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  • 11/09/19--06:35: 31700
  • >>31699

    No we're not mad, why cause we can afford to live our lives not leech and beg like kids in a playground playing trump cards or collecting stickers.

    2 little books no exactly a big problem is it if that is what you value you life on. Me/us however have far greater collection which you are doing your best to get your hands on and it won't arrive until the courses have expired and the information is defunct

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  • 11/09/19--07:37: 31701
  • Hi , anyone has the ACE Personal Trainer Manual (5th Edition), ?!

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  • 11/09/19--07:37: 31702
  • >>31700
    With an insight into a far greater database of programs than most people, which ones would you say are actually worth running/having, and why?

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  • 11/09/19--07:52: 31703
  • >>31702

    That is a rather expansive question. So many variables to it, a program for what? strength, mass, shred, get fitter, get faster, provide more mobility, rehab the list goes on.

    One thing is for sure, you can have all the books in the world but at the end of the day they will not provide you with all the answers/results as everyone is individual where text book methods may not be always be applicable or suit everyone, This is where a good coach / trainer comes in and will recognise where you are deficient.

    On top of this dedication, commitment to finish a program without jumping on the latest released program before you have even got anything to measure by and above all rest and nutrition.

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  • 11/09/19--08:09: 31704
  • >>31703
    And that is why u don't ask these fucking retards about anything you really think he is going to help you? no he has a plethora of programs that he has no idea how to run only guy intelligent here is the one and only tdlsu777 anyone else and you will get the overused hurr durr nutrition and rest hurr durr without being specific about what method HE finds best because he is afraid he will be ridiculed

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  • 11/09/19--08:25: 31705
  • but on specific MUSCLE GAINS results for AESTHETICS, if you were to pick one program, what it would be?

    i will chime in also, after couple of responses (hopefully)

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  • 11/09/19--08:25: 31706
  • >>31704

    You are such a dick. How can anyone prescribe or advise when such a plain and unspecific question is asked. Do you go to the doctor and say Doc I'm ill, oh ok here's a course of antidepressants. They may actually come in handy for you as you seem mighty negative and bitter especially when not getting what you want.

    Clearly you are lacking any knowledge of program specialisation and design as well as purpose. I have probably forgotten more than you probably know sonny boy.

    As TDLSU has stated above, you have fucked it all up for yourselves, leech from everywhere but anything that gets posted here is the result of somewhere/someone else's efforts and not because you have done anything to contribute yourself.

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  • 11/09/19--08:40: 31707
  • [Request] RP MPT Novice Fullbody 3x 2.0 (updated version)

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  • 11/09/19--08:55: 31708
  • >>31706
    Yes because someone posting on a fitness board what's your opinion on the most effective program you ever ran as at all comparable to going to the doctor and simply saying you're ill you can try all u want with your mental gymnastics but you're only further embarrassing yourself and i recommend that u stop

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  • 11/09/19--09:12: 31709
  • >>31699
    The only good fuck is with your retarded momma :)

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  • 11/09/19--09:12: 31710
  • >>31709

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  • 11/09/19--09:12: 31711
  • >>31708

    Read the question again dummy. Where does it ask me for what I have run.

    Personally I prefer knowledge to come from real learning, have a read you may learn something.

    Dr. Hatfields books are good starters, program design William Kraemer and scott stevesons be your own bodybuilding coach.neven simpletons like you will understand

    A good program I like to use and get some great results are the fst-7 with various minor modifications depending from Rambod. Then going for an all round cut.

    As for knocking the mention of nutrition and rest well without suitable attention paid to these critical elements progression and adaptation won't occur, even if you re on chemicals.

    You really need to stop embarrassing yourself kid with these comments as you are just proving that you just don't understand effective and healthy training

    Keep on being bitter kid

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  • 11/09/19--09:29: 31712
  • >>31711
    "which ones would you say are actually worth running/having" basically saying which ones are the most effective ones u ever ran i'm not sure if you're just that fucking stupid or you're baiting me
    " nutrition and rest well without suitable attention paid to these critical elements progression and adaptation won't occur, even if you re on chemicals" what suitable attention? all u said was Nutrition and rest is key which is literally equivalent to EAT GOOD BRO REST GOOD BRO HURR DURR

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  • 11/09/19--11:49: 31713
  • >>31712

    Who the fuck says Durr. A prepubescent teenager who still lacks any balls.

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  • 11/09/19--13:53: 31714
  • >>28926
    Are the templates in kilos or pounds?

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  • 11/09/19--13:53: 31715
  • file-up.org fucking sucks stop uploading files to such a garbage site

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  • 11/09/19--13:53: 31716
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  • 11/09/19--21:01: 31717
  • someone has the Movement_Redefined _-_ Dr._Joel_Seedman_Advanced_Human_Performance PDF

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  • 11/09/19--21:01: 31718
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  • 11/09/19--22:26: 31719
  • >>31715

    They upload there there because they are payed to promote file up. The ones who upload there do it on purpose. Scammers

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