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  • 01/31/19--15:11: 26337
  • I am looking for Katie Sonier's programs

    6- Week Glute Building Program 2.0
    6- Week Progressive Body Weight Training Program
    6- Week Flexibility Program

    Has anyone got any glute building guides?

    Please share them as its extremely expensive and cannot afford them.

    Thanks in advance :)

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  • 01/31/19--15:27: 26338
  • >>26074
    Anyone got Gokuflex Saiyan Shredding, have a few Jeremy Buendia and Matt Ogus stuff in return, thanks in advanced

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  • 01/31/19--15:59: 26339
  • >>26337

    Here you go, ebooks of all 3 programs you requested


    One good deed deserves another, please contribute/share back to the forum by posting something new or that has been requested by other users.

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  • 01/31/19--16:32: 26340
  • Requesting the bridge 3 0 by barbell medicine. Thanks in advance.

    I would share what I have but my desktop motherboard just shit itself.

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  • 01/31/19--17:39: 26341
  • >>26339

    Thanks a ton :)

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  • 01/31/19--17:39: 26342
  • >>26293


    I have this, I'll appreciate microcycles and macrocycles, thank you.

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  • 01/31/19--17:39: 26343
  • does anyone have the BBM 7 Week Hypertropy 4 Day template? I think they left the program/schedule itself accidentally in their free Peaking Template, would be kinda hilarious if they did.

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  • 01/31/19--17:54: 26344
  • Here you go. All the books released by Jeff Nippard till date.


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  • 01/31/19--18:28: 26345
  • Thank you guys for keeping this up year after year. I have contributed seldomly and sparsely but yall keep going. Respect and good vibes.

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  • 01/31/19--18:28: 26346
  • Does anyone have Bianca Taylor or Elizabeth Zaks booty builder guides?

    If anyone has any women's fitness guides please share them.

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  • 01/31/19--19:00: 26347
  • OK cool. I need to complete my supplemental apps for colleges since tonight is the deadline but stay posted guys because ill be posting it before saturday.

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  • 01/31/19--19:00: 26348
  • >>26346

    Here is Elizabeth Zaks Booty Builder

    Does anyone have Mark Carroll's Art of Gen Pop Transformations Male Guide?

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  • 01/31/19--19:23: 26349
  • >>26348

    Thank you so much :)

    If you don't mind, can you recommend few of the booty builder fitness guides? Can you please share them if you have any?

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  • 01/31/19--19:42: 26350
  • >>26349

    As a female power lifter and CPT, I have a huge collection of female guides. These are a few that I have liked using as part of my female clients' routines. Just keep in mind that the the best booties, like abs, are made in the kitchen. You need a caloric surplus for any of these to work for you.

    I buy Ashley Horner guides like hot cakes! I love to follow them myself and they are a great challenge. This is her supplemental booty guide. You still need a full body routine on top of using this guide for best results: https://anonfile.com/bc6dsbs9bc/ashley-horner-sweet-cakes_pdf

    Bret Contreras's Strong Curves. It's been posted here before and you can find it in the archives. Hands down this is the only guide you will ever need. Glutes are his thing. Booty by Bret is also great for beginners. That's subscription based (don't have the full set just yet to upload it).

    Dannibelle's original Home Grown Booty. I don't have the updated version, but this is a pretty great guide to get you started in the comfort of your own home if you're intimidated at the gym. Easily adaptable to the gym when you get comfortable with it too! https://anonfile.com/vf7cs4s5b7/Home-Grown-Booty_pdf

    Jeff Nippard's Glute Hypertrophy is a really great full body program with emphasis on the glutes. His full collection was just uploaded so I won't reupload it here.

    That's a pretty good started list. As you get more into lifting you really won't need a guide anymore. You'll just kinda know what works for your body at that point. But Strong Curves. That is such a good reference manual I cannot praise it enough.

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  • 01/31/19--19:42: 26351
  • >>26350

    Thank you :) I got the Bret Contreras guides.

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  • 01/31/19--20:19: 26352
  • Hi Everyone im looking for Jedd Johnson Diesel Crew programs

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  • 01/31/19--20:19: 26353
  • 0 0
  • 01/31/19--20:36: 26354
  • Hello, im looking for Brian Mackenzie PSE(PowerSpeedEndurance)breathing programs anyone have something different to the book?

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  • 01/31/19--21:56: 26355
  • >>26329
    I can understand the problems.
    If you could upload all files except the videos in anon files it will be smaller size.
    I have seen it before but as seems so many pdf and excel and other docs are missing in them.
    It will be highly helpful for me and other members as download fail is the main issue we face several time.
    Thanks 🙏

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  • 01/31/19--22:13: 26356
  • Mr I.M.Fletcher
    Could you upload the recent i.e feb subscription of MASS.
    Also requesting if anybody could provide ERD suppliment stack latest one and ERD subscriptions.

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