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  • 08/01/13--02:03: 12234
  • >>12231
    It is NOT my blog, dickhead. You must be constipated since your birth!

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  • 08/01/13--02:03: 12235
  • Nobody cares whether its your blog or not,the other posters right this isnt the right thread for it.....and besides i looked at it and its just another chaos and pain copy blog with a guy who looks more like he lifts doughnuts to his mouth than heavy weight everyday

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  • 08/01/13--02:03: 12236
  • Does anyone have the pdf file of bony to beastly and bony to brawny? Thanks in advance.

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  • 08/01/13--02:03: 12237
  • www.weightgaintruth.com/members_downloads/BonytoBrawny.pdf

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  • 08/01/13--02:03: 12238
  • Does anyone have links to either of these programs made by Coach Sommers of Gymnastic Bodies? Foundation 1 is online, but these two are not.

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  • 08/01/13--02:03: 12239
  • >>12235
    HA HA, how some pussified dudes would degrade others to feel the alpha orgasm they never had. Anyway, I was wrong to ask questions about that blog here. End of topic from my side.

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  • 08/01/13--02:03: 12240
  • I train BJJ under one of Saulo Ribeiro's black belts. Our school does very well in competitions and they teach self-defense BJJ as well. The very effective thing about BJJ is that you can spar at 90 - 100% without taking a lot of damage or ever getting concussed. This allows to know if what you're doing is effective in a real situation or not. Unlike some martial arts where maybe there is no sparring or you have to wear a lot of protection or head gear. Anyway, while I do train in a gi I don't find it to be a hindrance in real life situations. A collar choke or controlling someone by their lapel and sleeve can be just as effective if they're wearing a sweater or a jean jacket as it is in the gi.

    You will hear a lot of talk about 'sport' jiu-jitsu vs 'self-defense' jiu-jitsu but to be honest the debate is moot. Competing against advanced players requires an advanced mindset and new / innovative techniques to disrupt their attacks. These techniques are unnecessary against your average attacker and the white belt / blue belt fundamentals that you learn will be effective against the majority of random idiots who try to get into it with you. Also, it's a myth that BJJ practitioners would *want* to go to the ground in a fight. There are enough chokes and joint looks that you would be comfortable using standing up and if you were to get tangled up with someone you would most likely end up on top of that person. You can youtube something called the Gracie Challenge and see how various striking arts do against BJJ in a one on one, no rules fight. You can also watch the early UFC events, which were no rules (except biting / eye gouging - nut shots were allowed), no time limits and no rounds to see Royce's BJJ against various styles of martial arts.

    This is not to see BJJ is the best as opposed to MMA. But I don't think anyone would argue that it's easier to learn / excel at multiple disciplines over one. Also, it's certainly easier on your fists, shins and brain to choose striking over grappling. Not to mention we've all seen hundreds of lucky punches on the internet, where one unskilled guy lands a hail Mary shot on the jaw of someone bigger and stronger than themselves. Well you never see someone unskilled land a hail Mary choke or armbar on a BJJ practitioner. Now, if your hope is to become a world champion level MMA fighter so you can avoid ever getting fucked up then I have bad news. Check out this video (http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ad0_1373318556) of Maiquel Falcao and a group of randoms who get into it outside of a gas station. Maiquel was a Belator standout and his friend (who gets fucked up) is Kaue Mena (http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Kaue-Mena-51793), a 22 yr old undefeated feather weight who got his shit pushed in. Both of guys were highly trained in multiple disciplines who got fucked up by random hoodrats in Brazil. Being highly trained is no substitute for using your fucking brain and avoiding dangerous nonsense.

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  • 08/01/13--02:03: 12241
  • If anyone/everyone can post a download link to ANYTHING of Vince DelMonte's, that would be great. A few bro-sciences are defending him and i have a need to read his material to understand his weak logic

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  • 08/01/13--02:03: 12242
  • I base my comments on a pic of the dude in his blog u base urs on a whim and some text,dont be butthurt coz i dissed ur hero,u keep reading ur little blog by ur idol with the 1960s mexican tash and maybe one day u to can bang out an almighty bodyweight one legged squat

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  • 08/02/13--03:16: 12243
  • How about posting one of your own Mr. Know It All Gorilla Muscle pic and man up for real...
    If you r one, that is!

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  • 08/02/13--03:16: 12244
  • www.herbal-pt.com/fotoy8/imagens/No_Nonsense_Muscle_Building.pdf

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  • 08/02/13--03:16: 12245
  • >>11440
    yeah, what this guy said.
    a can of tuna fish has the same protein as a serving of that whey powder as well as other nutrients. plus it won't give you gas or bloat you.

    and i think the nitro tech stuff has a bunch of caffeine in it.
    read the labels

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  • 08/02/13--03:16: 12246
  • Anyone care to post a link to Foundation 1?

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  • 08/02/13--03:16: 12249
  • >>12247

    What the heck is that thing? Stop spamming your ads here. Please remove that.

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  • 08/02/13--03:16: 12250
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  • 08/02/13--03:16: 12251
  • The mobilitywod posters in high res would be great. Thanks in advance.

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  • 08/02/13--03:16: 12252
  • Seconding the requests for Complete Keys to Progress. Also would appreciate re-up of Deadlift Dynamite.

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  • 08/02/13--03:16: 12253
  • Horsemen Training Program


    Crossfit/Mountain Athlete/fucking everything hybrid program that was floating around through the SOF community a few years back. Worth a read.

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  • 08/02/13--03:16: 12254
  • Seconding the requests for Examine.com's Supplement Goals Reference Guide

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  • 08/02/13--03:16: 12255
  • Another request for someone to re-upload: Greg Everett - Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide.

    Would be much appreciated, thank you.

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