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  • 07/31/19--09:51: 30331
  • Squat bible, anybody?

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  • 07/31/19--09:51: 30332
  • >>30331

    Here you go, enjoy


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  • 07/31/19--11:01: 30333
  • Anyone shared Revive Stronger Ultimate Contest Prep Guide? Would be dope

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  • 07/31/19--12:37: 30334
  • >>30333

    Would be dopper if you share it..Smart right? lol

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  • 07/31/19--12:37: 30335
  • Anyone has Russel Orhii's training programs?

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  • 07/31/19--16:37: 30336
  • >>30334
    I would if I had it. I posted my juggernaut stuff that I bought but that's pretty much all I had that was mine specifically. I do care that's why I share ;)

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  • 08/01/19--04:09: 30337
  • Hi GUys

    Can someone please share Kai GReene - 12 Week Bulk - LAND OF GIANTS thank you

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  • 08/01/19--07:37: 30338
  • >>30282

    I've got a coursehero account and can upload it and possibly any other fit ebooks. All I ask is that the Kai Greene book requested in the post above this be uploaded then I'll do it. Screenshot attached to prove I have it

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  • 08/01/19--08:35: 30339
  • Does anybody have Weightology Hypertrophic Rep/Volume Load Calculator excel spreadsheet? Would be glad a lot!

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  • 08/01/19--08:57: 30340
  • Does anyone have Weightology Hypertrophic Rep/Volume Load Calculator excel spreadsheet? Would be grateful!

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  • 08/01/19--10:16: 30341
  • Can anyone send Athlean-X max size full program i can Athlean-X zero and ultimate arms full program or anything else u guys want

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  • 08/01/19--11:47: 30342
  • Requesting Kizen squat program and Kizen bench program

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  • 08/01/19--12:02: 30343
  • Anyone got the audiobook for The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance by
    Timothy Gallwey

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  • 08/02/19--00:49: 30344
  • >>29529

    So, as you can see, the thread has gone dead after douchebags asking for trading material or thinking about the amount one has to pay. Nice job!

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  • 08/02/19--01:22: 30345
  • I'll post the new AARR as soon as I'll get.
    Next month I'm planning to buy the Revive Stronger Ultimate Contest Prep Guide and I'll share it, later the knee rehab program.
    I'd like to ask you guys some advice on a valid program to achieve the handstand.
    I already have the GMB program and Overcoming Gravity, they both seem great (Overcoming Gravity has a looot of useful information), but I just want a program with a clear routine and exercises to achieve my goals. I'm strong enough to do wallstanding pushups, but lake coordination and stability on the spine to do the rest (when I feel very strong I'm also able to planche, but it happens once in a week).

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  • 08/02/19--01:37: 30346
  • >>30344

    I think you will find is that people are wising up to the likes of some of users who constantly arrive to download and not give back, especially those that have been found out to resell and profit from the downloads they got from here but plead poverty or even that they have no internet but they can still download, odd eh?.

    Why should it be always the same people uploading for others to come and just take. I am up for not permitting non forum friendly trading but asking others to upload something which the rest will benefit from in return for something else to be uploaded is beneficial for all not just the two parties but admin seem to think this is trading, I call it reciprocation. In that case if its to remain a take take take forum without people actively contributing then we'll be seeing more or should I say less freely uploaded. I do hope things make a change with less people just coming here and other forums with only the expectation of taking but will just upload anything we place our hands to like we all use to do.

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  • 08/02/19--02:54: 30347
  • Can you guys recommend a guide I can use at the gym? Something for newbie like me. My goal is to lose body fat and be toned. Would appreciate it a lot. Thank you!

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  • 08/02/19--03:58: 30348
  • Really stupid question but does the Male Mass Gain (185-205 lbs)(84-93 kgs) mean it's designed to bring you to a max of 205lbs? Or do you simply use it if you fall into that range and it brings you to whatever weight?

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  • 08/02/19--04:14: 30349
  • >>30346
    well u are kinda right and wrong at the same time. Reciprocity is important but as long as there is no mechanism behind it (like i upload xx if u upload yy - but whole process would have to be provided by 3rd side, preferebly admin in this case) it will most likely leads to scamming as it used to in past. :) What would be also ok is that only active and valid contributers should be permitted to ask for materials. This can be based on some "uploading points" which u can use in return to asking for materials, and if they will be uploaded your points would be subtracted.

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  • 08/02/19--05:04: 30350
  • >>30349

    In a way yes you could be right but reciprocating with specifics isn't a bad thing as it is fulfilling a need rather than just your typical trading bullshit some people get in to which a high percentage is just some leecher trading others material to profit from monetary or otherwise.

    A points system would require a rewrite of code for the site or a permanent moderator to oversee the points system, another system I have seen and use is upload something to download which works well in many closed forums I use. Again this would require some coding I guess for automation but is not infallible either.

    In any case you will get piss takers as you will have seen yourself on vola where people will regurgitate material they just downloaded hoping no one will care or notice or worse just take the piss and ask anyway.

    I for one happily upload some books for people that I have obtained via natural shares and those books etc I have bought well to be honest now only give out when someone has been courteous in sharing in the past or if new has something worthwhile to offer the groups I use.

    Sure you will agree to many takers across these sites who have an entitlement attitude and don't even have any decency of any manners either.

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