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  • 01/09/20--07:49: 32993
  • >>32991

    The missing file or what appear to be missing ones are actually days of rest so as with some programs, from checking, no video exists for those days. I have text files that state the day number with Day of Rest so that the continuation of numbers exist in the file list.

    Also some videos are merely duplicated for other days of the same workout so not downloaded I guess. I get that a lot with some programs I rip where mesocycles contain same workouts from week to week so only 1 set of videos are needed but referencing the workout manual it becomes evident if no txt file has been added in to the collection.

    Should have included them in the folder print but just did a mp4 search not a global one

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  • 01/09/20--08:39: 32994
  • >>32829
    Thanks, much appreciated!

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  • 01/09/20--08:39: 32995
  • Yo, you all need to shut the fuck up and stop arguing.
    I'm going to tell you the same shit that got told to TG. This thread isn't about bickering or fucking calling each other names this thread is about posting fitness related content for people to use and enjoy.

    I'm going to start banning people involved in arguments. No questions asked. Shut the fuck up and just enjoy the privilege of using this thread. The shit is over 1,000 replies long and the more you are fighting with each other the more you are getting in the way of people finding the shit they want/need.

    So you're just making yourselves look like assholes. Stop.

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  • 01/09/20--09:44: 32996
  • Do you have ted naiman 's book?
    P:E book

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  • 01/09/20--10:00: 32997
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  • 01/09/20--10:15: 32972
  • >>32971

    Email sent Petar. Thanks again.

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  • 01/09/20--10:15: 32977
  • >>32976

    Get your facts right Mike, where have I said to anyone not join your group? I wasn't trying to stop you at all I was merely getting verification and making sure what was being offered wasn't just the usual trick of making money on the back of something already in circulation. Christ you have a video and claim to have the program already, why haven't you uploaded it already when as you claim others have asked for it already? No hate just a very careful person and one with a lot of experience of group buys that have gone well and a few not so well.

    I think now to prove your legitimacy to anyone who signs up to your group buys they get a temporary log in, best do it via same VPN and use the same location to prevent different location pick ups, so that they can see that you do actually have the account and not reselling others work / purchases. You've only shown a vimeo video screenshot which if you want me to be straight up with you, some of these vimeo links are in a text file so not hard to fake that either.

    Too many red flags will raise suspicion and you have most of them, hence the debate and reason for more upfront information.

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  • 01/09/20--10:15: 32978
  • >>32976

    So you know these programs are in circulation already, some have a few missing videos but then if you need the videos to demonstrate form there is youtube. A high percentage of downloaders here are just collectors so if collating everything they're not training they're library assistants in the making

    >Wolverine Beastmode
    >Lady Luck
    >Athlean-XX for Women
    >Inferno Max Size
    >Four Horsemen
    >Breaking Point
    >Athlean-X The original pro athlete Workout
    >AthleanX - Special TactiX
    >Athlean X - XERO
    >Athlean AX 1
    >3D HD

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  • 01/09/20--10:15: 32979
  • >>32976

    "That guy" didn't take my money.
    Instead he asked me to buy some other books for everyone to use.

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  • 01/09/20--10:15: 32998
  • Sorry, I deleted all my posts, DeathbyBarbell can you do the same. it was about 30 posts long including mine. I will delete this when DeathbyBarbell reads this.

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  • 01/09/20--10:49: 32999
  • I'm new here and whilst trying to make a post before this one I got told that I was banned. Anyone else got this problem? Maybe because I use Tor?

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  • 01/09/20--11:37: 33000
  • >>32999

    A lot of VPNS have a ban on them on many sites as do TOR browser connections. The IP addresses issued are associated with spammers and kiddie porn spreaders.

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  • 01/09/20--12:10: 33001
  • >>32997

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  • 01/09/20--12:41: 33002
  • Does anyone have Strength Training Manual ebook Volume 1 & 2 from Mladen Jovanović Complemetary Training?

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  • 01/09/20--15:51: 33003
  • >>32998

    Small conversations about shared content aren't a bad thing. It's when it devolves into week long disputes that shit up the thread; where there's more bickering than posting content.

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  • 01/09/20--17:24: 33004
  • Did anybody get Sean Noriega and Matt Cronin's collegiate program?

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  • 01/09/20--19:47: 33005
  • Does anyone have anything programs from hybrid performance Method? Looking for the hybrid build Program

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  • 01/09/20--20:25: 33006
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  • 01/09/20--20:25: 33007
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  • 01/09/20--23:33: 33008
  • >>33007
    Thank you for this so much! But I’m looking for the Hybrid Build program
    It’s Hybrids bodybuilding program

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