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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15787
  • this is a smart idea

    I have lived like this for a long time in relative health

    I suggest not cooking oats at all. Mix whey, milk, fruit, oats, and maybe some greens together in a shake. Get all the fiber you need to digest that gluey wad of future muscle in one.

    But I gotta say you should just skip adding the whey to above. That shit is full of crazy agricultural shit that shouldn't exist let alone be consumed by living things.

    For like $1 you can get a pound of lentils that contains about 100g of protein. Most days I eat about a pound of lentils. It makes my bowels feel healthy. Sure I have to take three large shits per day, but the overall feeling of wholesomeness is pervasive. My whole body responded to this change in diet when I first started. Felt like I was cured of some kind of disease, I had more energy and a more positive point of view. My theory is that since my lower bowels were evacuated before sleep, there was less pressure in the system and so now I sleep better.

    True power comes from the bowels

    sounds funny but I swear to Gaga its the plain truth. Your overall energy comes from food. If you eat wrong, you probably do a bunch of other shit wrong as a result. Theory holds water.

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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15788
  • Grazi

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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15789
  • Thank you sir, surely there is a seat at the table for you in Odin's golden hall.

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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15790
  • Not that good. Save your money.

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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15791
  • can someone upload calisthenics the new age of fitness please

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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15792
  • >>15775

    Carb Backloading and Carb Nite

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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15793
  • Superior Muscle Growthfrom aworkoutroutine.com ?
    Should be good stuff

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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15794
  • Oh my god you guys, I've found the cause and cure of Irritable Bowel. I can't believe this! It would explain why it's undetectable. The bacteria in your mouth are in everyone's system. Those who cannot handle it have a body that responds to it as tho it was actually under the flu.

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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15795
  • keto was great for me because it reduced my appetite (which reduced my calorie intake) and the food I've eaten has been delicious. I also had increased energy levels, which was the opposite of how I felt as a (now-former) vegetarian "for health reasons". (Veganism was a million times worse!)

    think of it this way: you can have fats (keto) or carbs (veg*), but you can't have both at the same time or it'll mess you up.

    I've been following my own plan for less than 2 months and have lost over 35 lbs without increasing exercise (due to unrelated injury).

    best of luck in your weight loss journey!

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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15799
  • Can anyone else with IBS try this with me so I can see if the recurrences of IBS when I stop following my treatment is just coincidental and happens to occur days after I stop? I believe I have truly found out the cause. In case anyone wants to try this with me, this is my regime:

    Before bed and literally the moment you wake up (even if you aren't waking up; it must be done then since mouth activity occurs when awake and leads to the possibility of swallowing):

    -Do NOT swallow. Run to bathroom.
    -Accumulate spit, and spit in sink.
    -Brush teeth, and then brush each side, gums, pockets of skin between the gums and upper lip all around, tongue, under tongue, palate.
    -Rinse with mouthwash: 30+ seconds. Swish all around, in all the crevices you reached with the toothbrush.
    -Rinse with water until you can no longer taste mouthwash.

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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15800
  • >>15799
    Oh, and continue this for 1-2 weeks. You should flush out your entire system and wait until your entire tract is refreshed under the treatment.

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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15801
  • Here are the links to the ebooks from both these guys.


    Still looking for the Defranco AMPED, Combine and Strength Bench

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  • 10/12/14--19:53: 15802
  • Renessance diet anyone? by mike israetel

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  • 10/13/14--19:54: 15803
  • >>15802

    Here you go, thanks to original uploader

    Any chance you have any Defranco dvd's?

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  • 10/13/14--19:54: 15804
  • can someone upload calisthenics the new age of fitness please

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  • 10/13/14--19:54: 15807
  • Anyone care to share the above booklet Becoming the Bull?

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  • 10/13/14--19:54: 15808
  • Fitness Motivation - I am a Girl And I Lift

    Have a look:

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  • 10/13/14--19:54: 15809
  • Complete Guide to Dumbbell Training: A Scientific Approach by Fred Hatfield and Josh Bryant anyone?

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  • 10/13/14--19:54: 15810
  • Hey,

    Looking for:

    Gourmet Nutrition V2 - John Berardi and PN
    Layne and Sohee Lee - Reverse Dieting
    Phil Learney - New eBook.

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  • 10/13/14--19:54: 15811
  • To counter this clearly life threatening dilemma, these in the business of making money, even in the expense of kids or those with a physical handicap, grasped the mettle and came up with the idea of insoles that would improve the height, these insoles have become known as heel lifts insoles as they give the same outcomes as women's high heel shoes, lifting the heel and adding a certain quantity of height


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