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  • 06/05/19--21:56: 29482
  • >>29471
    lets do it for the REAL MVP Tdlsu777

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  • 06/05/19--22:13: 29483
  • Can someonw re-upload the Summer Shredding by Christian Guzman without using anonfile.com, prefer Google drive or mega.

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  • 06/05/19--22:46: 29484
  • >>29483

    Just use a VPN to download,

    99% of the reups are what link sharers like skrux want. Someone has gone out there way to upload for you plus anon files allows the shared to remain anonymous

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  • 06/05/19--22:46: 29485
  • >>29484

    With the email .gov.au you have I'd tread carefully both ways

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  • 06/05/19--23:27: 29486
  • >>29344 
    Dude thank you very much, I only had one cycle from brute I had purchased myself. Do you happen to have anymore programs from them? If so please post be or email me. 

    As far as precision nutrition goes, I have the level 1 cert and lean eating for men. I will pay them if the rest of bbm is posted. 

    I only have videos from opex cvp, sorry all I have. Skrux might have more, not sure. 

    Of the "complete" series I only have complete core training 

    Someone asked for the programs from defranco and Smitty, I can pay but have a few request, same with the dean Somerset programs somebody asked about. 

    Same when Ross Dickerson plans 

    Rest of bbm templates 

    Garage gym athlete harder to kill track, shred track, strength track, endure track, no gear track, 3 block track 

    Barbell shrugged vault programs, flight, shredded challenge, strength challenge, muscle gain challenge. Looking for the year programs essentially. I can post the others as I bought all the 3 month ones. 

    Ryan Fisher high intensity bodybuilding books 

    Any if the following brute strength programs: 
    Games prep 
    Outside the box 

    Any custom brain alshure programs, I know his custom format so don't try and BS me 

    Any of the awaken series i.e. functional bodybuilding 

    New iron valley barbell aesthetics program and nutrition 

    Westside barbell conjugate club programming 

    Jordan Peter's massive( not completely massive, just massive) and extremer leaner(again not extreme lean, extremer leaner) 

    Fitworldexposed programs other than silverback as I was the one who bought and posted that. 

    Any of the Baker barbell club programming, not his books, I have that, I'm taking the club programming. 

    Any the outlaw way by outlaw barbell programming on wodfollow. 

    Conjugate gymnastics from wodfollow 

    Triumph barbell programming from wodfollow 

    Any of the trainheroic programs 


    There had been a shit ton of awesome stuff posted lately. The kilo programs cost me personally 2000. The one year of brute is over 1k alone. I have been catching shit lately from my trading partners over sharing too much 
    For free lately. Let's prove then wrong and fulfill some request 

    Kilo exercise programming course 

    I WL post it once some other items I requested get posted. 

    Same with the others, I will get some people to post a few here and there as things are posted. 

    I have given everyone a free for all lately for the bbm programs that were posted, time for some other things I requested be posted before I do more. 

    And the hibb course was a very good start. I will fulfill one request tonight for that one and a show of appreciation.

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  • 06/05/19--23:27: 29487
  • Does anyone have Layne Norton’s workout builder ?

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  • 06/05/19--23:27: 29488
  • Anyone have MI40x program ?

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  • 06/06/19--00:22: 29489
  • Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    I live in S. Africa so programmes are really expensive to buy but I would gladly donate some funds for someones purchase

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  • 06/06/19--00:22: 29490
  • Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    I live in S. Africa so programmes are really expensive to buy but I would gladly donate some funds for someones purchase

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  • 06/06/19--02:09: 29491
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  • 06/06/19--02:42: 29492
  • >>29344
    Man you are an absolute star. That brutebody stuff is legit and is worth about $1500! Possibly the single best share ever on this board. How could we get hold of the warmups? and the other programs? I'd be willing to chip in some dolla for that stuff!

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  • 06/06/19--02:42: 29493
  • >>29490
    no body knows the struggle trying buy these programs in Rands (our local currency) every program is x 12-15 more for us depending where they are from

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  • 06/06/19--03:00: 29494
  • >>29493
    same here from Turkey, costs me approximately 6 times the actual price to buy something.

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  • 06/06/19--03:00: 29495
  • I also am requiring the PN1 text please.

    I will trade BBM Olympic Template or BBM Endurance template (both new) for this.

    Or for any crossfit programming I do not have.

    Email me.

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  • 06/06/19--04:05: 29496
  • Thank you so much!
    Can you re-upload the Summer Shredding file by Guzman because, they’re unavailable on anonfile :(

    (If you can upload that file on G Drive o Dropbox pls)
    Thank you

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  • 06/06/19--05:01: 29497
  • >>29496

    The files are still there use a VPN like windscribe or similar, its free and will help you overcome your ISP restrictions

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  • 06/06/19--05:39: 29498
  • >>29473
    Thanks man
    Do you have the man version

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  • 06/06/19--05:55: 29499
  • please stop asking for this guide over and over again using different accounts. no one has it and no one is interested.

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  • 06/06/19--06:57: 29500
  • >>29473
    Thanks for posting this!!

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  • 06/06/19--07:30: 29501
  • hey guys not everything works in the thib army -hypertrophy course.

    any way we can fix this?

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