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  • 09/13/19--21:50: 30933
  • >>30928

    Are you the original uploader of this? Or the messiah who re-shares proclaiming to be..

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  • 09/14/19--01:54: 30934
  • Can someone please post this?

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  • 09/14/19--06:09: 30935
  • >>30933

    I am the original uploader of this, want to see my kindle receipt? You can keep on leeching and sharing my books from the other site etc and trying to cleanse them. Step up to the mark Damo and get sharing instead of leeching and making false claims

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  • 09/14/19--06:25: 30936
  • >>30933

    I am the original uploader of this (Croker), want to see my kindle receipt? You can keep on leeching and sharing my books from the other sites etc and trying to cleanse them. Step up to the mark Damo and get sharing instead of leeching and making false claims.

    I would have uploaded this days ago but snivelling little wankers helped me decide not to do so just yet, same goes with Tactical Mass Protocol, yes I have it, and a lot from my book list. You'll probably (not) see them on far out hard to come by book depositories than on these forums the way things are going.

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  • 09/14/19--06:55: 30937
  • >>30936

    Instead of whining like little babies I guess it wouldn't hurt helping others. There are always some leechers and they'll remain the same no matter what. So if you have something which may help others, just do it mate.

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  • 09/14/19--07:11: 30938
  • >>30937

    Whining like babies. WTF! I posted a book for the good for others with no expectation of anything in return and get called out by a kid who does nothing good for the community but play spammy games. I buy all my books and share freely and most I don't even want but many come through way of requests that then get added to the list to buy to SHARE. Its cunts like this that prevents the non closed communities getting my books and instead I share with closed groups instead, one I suspect has shared my last.

    Tactical Mass Protocol and a few others, 17 in total this week alone, I bought this week are available but unless others start to come through with new I won't be buying those odd requested books to share in open forums. Regurgitating leeching beggers ruin it for the more open public groups as all they do is come and take with nothing given back.

    I'll shut up when the wanks start to stand up give themselves and not just keep on passing around what it is heavily in circulation or trying to make claim to others good deeds.

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  • 09/14/19--08:19: 30939
  • Can anyone post guy cisternino chest ebook ?

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  • 09/14/19--08:35: 30940
  • does anyone have any soflete programs or the selection prep/recon prep ones?

    I'll upload the 2 conan programs when i get home

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  • 09/14/19--09:09: 30941
  • hello does anyone have faith material Ryan Fischer ???
    I only found this book

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  • 09/14/19--09:24: 30942
  • Anyone have flexible dieting lifestyle's greatest hits recipe book? please and thank you!

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  • 09/14/19--12:26: 30943
  • >>30928

    30352 here.

    Thank man!!!!!Appreciate it!

    I know that it is not about trading, but is there anything you want? Maybe one of us has it?

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  • 09/14/19--12:59: 30944
  • >>30943

    You are welcome, glad to be of help

    The request pot that keeps filling up is currently looking to fulfil requests for

    Integrated Periodization in Sports Training & Athletic Development by Tudor Bompa, Boris Blumenstein

    Revive Contest Test Prep Ebook.

    CSCS Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Exam Prep ebook

    There's a quite a few more on the list that others have requested but these are next on the hit list

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  • 09/14/19--16:52: 30945
  • Hello, does anyone have an ebook of Ryan Fischer?
    just got this link

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  • 09/14/19--21:35: 30946
  • Hey does anyone have Mark Carroll’s building the bikini guide 2.0 please ?

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  • 09/14/19--23:11: 30947
  • >>30938

    Quit whinging.. I was asking if you were the original uploader. Ive seen it in your room champ, so wanted to make sure it wasnt doing the rounds with someone else claiming it is their book.

    Congrats on being a snivelling bitch..

    I upload too, I just dont feel the need to brag about how I do it..

    To the rest of the community. Leech on. Its for the good of us all!

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  • 09/14/19--23:28: 30948
  • Does anyone have Mark Carroll’s Building the Bikini Body 2.0?


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  • 09/15/19--02:06: 30949
  • Can somebody please upload this powerlifting ebook on anonfile , there is no download button on the scribd site , much apreciated thanks .

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  • 09/15/19--05:16: 30950
  • >>30947

    Thousand apologies Damo, I seriously misread the original uploader part, I thought you were attacking me or trying to call me out as something I am not. Blame the seriously heavy night before and lack of my brain being engaged (no contact lenses in) (no excuse).

    Once again sorry for being a snivelling moaning bitch, tried to delete comment but password was mispelt so can't, another first thing in the morning error.


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  • 09/15/19--10:08: 30951
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  • 09/15/19--10:58: 30952
  • can someone upload this

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