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  • 01/06/13--08:47: 11111
  • Drop the Team EFS books.

    I got Keifer's carb backloading,

    anyone got Starnes Very Low carb diet?

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  • 01/06/13--08:47: 11112
  • I have been doing the insanity workout for a while now but am wondering if anyone's done p90x and then insanity. And could you compare them in terms of stamina and endurance results at the end the regimens? I use this site for insanity.


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  • 01/06/13--08:47: 11113
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  • 01/06/13--08:47: 11114
  • >>11071

    Dear Lord.

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  • 01/06/13--08:47: 11115
  • >>11113
    thank you very much.....

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  • 01/06/13--08:47: 11116
  • I have never even posted once before but today I need help. I'm a smoker of 8 years and I quit for New Years. I've quit meth and coke, but quitting smoking is killing me. Is there any tips or tricks to make the transition easier?

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  • 01/06/13--08:47: 11117
  • one word: estrogren

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  • 01/06/13--08:47: 11118
  • >>11067
    I have the same problem with my nails, and I can't seem to fix it internally. I just bought a nail buffing kit and I file them down occasionally to make them look a little more presentable. Not sure if you can do anything about the color.

    You can't do much about the knuckles unless you believe in some wives' tales. Just make sure your skin isn't cracking or anything and I don't think anyone will care.

    Groom those brows. Get them threaded if there's a professional in your area. My friend had the same problem, and now you can't even tell that his brows are naturally uneven.

    Rogaine or shave your head. Or I guess just accept your baldness like anon suggested.

    What I do when my lips are splitting is rub lotion or vitamin E oil on them before bed, and then cover them in beeswax chap stick. Most chap stick doesn't actually moisturize, it just keeps them from getting drier. That's why the lotion helps. If it still splits, you might want to see a doctor to get a topical cream to soften the scar tissue.

    I don't have balls so I dunno about that one. Better fitting/wicking underwear? Baby powder or gold bond?

    Baking soda is good for absorbing odor. You could sprinkle that in your shoes, or you might just need to buy some antimicrobial socks.

    Try a netty pot for the nose. If that doesn't work, you could always just take benadryl.

    Just pay attention to what you do when you speak. Sit up straight so you project more.

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  • 01/06/13--08:47: 11119
  • Awesome, thank you! Any more Greyskull titles?

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  • 01/06/13--08:47: 11120
  • no that is the only one i have so far. was hoping somebody else would jump on the bandwagon and buy one of his books then post it

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  • 01/06/13--08:47: 11121
  • It's been a while so can we assume that the reason TJM2.0 isn't posted is because nobody actually has it?

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  • 01/07/13--15:51: 11122
  • Always trust the information on the package.

    Wolfram Alpha is good for stuff that doesn't come with nutritional values (fish, meat, etc).

    Make sure you use the correct information. Wolphram Alpha works by giving you the medium value of all online food libraries. All it takes is one database to be off for the whole value to be off.

    But it's never by much. What I do is I always round the numbers up. For instance, if something has 378 calories I'll count it as 390 just to be sure.

    This is only true if you're cutting and want to make sure you're not consuming more calories than what is needed.

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  • 01/07/13--15:51: 11123
  • >>11107
    >Also carbs*4+fat*9+protien*4 won't always equal total calories. From my understanding there are also other factors that contribute to calories, like alcohol (7cal a gram) content and other shiz.

    I know. But the last time I checked, plantain chips and bagels don't have any alcohol. Some times it's huge errors like what should be at least 200 calories but 110 written. As in it must have been a typo or they didn't include the cooking fat in the calories for some reason.

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  • 01/07/13--15:51: 11124
  • >>11121

    Ain't nobody paying $50 for an ebook. Should've caught it while it was on sale for Christmas. We should get together and buy. More people to chip in, less we all pay.

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  • 01/07/13--15:51: 11125
  • >>10985

    This beginner routine has 27,000 replies on bodybuilding.com

    The main drawback is that the routine takes about 90 minutes

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  • 01/07/13--15:51: 11126
  • I don't think I'm drinking enough water. What's the average amount of water I should be consuming daily?

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  • 01/07/13--15:51: 11127
  • 8 to 12 glasses.

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  • 01/07/13--15:51: 11128
  • Don't go cold turkey, just quit for once and for all.
    Yeah, it's hard, mostly if you're a heavy drinker. One always wanna smoke when is drunk.

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  • 01/07/13--15:51: 11129
  • Does anyone have any books by Mike Mentzer?
    I'm trying to find Heavy Duty 2 Mind and Body, and the Heavy Duty Journal specifically, but any book will do, they're all great!

    Heavy Duty 1 and Heavy Duty Nutrition can be found on Scribd:


    Anyone have any other books?

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  • 01/07/13--15:51: 11130
  • will chip in for tjm 2.0

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