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  • 04/11/13--14:24: 11561
  • >>11541
    You may not be competing, but strength is necessary to get bigger in the long run; you can't get big from benching 120lbs.

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  • 04/12/13--15:01: 11562
  • why not just go on a 2wk speed bender?

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  • 04/12/13--15:01: 11563
  • >>11560
    >i'm at the point where i just don't care about side effects.
    Then go find yourself a tapeworm.

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11564
  • >>11560
    > i took ecstasy and amphetamines regularly without eating for days on end. had to give that shit up when friends started dying

    So you turn around and do speed pills to lose weight? Just follow the goddamn sticky, faggot, or throw yourself of a bridge. Stop dicking around with slow death.

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11565
  • Look into Intermittent Fasting. Cut your calories. Do not do keto, it will destroy your organs. Use Google.

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11566
  • Train HEAVY as possible. For reference, look up Antonio Cesaro one-hand snatch. He's not big, but he's the strongest pro wrestler I've seen, pound for pound. Focus STRENGTH STRENGTH STRENGTH, do yoga and shit to give your stabilizers a workout too, keep the bf low and the water intake high, and you'll look like an absolutely efficient shredded cunt.

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11567
  • >>11552
    Don't do crunches, the shorter your hip flexor, which can lead to an anterior pelvic tilt. Do hanging leg raise if you can (look up how to do the properly) or dragonflags.

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11568
  • Because dragon flags are perfectly safe...

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11569
  • >>11567
    of course you can go to yoga classes on your off days to stretch everything out nicely.

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11570
  • i've broken my workouts into 3 sections. legs, back & bi, chest & tri. i hit abs every time and shoulders during both upper body days.

    my question is this: how many different exercises should i do for each group?

    right now i do about 3.
    lat pulldowns, seated cable rows, bent over barbell rows.
    seated overhead press, dumbell lateral raises.
    dumbell curls, barbell curls.
    i usually do 3x10 with increasing weight. sometimes i do 10-8-6 and really bump up the weight. occasionally through in some drop sets.

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11571
  • You do not state any prior experience with fitness, so I shall assume your are total newb. To lose weight, decrease caloric intake. Working out is not an efficient way to decrease your mass. To build body-mind, do pushups/planks and pullups. Cardio you can do after that or on rest days of which you should have plenty (my bet is make at least 4 out of 7 days rest days).
    Weights are not needed for a beginner. As a beginner, you shall exercise your focus, correct form (this includes motor skills), knowledge of your (body-mind) boundaries and your core muscles. Weights and isometric exercises are not at all required to achieve this. When you are no longer a beginner, you may add these elements to the mix for intermediate body building.

    Thank you.

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11572
  • anybody have dan john intervention?

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11573
  • cardio



    and pics

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11574
  • Clen and T3.

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11575
  • >>10889

    This fine fellow gets it.

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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11576
  • >>10872
    Most relevant I could find without effort:

    "Viewing sexually arousing material, without ejaculating, before working out should be beneficial for improving workouts. Ejaculating before working out, would probably not be ideal, since ejaculation also releases endorphins(pain killing) natural hormones in the body. This would in turn effect your strength and energy before your workout."


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  • 04/16/13--10:35: 11577
  • Same problem but happens because of medication. Doctor told me to use
    http://www.bepanthen.co.uk/about-bepanthen/about-bepanthen.htm and it works wonders. Have to apply it shitloads though, because I'm still taking the meds.

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  • 04/17/13--11:12: 11578
  • If I were to cut 2/3 months, what do you think I could expect? A body that looks good to any degree? or...

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  • 04/17/13--11:12: 11579
  • rice, beans, canned fruit, milk, eggs, tuna. Luckily for me I have several cheap food stores in my area for such an occasion. A chain store called Aldi's is amazingly cheap I can get a gallon of milk for $0.99. If you are really down on your luck food pantries can provide you peanut butter, bread and other items.

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  • 04/17/13--11:12: 11580
  • I wouldn't suggest you to. You're gonna look just skinny, and you don't seem to be in n urge to cut. Better start getting some more muscle, then see if you need to drop some fat.

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