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  • 04/26/13--13:19: 11621
  • >>11615

    Thanks, but what is the PDF password?

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  • 04/26/13--13:19: 11622
  • I stop taking them the same day. I found out latter that day I passed a few kidney stones. I could not afford a trip to the doctor. I ended up picking up a bottle of echinacea, and took a very high dosage for three days used Relieve on the outbreaks on my lips and both my lips and eye have cleared up. I still wonder if others have had usual outbreaks while taking the Garcinia Cambogia. If so that sucks i was able to drop 11 lbs over the two weeks I took it.

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  • 04/26/13--13:19: 11623
  • check out the DASH diet from the mayo clinic. it will help you get a reasonable diet the is appropriate for caloric intake. do not go keto or try to starve of your weight. you need to have a workout plan the burns about 1/8th to 1/3rd of your daily intake. mix up your workout to keep your body in a mild state of shock. being overly repetitive in your workout will prevent results. take you time. reduce your weight slowly and make it a lifestyle change instead of yo-yoing up and down with your weight. I started the DASH diet do to a heart condition. I dropped 65 lbs in the first 8 months. feeling great and never hungry.

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  • 04/26/13--13:19: 11624
  • i put on 73 lean lbs of muscle by working one muscle group per day to failure. I never lifted anything over 85lbs (skull crushers). instead of pushing a lot of weight, I increased my sets and reps each week. it took 6 months to add that much with a clean balanced diet. I never increased my starting weight. pre-exhaust cardio for the muscle group of the day follow by a set of targeted lifting then a running a rack, and more sets of targeting lifting. I worked out each day but only once per week on a particular muscle group other than abs and calves (twice a week with either back or legs)

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  • 04/26/13--13:19: 11625
  • ya what is the password for becoming a supple leopard

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  • 04/27/13--13:57: 11626
  • Cool update bro! I'm still off the tobacco! Almost 2 months off i believe. No problems. At this point i dare say the drinking was actually good for me. Or maybe not, fuck the haters, i'm off tobacco.

    And everything was better from then on. Except for my urge to smoke cigarettes every other week or so.

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  • 04/27/13--13:57: 11627
  • I happen to be drunk right now, so why not explain the grand old story of how i was able to quit.

    As you might know, vast amounts o beer will cause a vast amount of nausea. Some of you will also know that tobacco will make the nausea even worse.
    The very reason i first opted to not use tobacco, was because i felt ill to the core. I can't say this is a perfect method to quit tobacco, but it seems to have worked for me, even though i still have the craving for the old nicotine, i haven't actually used snus for 2 months. I also don't crave it the way i used to.

    When i did, i would take two in the morning, to fill my lip up. That was standard. Then i would chain-snus throughout the day.

    For the record, i have smoked 3 cigs since i started this thread. I feel like i'm in control, even though it is arguably worse to smoke cigarretes than it is to snus. But smoking is not a big thing for me, and it never has been, since it makes me feel sick even if i'm drunk. Another 2 months from now, and i'll probably be clean as a whistle. The main thing i guess, is that i don't have the craving to have a bunch of shit in my mouth all the time.

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  • 04/27/13--13:57: 11628
  • >>11622
    >drop 11 lbs over the two weeks I took it.

    Well, ridding your body of all that water probably had an adverse effect on your general condition. Stop using bullshit products and concentrate on exercising and eating right for a healthy body/mind. Simples, really.

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  • 04/27/13--13:57: 11629
  • Transfer of Training in Sports - Antolily Bondarchuk


    Transfer of Training in Sports 2 - Antolily Bondarchuk


    The Ultimate Off-Season Training Manual - Eric Cressey


    Westside for Athletes - Eric Cressey


    Renegade Training for Football - John Davies


    Westside for Skinny Bastards 1 - Joe DeFranco


    Westside for Skinny Bastards 2 - Joe DeFranco


    Westside for Skinny BAstards 3 - Joe DeFranco


    Championship Triathlon Training - George Dellam


    The Underground Guide to Warrior Fitness - Ross Enamait


    Ultimate Training for the Ultimate Warrior - Ross Enamait


    Fit to Fight - Jason Ferrugia


    Complete Triathlon Book - Matt Fitzgerald


    Charlie Francis Training System - Charlie Francis


    Training for Weightlifting - John Garhammer


    Physiological Aspects of Sport Training and Performance - Jay Hoffman


    Tier System Manual: Athletic Based Strength Training - Joe Kenn


    Athletic Fitness for Kids - Scott Lancaster


    Managing the Training of Weightlifters - Nikolia Laputin


    Bigger Faster Stronger 2nd Edition - Greg Sheppard


    Jiu-Jitsu Physical Prep Manual - Chad Wesley Smith


    The Unnatural Athlete - Charles Staley


    Expert Performance in Sports - Janet Sparks


    Defying Gravity - Bill Starr


    Fundamentals of Special Strength: Training in Sport - Yuri Verkhoshansky


    Building a Better Athlete - Dr Michael Yessis


    SPORTS: Is It All B.S. - Dr Michael Yessis


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  • 04/28/13--15:02: 11630
  • Olympic Weightlifting for Sports by Greg Everet


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  • 04/28/13--15:02: 11631
  • >>11630

    See link in post:

    Thanks for the upload on Supple leopard, would you mind sharing the password here?

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  • 04/28/13--15:02: 11632
  • As a general rule I would agree with >>11537 but on the flipside, when doing a compound exercise, you might (subconsciously) shift the load so that a dominant muscle takes the brunt of the load. Doing an isometric exercise targeting that muscle first may help you work out the lesser muscles better. I guess it's a question of form; If you have perfect form this issue is moot and you should go with compounds first. Worth keeping in mind just in case, though.

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  • 04/28/13--15:02: 11633
  • >>11615

    Usually anything that needs a password, or tells you to go to a website and fill out a survey or WHATEVER is total shit!! My advice is do not waste your time. Delete it and look elsewhere.

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  • 04/29/13--15:46: 11634
  • does any one have Becoming a supple leopard?

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  • 04/29/13--15:46: 11635
  • that is a different book.
    i need this one
    Olympic Weightlifting for Sports by Greg Everet

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  • 04/29/13--15:46: 11636
  • >>11630
    I own it, and found it to be a waste of time. It's basically a pocket sized dumbed down version of Everett's better book which I already posted, Olympic Weightlifting. There's no special programs or anything for various sports and it's far less detailed on the exercise instruction geared more towards power clean and jerk.

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  • 04/29/13--15:46: 11637
  • thanks.

    do you have any other olympic weigthlifting books.

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  • 04/29/13--15:46: 11638
  • >>11637
    I do not at the moment. I am searching for Dreschler's Weightlifting Encyclopedia though.


    I purchased Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett from iTunes today. Converted it to PDF with Calibre using 8pt font. Came out to just shy of 900 pages. I still have the ePub file, but don't want my personal info attached to the file I'm sharing. If anyone has a way for me to check that out to verify, I'll share that as well.

    Here is the PDF:

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  • 04/29/13--15:46: 11639
  • >>2059

    Could you convert it to another e-reader font, such as mobi?
    This should make it usable on other e-readers whilst stripping your personal info.
    I would have thought any such info would be viewable in calibre though.
    Apart from that, thank you so much for uploading!
    I've been waiting for this for a while (the book itself doesn't seem to be available in my country).

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  • 04/30/13--16:45: 11640
  • >>11638
    Thank you so much CoachK

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