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  • 01/24/19--03:45: 26032
  • Anyone have the barbell medicine novice lp? i think its part of their master bundle if anyone's got that already.

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  • 01/24/19--04:54: 26033
  • Hi,

    Does anyone have William Llewellyn's Anabolcs 11th Edition?

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  • 01/24/19--05:10: 26034
  • Anyone have No Bs Bodybuidling by John Doe?
    Would be grateful if someone were to post it.

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  • 01/24/19--07:28: 26035
  • >>26033

    I have it but you won't find it in an ebook format as it is only available in print format and is about 750 pages so no chance of it being scanned

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  • 01/24/19--08:51: 26036
  • >>25992
    Can you share athleanx wolverine beastmode program please?

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  • 01/24/19--08:51: 26037
  • Any recommendations on what programs i can use to implement with my clients. I have one hour sessions so I tend to structure a workout as
    Thats ran as a circuit etc to maximize time since they only have one hour with me and I don't want to be resting after every set and also they typically see me 2x a week which is why i structure it full body. I have a lot of success with this method but I am very interested as to any programs you guys recommend or books to also implement. I have read several books posted on here and also did Shredded By Science thanks to all of you so I know a lot of you are fitness nerds just like me and would appreciate any input. All my clients are females as well so legs and abs tend to be a priority which is why i put legs in the begging of that circuit and then back second to prioritize rowing for their posture since thats another goals for a lot of them. Thanks everyone !

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  • 01/24/19--09:17: 26038
  • I forgot to add. Id like to make it interesting somehow so they look forward to the sessions as opposed to having it feel like a P.E class if that makes sense. I enjoy everything about weightlifting but these people its a chore to come even though theyre motivated so Im always trying to find a blend between optimal programming but also fun/intersting at the same time. Thanks everyone.

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  • 01/24/19--09:17: 26039
  • >>25992

    How are you getting on with uploading those videos?

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  • 01/24/19--09:17: 26040
  • the jordan peters stuff is nothing but pictures of the books

    here are the ones i have posted before. Would appreciate it if somebody posted extreme mass and extremely leaner





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  • 01/24/19--10:24: 26041
  • >>26037

    Look at the Greyskull LCI program

    Simply run it like this 3-4 days a week

    Lift- one of the 4 main lifts run in LP style
    superset with antoginist on upper body days
    superset with an explosive movement that opens the hips on lower body days

    for circuit- do 3-5 rounds of the following
    squat variation
    Press- alternate between vertical and horizontal
    Pull-alternate between vertical and horizontal
    abdominal exercise- optional

    Interval- hit something for HiiT for 10 min or less



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  • 01/24/19--11:48: 26042
  • >>26038
    You can do what i do with my clients, do full body workouts with supersets and 15 to 20 sec rest periods, Even I do it and i find it great for building muscle and endurance,for example - 6 dumbell rows to 6 push ups, rest 15-20 sec and repeat for 2 more sets. Make sure that any excercise you chose is 50 percent of their one max and same thing for any bodyweight movement. If you want me to show you a workout routine just email me and ill share one that i made for my client with you.

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  • 01/24/19--12:04: 26043
  • >>26009

    thank you very much, you were right. Now it works great and forgive me if I have not thought about it before.

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  • 01/24/19--12:19: 26044
  • Anyone has the rp minicut manual?

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  • 01/24/19--12:19: 26045
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  • 01/24/19--12:51: 26046
  • >>25705
    Can someone please re-upload the pdf format of this book? bridging the gap from rehab to performance? the mentioned file doesn't fully download and is broken somehow.. thanks!

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  • 01/24/19--13:21: 26047
  • anyone has this book?
    Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval Training


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  • 01/24/19--14:52: 26049
  • >>26032
    also looking for this

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  • 01/24/19--16:30: 26050
  • Do you guys have material from Sustainable Self-development?

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  • 01/24/19--16:45: 26051
  • Hey guys, i'm kind of new to this so i'm asking if you guys could recommend me a good powerlifting program with good hypertrophy volume
    (i did jeff nippard's program but the numbers didn't really go up that much)

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  • 01/24/19--17:31: 26052
  • Does anyone know how to use excel to make programs like david laids dup or thors programs?

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