/whatever to cook, and that's fine.

    I hope that was helpful. Feel free to ask specific questions as well.

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  • 05/31/15--12:53: 18260
  • does anyone have these please https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mtpancake

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  • 06/01/15--13:16: 18261
  • Greetings, /fit/
    Tomorrow is the first day of June, and the beginning of the summer months (yes, I know, summer starts at the 21st, never mind that for now)
    I want to get rid of some extra weight I've been keeping on me in the next three months, until the end of August.

    My vital statistics are:
    Age - 22 yrs
    Height - 185 cm (~6')
    Weight - 91 kg (200 lbs)
    BMI - 26.6 (Overweight)
    Basal metabolic rate - ~2000 kcal/day

    I've had a checkup last month, it seems my blood values are great. No hypertension, heart problems, or cholesterol. My fitness level was "normal". So basically, this is mostly about preventive measures, and of course, cosmetic reasons. The exercise also helps keep my mood up, and perform better mentally, and regulates my sleep.

    I'll be cutting down on calories and engaging in exercise 3-5 days a week. I enjoy running quite a bit, and I have a treadmill and an exercise bike available for use.
    Sadly I also have previous sporting injuries which flare up if I force my knees too much.
    My daily goal is to create a deficit of 1100 kcal, with a combination of exercise (usually something like 600kcal) and cutting calories.

    Assuming 1kg bodyweight = 7700 kcal, I should get rid of 1 kg per week.

    Of course, the above is the ideal, and is probably nigh-impossible to keep on a long-term basis. If every week goes on as planned, I should lose 12 kgs in the next three weeks (possible, since there is more or less, no other responsibility I have). I'm accepting a failure rate of 6 kgs - which puts me down to 85 kgs (upper limit of normal weight according to the BMI).

    Anyways, I was hoping I can log in twice every week. I would appreciate it if anyone wants to join or comment. (the more, the merrier) Wish me luck.

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