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  • 05/10/14--01:19: 13937
  • >>12960

    Could you please re upload kino body shredding manual?

    Does anyone have any of the Kino body Greg o Gallagher programs?

    Additionally Bony to Beastly would be great too (I wonder because it is so expensive if there is a way to pool together some $$ from all the guys who want it and buy it!)

    Also for the person who requested >>13624
    this is the rusty moore's program I have.

    His frequency training program would be great if anyone has it.


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  • 05/10/14--01:19: 13938
  • >>13937 - I would be up for it, it's requested by a lot of people (including me)... But I do think it's to expensive to buy it by myself...

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  • 05/10/14--01:19: 13939
  • Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for All Sports

    That could be amazing if anyone can post this..

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  • 05/10/14--01:19: 13941
  • >>13939

    McCallum THE Complete Keys to Progress
    - Charlie Weingroff Training=Rehab, Rehab=Training (all 6 dvds)
    - Joe DEFRANCO and/or JAME SMITH RP515, Body Armor, speed, hardcore, Amped, XTrem, Triple Threat, Advanced hip mobility solution
    - Poliquin Ask Coach Poliquin (Volumes I and II)
    - Bompa Periodization
    - Bompa Periodization for sports
    - Bompa Serious Strength Training
    - Issurin Block periodization 1 and 2
    - Kurz - Science of Sports Training
    - McArdle-Katch Exercise Physiology 8th or 7th edition
    - The Professional Fitness Coach Program Design Bible: A Unified Theory of Program Design By Alwyn Cosgrove
    - Hip Flexibility Program + videos by Eric Wong
    - Powerlifting Basics, Texas Style by Paul Kelso
    - Ian King books
    - Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for all sports - Tadeusz Starzynski
    - Total Training for Young Champions - Tudor Bompa
    - Designing Resistance Training Programs, 4th Edition by Steven Fleck
    - Strength Training for Young Athletes - 2E by William J. Kraemer and Steven J. Fleck
    - Optimizing Strength Training:Designing Nonlinear Perioztn Wrkouts by William J. Kraemer and Steven J. Fleck
    - Periodization Breakthrough!: The Ultimate Training System by Steven J. Fleck and William J. Kraemer
    - Every Day Is Game Day - Mark Verstegen
    - The Science of Running: How to find your limit - Steve Magness
    - Powerlifting Basics by Paul Kelso
    - Eric Talmant's Progressive Powerlifting DVD
    - Poliquin Modern Trends in Strength Training
    - Poliquin Poliquin Principles 2nd Edition
    - A Practical Approach To Strength Training, 4th Ed by Matt Brzycki
    - Conditioning for Basketball by Matt Bryzcki
    - Athletic Development: The Art & Science of funcional sport conditioning Vern Gambetta
    - Serious Training for Endurance Athletes 2nd ed - Rob Sleamaker
    - Block Periodization 2 - Vladimir Issurin
    - The Development of Physical Strength by ANTHONY DITILLO
    - Maximize Your Training by Matt Brzycki
    - Super Natural Strength - Bob Whelan
    - Running: Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology in Practice, 1e - Frans Bosch , Ronald Klomp
    - Iron Nation: Passion for Hard Training - Bob Whelan
    - Daniels' Running Formula-3rd Edition - Jack Daniels
    - Forgotten Secrets of The Culver City Westside Barbell club revealed by Dave Yarnell
    - The Old School Back Training Bible by Dave Yarnell
    - Forgotten Secrets Of The Old Time Strongmen by Dave Yarnell
    - King Squat: Rise to Power by Mr Dave Yarnell
    - Getting in the zone: the mental aspects of strength training revealed by Dave Yarnell
    - The Secrets of Age Defying Strength: and how to obtain it by Dave Yarnell
    - Great Men,Great Gyms of the Golden Age by Dave Yarnell
    - The Christian Men's Midlife Fitness Primer: Customize Your Own Training/Diet Routine by Dave Yarnell
    - Brandon Lilly’s Building A Bigger Bench (webinar)
    - 4 PILLARS OF GREAT PROGRAMMING - Chad Wesley Smith
    - Body Mechanic - Daniel MacLean
    - Westside Barbell Squat and Deadlift Manual - Louie Simmons
    - GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON: Secrets of Successful Strength Training for Older Lifters - Brooks D. Kubik
    - Iron on My Mind - Dave Draper

    To anyone interested in this list of e-books i propose a deal: everyone of us volunteer to buy at least ONE of these books (that one that interests them most) and we will send it the one with the other with an private e-mail.

