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  • 08/29/18--12:03: 22956
  • I would really appreciate if anyone could post any of these Athlean programs:

    Max Size, Breakout, NXT and AX-2 programs.

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  • 08/29/18--13:21: 22957
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  • 08/29/18--13:38: 22958
  • >>22957

    Great uploads Tdlsu777 thank you.

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  • 08/29/18--19:11: 22959
  • Hi all, I have access to pretty much all of the online journal/research databases. if anyone wants any specific research article that needs a subscription post in the request.
    i would also like to request the 26 week sheiko kizen competitive program that has been requested before, thanks

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  • 08/30/18--03:36: 22960
  • >>22959
    To access any online Research Journal; copy the journal URL and paste it into Sci Hub.


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  • 08/30/18--05:12: 22961
  • >>22957
    Maybe is you,that has to be live to his word.
    The course was sent,And I already explained what I had to explain to the right person.

    That person was the cool guy,who bought the Scott Stevenson book.

    Im still waiting for the video.
    A)You told me you were busy, I understood you.

    B)That wasn't part of the program when I acquired it.

    (BAnswer) Any Teachable course can be viewed publicly, to know what the course is about.So that is a lie from you or to be generous you dont know,how teachable courses work.

    C) Stop being a dick.

    CAnswer) Maybe you are being a dick.

    D)I have never scammed anyone, ever.

    DAnswer)I said what I said in defense of your media/ mediatic accusations.

    But in reality, you're not a con man/scam.Since I'm telling you this, I hope you show up and say the same thing I'm saying, if you're so honest.

    F)I am also a man of my word and will post the sadik books(all 5) when I get to my office this afternoon.

    FAnswer)No need.

    F1) Btw the the n1 program links that where sent out where bullshit. Completely dead end links. Only thing I am going to say live up to your word

    F1 Answer) I already bought them for myself,the books of savik, I do not need you to pass them to me, if I share material valued at 100 usd, and I will continue to share material this time valued at 200 usd, do you think I'm going to fuck up exchanges/trades?

    I dont give a shit about money,in fact i shit on it,I care about sharing.

    I dont go around spitting insults or shooting shit with an ak47 of shit.
    And you tell me that that I'm not a man of my word?

    I laugh at your concept of man of word.

    Share stuff that is worthwhile.

    And most importantly,If I tell you the remaining video, it's not a fucking 9 bucks pdf,that you sure as hell got for free.

    Its like i tell you USA and you tell me China.

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  • 08/30/18--05:59: 22962
  • Looking for these programs for a very very long time. Dont have the money to afford them, would really really appreciate if someone could post any of these athlean x programs:
    Athlean X Max Size, Athlean X NXT, Athlean X2


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  • 08/30/18--06:14: 22963
  • >>22961
    You are completely out of your mind, I hope someone will get you psychological help

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  • 08/30/18--06:14: 22964
  • >>22961
    Post here the N1 Education course if you have it. The “cool guy” you’re talking about that shared lot of stuff already asked for it and you didn’t deliver it like you said. Let’s see if you are a man of word like you’re saying to be and post this course here, for everyone, instead of sending dead links and pretending to having it done.

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  • 08/30/18--06:14: 22965
  • >>22961
    Man you seems like a really cool and powerful person, what is your total in powerlifting? You seems like a born leader i swear, you’re probably a very rich person too

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  • 08/30/18--06:30: 22966
  • >>22960
    thanks so much for this! didn't know about it before

    the only one who needs psychological help is the one that makes 3 comments pretending to be 3 different people lel.

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  • 08/30/18--10:29: 22967
  • >>22966
    Thanks brother.

    Ando yep,they need that for sure.

    For now información i Will ignore andrelini clon accounts.

    Because that are allá tdlsu postings or andrelini postings.

    Ando also when someone call crazy to a person without proof of that,You can rest sure,that,that person is bullshitting.

    Anonymus hater (or andrelini troll) You are butt hurt too much?)

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  • 08/30/18--10:29: 22968
  • Edit
    For now on.
    I have a mistake on the auto-correct.

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  • 08/30/18--10:45: 22969
  • >>22883
    You are a legend! Thank you a lot my friend! :)

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  • 08/30/18--10:45: 22970
  • JTS Bench Manual

    Can we please stop this petty trading and just share?


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  • 08/30/18--11:17: 22971
  • >>22970
    I totally agree with this and I did my part by promoting it.
    Thanks a lot to you too for promoting this and for your upload.

    We need more people like this.

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  • 08/30/18--13:08: 22972
  • >>22970

    That's the spirit, great upload my good man. Thank you

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  • 08/30/18--14:27: 22911
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  • 08/30/18--14:27: 22915
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  • 08/30/18--14:27: 22927
  • >>22926
    Here it is,exclusive to this community:

    One Jonh meadows private seminar complete.

    More Premium content on its way,100% acquired with effort and money.

    The price dont matter.

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