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  • 01/05/20--07:42: 32844
  • Anyone has a working link for the complete PT Course - Menno Henselmans (bayesian bodybuilding). In early 2019 it was posted here but the link now is dead. Thanks

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  • 01/05/20--08:30: 32845
  • I have the old bayesian course if that's what you're talking about.

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  • 01/05/20--09:53: 32846
  • No. 32845, Yes, it was divided in weeks with pdf and video, total of 25 gb. Do you still have any active link?


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  • 01/05/20--10:12: 32847
  • I have the old bayesian which is of 12 Gb saved offline, if you want I can upload.

    Btw guys, I am thinking / planning to create a to create a telegram channel where we share all the stuff, so that it remains online and doesn't expire like how it does on most of the sites.
    I am thinking to include people who are contributing and sharing with one another and not just mere leechers.
    The best part? Stuff stays online for a long period of time + everyone can search themselves for what has already been uploaded.
    And main protocol to keep the leechers away is to allow entry to the private channel only on some contribution from their side.
    Now I know I know a lot of people are broke over here + cant afford a lot of courses and books - They can contact me privately if they want and I ll call for a vote in the private channel, if we get more than 75 % we give out that program / course out for free.

    Interested people shoot me a mail :


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  • 01/05/20--10:27: 32848
  • >>32847

    Great spirit and idea but probably hard to execute and deliver. You'll get a flurry of emails from randoms who refrain from even sharing their semen when having coitus let alone asking them to share or even buy material.

    It will be hard as here there are not a lot who bring anything new to the community, on or off this site, just look at the requests gone unanswered. It tends to be recycled from other places if anything such as Vola, subreddit groups and those that are big contributors have gone or don't frequent here anywhere like they used to. New groups have come and gone when stitch ups have materialised from members or organisers. Certain members have seen drives locked and access denied once they have got what they want from others. Anything permanently online will get taken down eventually via DMCA requests, of late there has been a long list of authors etc catching up with us. Google or mega drives or similar have been shut down, anonfile links removed the list goes on.

    Of course I'd be up for joining to see how things go but if its one sided or same people giving like here and many other sites I can see people abandoning the project

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  • 01/05/20--10:27: 32849
  • >>32847
    If you can upload the bayesian course, that would be great. Thanks

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  • 01/05/20--10:43: 32850
  • Yeah

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  • 01/05/20--10:43: 32851
  • I absolutely understand what you're trying to say my man, but I thought to give it a try + Telegram is encrypted and secure so no worries regarding takedowns etc and as far as scammers are considered Admin and rules would take care of them.
    I.e no entry if you don't contribute, simple as that.

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  • 01/05/20--11:15: 32852
  • Can anybody please share programs from Barbell Physio? https://thebarbellphysio.com/products-page/

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 01/05/20--13:52: 32853
  • >>32840 Buendia Carb Cycling just came out.

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  • 01/05/20--13:52: 32854
  • >>32840 Buendia Carb Cycling just came out.

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  • 01/05/20--15:10: 32855
  • >>32672
    It seems there was mega folder with it but it is now down.
    A re-upload would be appreciated.

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  • 01/05/20--23:16: 32856
  • Does anyone have Pete rubish program?

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  • 01/06/20--05:28: 32857
  • Hey,The guy asking for Bayesian,
    I ll be uploading it on telegram.

    Henry Hunderson

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  • 01/06/20--05:28: 32858
  • any one have chris barakat school of gainz programs ?

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  • 01/06/20--06:30: 32859
  • Anyone interested in group buying all the NXT programs on Athlean-X, they have 18 in total. it's $30/month. I have three interested at $5 each, including myself. I need 3 more who can give 5 or more per month. email me if interested. you will get same day access to the programs in HD quality, I will release every 30 days after release.


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  • 01/06/20--06:30: 32860
  • Anyone got the new Russwole program? can swap with lots of RP training and diet templates plus others?

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  • 01/06/20--07:08: 32861
  • Hi guys and thanks a lot for your sharings.
    Could I ask someone to reupload the Booty by Bret videos and logs for months 10 and newer? The links on filemail are expired. Thank you!

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  • 01/06/20--07:26: 32862
  • Hi does anybody have Jeff Nippard's latest Full Body Program

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  • 01/06/20--07:44: 32863
  • Does anyone have a copy of this template? Released by RP about a month or so ago. Much appreciated!

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