    I'll buy:
    Serious Strength Training-3rd Edition by Tudor Bompa and i'll send it to anyone that accepts my proposal

    P.S The format must be a good one (pdf or e-pub NO kindle...)

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  • 05/10/14--01:19: 13942
  • Is Trophy Kids out for download yet?

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  • 05/10/14--01:19: 13943
  • >>13938

    Good to hear mate - any suggestions on how this could work? I'm definitely keen. I'd love to do this.

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  • 05/10/14--01:19: 13944
  • 10/20 Life book by Brian Carroll


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  • 05/10/14--01:19: 13945
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  • 05/10/14--01:19: 13946
  • lolfaggots like this aren't fit for anything but lifting weights in a gym.

    No endurance, no V02max, no pain threshold, no coordination. I see it every time one of these puffed up buffoons tries getting on a bike or in a pair of shoes or xc skis or snowshoes. They're a walking talking heart-failure risk.

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  • 05/10/14--01:19: 13947
  • I stuck to this and lost 4 pounds in the last week (I'm 252 now I was 256):
    1. Be kind to yourself. If you catch yourself shaming yourself for blowing off exercise imagine you were trying to encourage a friend.
    2. Drink a cup of water or two before aerobic exercise.
    3. If you can only do 5 minutes, make that your routine. You can always add more later when you're stronger.
    4. Do small exercises throughout the day rather than one big one to keep your metabolism up. I try for 20 minutes aerobic then a walk at the end of the day.
    5. Whatever fast food you like cook it at home. Even if it's incredibly unhealthy, the work it takes will force you to cut down. Every side dish is extra effort.

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  • 05/10/14--01:19: 13948
  • Anyone have?

    "The Ultimate Guide to HRV Training" by Joel Jamieson


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  • 05/11/14--01:30: 13949
  • I accept your proposal. Email me at john.gregory. 2012@gmail. Com

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  • 05/11/14--01:30: 13950
  • >>13938

    >Good to hear mate - any suggestions on how this could work? I'm definitely keen. I'd love to do this.

    Will also be interested

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  • 05/11/14--01:30: 13951
  • That's nice, OP. Next time try not to express your question in quotation form.

    Sorry to burst your bubble there, blobbosaurus, but 4 pounds is within the margin of error.

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  • 05/11/14--01:30: 13952
  • Almonds are harvested from trees and not produced synthetically in a factory. Thus individual sample variance is inevitable. Ie., some of the almonds were shit.

    Ooor, they became bitter because you left them alone all day. Did you perhaps also eat some other nuts right in front of them?!

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  • 05/11/14--01:30: 13953
  • OP, first frakking sticky. Check it out!

    Oh no, it's true! how will i ever survive the zombie apocalypse?!

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  • 05/11/14--01:30: 13954
  • Calisthenics Kings videos


    Password for archive: barscraft.com

    Still looking for
    the list 360 from bryan hawn
    bodyweight evolution from daniel vandal and littlebeastM

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  • 05/11/14--01:30: 13955
  • >>13622

    I would like Athlean Xero as well.

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  • 05/11/14--01:30: 13956
  • Nuts/Seeds go rancid really quick.

    99% of all nuts/seeds and nuts/seeds butter at the store are no good.

    Almonds use to be better before the FDA passed a law that all almonds grown in the USA have to go through a steam treatment or fumigation with toxic propylene oxide (PPO) gas for a few minutes before they can be sold at grocery stores. The FDA are basically NAZI's who have made a holocaust of our food.

    You can only buy REAL raw almonds at farmers markets and directly through the california farmers who grow them.

    It's the same for many seeds/nuts grown in the USA. They're basically poisoned and rancid before you ever get to eat them!

    If a nut/seed is off color, yellowish/brownish or has brown spots and the inside is not a pure white color the fats have oxidized and they shouldn't be eaten.

    I would basically avoid all nuts/seeds sold at grocery stores, even whole foods! Bulk bins are the worst due to all the bacteria and little kids sticking their hands in them!

    The only way you can get 100% raw organic nuts/seeds is at farmer markets and directly from the farmers who grow them.

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  • 05/12/14--01:41: 13957
  • >>13950

    I can look into this . Supposedly on Paypal you can have an account that will pool funds together where everyone can view the funds and its use. There are also other websites that offer similar services. If we even get 5-8 people it would be cool!

    If you have any other suggestions on how we may be able to do this I'm all ears mate!

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