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  • 09/06/18--20:15: 23123
  • >>23121
    And also the Tdlsu guy is 100% legit.
    Why are you saying this?
    As always you dont have proof for your claims.

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  • 09/06/18--20:30: 23124
  • >>23117

    It will take me some time to dl the content from his paid site if there is even anything to grab from it. But I will see. Hold tight and don’t get so upset. May want to lay off the tren and take some AIs to get that estrogen in check.

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  • 09/07/18--00:35: 23125
  • >>23124
    I actually agree with JCX...you said that you already got Hype Gains 2.0 but you still didn't upload it.

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  • 09/07/18--00:35: 23126
  • I have to backup those who have an issue with stuff not being posted.

    Kind of getting a bad taste in my mouth for this forum seeing that not only have we had claims of fake links being given for courses but we now have users who promise stuff (Hype Gains and RTS etc) that is already supposedly in their possession (see post 23087) not actually coming through when other users have kindly given up their books freely when they promised.

    I hope for the goodness of this page the books/films whatever does get posted soon otherwise things could go down hill.

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  • 09/07/18--02:55: 23127
  • Deadlift program by Doctor deadlift!

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  • 09/07/18--02:55: 23128
  • >>23125

    Yeah. Then the website videos/content for Charles Glass was requested. So that’s what I’m doing. I do have hype gains. But it’s only one for one. Plus some other guy already fulfilled his part for the Charles Glass. That’s more than enough for that book.

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  • 09/07/18--04:28: 23129
  • >>23128
    Man are you fucking kidding me? I went ahead and bought the book for more than the price of Hype gains, so you guys could have it. Now please post Hype gains or forget other uploads from me

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  • 09/07/18--05:15: 23130
  • >>23129
    Sorry man. Didn’t realize you were the one who posted it. Thanks for the book.

    Here you go.

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  • 09/07/18--05:45: 23131
  • >>23126
    It seems that this is Jcx again.
    Trying to convince us that he is another person.
    We really need Two things
    1Eradicate Jcx troll accounts and his shitpostings.Because that clog Up the thread.
    2And eradicate people that post fake links or dont show Up and say "Sorry dont have It"


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  • 09/07/18--06:01: 23132
  • Any news on Charless Glass Membership?

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  • 09/07/18--06:01: 23133
  • >>23132
    I am planning to do it. But I’m going to request something else in return for the stuff since it’s going to take me some time get together.

    The guy that posted the Charles Glass book wanted Hype Gains Vol. 2 for the book.

    What do you have to offer for the paid membership material? Assuming there is downloadable material.

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  • 09/07/18--06:48: 23134
  • I know most of this is available in pieces, but wanted to share an organized copy of all Mountain Dog programs, plus a bunch of supplemental stuff. Thanks to all who share on here.


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  • 09/07/18--07:22: 23135
  • >>23133
    Fuck you greedy son of a bitch.
    Do it for free.
    Since the trial is free you greddy shit.

    What I'm offering you is my dick inside in your ass. Deal?

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  • 09/07/18--08:08: 23137
  • >>23131
    i have to write again unfortunately, cause there is an idiot that apparently doesn't seems is planning to stop writing shits and lies.

    i wrote here yesterday (with ONLY only my tripcoded name) in an upset tone only for trying to move things out and push people to post, cause every now and then people stop posting and began to only asking, it's the same pattern from months, so that was normal.
    regarding zeolite, he has some mind and mood problems i think, like being an arrogant compulsive liar too (you can see how he brags about its life every now and then ON AN ANONYMOUS FORUM for god's sake, then first gets upset, then calm down and act happy, then again). it's kinda fun to look at it now.
    anyway he tried to scam me weeks ago by mail and i have another person that told me the same thing, that got sent fake links by him, and after that he comes here saying other persons are scammer. he even said he has n1 course but he deleted it. come on...
    so, i would advise you people to think a little bit before reading the nonsense he writes. man, idk you, but i really pity you.
    then, do and believe whatever you want, i'm only advising the good guys here cause i traded with some of them, so that's it.

    anyway, thank you trunks for posting hype gains 2.0, but it was only fair to what you said in the beginning, not more not less than that.

    last thing, a guy i trade with was interested in some poliquin stuff, i post them here for everyone jic (it's from his membership site):

    ah! and last thing guys, learn how to fucking tripcode, so no multiple identities here.

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  • 09/07/18--08:08: 23138
  • >>23135
    Then you do it and use up your time. I’ll do it and keep the material to myself.

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  • 09/07/18--08:27: 23139
  • >>23130

    Great upload thank you.

    For those who need the first Hype Gains to add to their collection here it is:


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  • 09/07/18--11:41: 23140
  • >>23137
    The thing is is that you are lying!

    Admin please ban him.

    We must stop this Donald trump fanfare.

    Shitposting is prohibited.

    Also,the only guy with serious mood problems are you man,sorry.

    Everyone have mood problems(in the sense of being happy,being sad,and so on) but you my fellow sir have some kind of different mood problems a patological one.,it is clear you dont know the basic physiology of mental clinical diagnosis.

    Please check your baseline,before writing shit.
    You said,you dont give a fuck about staff,and moked on them saying "good job"

    People, please draw your conclusions from this sets of facts.

    To me this guy have a lot of anger because he got scammed in the past or something,idk the thing i know,is he istrying again to turn this in a trump fanfare mediatic show.

    Ban his ass.

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  • 09/07/18--12:12: 23141
  • I'm here just to say thank you to everyone involved in this thread.
    I'm just a poorfag and can't really buy any new material rn, but I greatly appreciate you guys uploads.

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  • 09/07/18--12:12: 23142
  • >>23130
    Thanks man...as far as the membership goes, I don't think it is worth it. I read some pages of the book and it talks about the same things every other book says.

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  • 09/07/18--12:43: 23143
  • Does anyone have this program ? David Laid - DUP

    I cant post anything that has not been posted already :/

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