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  • 03/27/13--09:57: 11501
  • >>11499
    I am doing that macronutrient cycling. On workout days I have fats and carbs being about equal for caloric intake (and 1g/lb protein). On rest days, it is predominantly fats and much less carbs, maybe 10-20% of caloric intake (same amount of protein). On workout days I sometimes have trouble eating enough carbs without having to turn to less healthy dietary choices (sugary dessert type things like ice cream). Pasta doesn't work so well since it seems to make me bloated.

    This all seems reminiscent of stuff I read about carb-backloading. In that regimen, "sloppy" carbs post-workout would be permissible. That's probably a topic for another thread, though.

    Thanks for the heads up on feeding before HIIT. Dunno if I would've passed out mid-session had I kept fasting... I don't remember seeing much on HIIT on the website. All I can remember is that the guy said he hated cardio. :S

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  • 03/27/13--09:57: 11502
  • >>11501
    Yeah, he does. I ain't meant specifically HIIT, I guess it applies the same as for other kinds of training.
    For a healty carb choice, try oatz, or potato, or rice. In that order.
    Cardio burns a lot of calories, but mostly from fats, I really don't know how should you do your thing. I really wouldn't worry so much if you're having enough intake and not eating crap.

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  • 03/27/13--09:57: 11503
  • >>11500

    You realize this thread's like four years old right? There are down times. sure, but content gets added when there's content to add.

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  • 03/27/13--09:57: 11504
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  • 03/28/13--11:49: 11505
  • >>11504

    A little um, pricey, isn't it?

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  • 03/28/13--11:49: 11506
  • My lips have endured a life of biting, nibbling licking and bad weather.

    They are essentially calloused now. Without licking them, they have a kind of veneer that isn't what lips are meant to feel like. If I rip it away with my teeth, it feels...softer, like lips are meant to: briefly!

    Moisturiser softens them briefly, but it stings. It's not meant to be put there.

    Vasoline and all those lip balm products do nothing! Sometimes they provide a tad pain relief but that's probably due to the pain medication in some of them.

    Am I destined to have fugly lips?

    Tell me there is some other product out there that I haven't considered which can save me.

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  • 03/28/13--11:49: 11507
  • I already have a deviated septum that is quite dramatic and noticable. If I got into MMA, and somebody broke my nose, would I be in a world of trouble more than an average person getting a broken nose?

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  • 03/28/13--11:49: 11508
  • I've cared for my lips by using Aveeno moisturizing lotion, the kind with oatmeal in it. If I'm in windy weather, I slap on an additional layer of lip balm to prevent them from chapping.

    My lips get dried in some places, and I start to pick at them, which inevitably results in tearing of some kind. I find that Aveeno oatmeal lotion doesn't hurt compared to ordinary lotion/moisturizers when I put it on.

    So buy a bottle of this: http://img2.timeinc.net/instyle/images/2010/bbb06/aveeno-body-lotion-300.jpg

    I've also found that Carmex stuff to be good for healing lips in my experience. You can just put a nice layer on before bed, and wake up with your lips healed. The cherry Carmex has a nice scent: http://www.scform.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Carmex-Tube.gif

    apply as often as needed. And for the love of God, DON'T BITE, LICK, OR PICK AT YOUR LIPS. I know, it feels weird when you touch the dead skin on your lips, but picking at it only reopens the wounds and makes the callouses worse. I had a hard time with this, but just use some willpower, put on the lotion and/or carmex, and leave your lips be.

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  • 03/28/13--11:49: 11509
  • what do you think about the article i've written about 5x5 for beginners?

    bubblews. com/news/353136-best-way-go-gain-muscle-the-hardcore-way

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  • 03/29/13--12:39: 11510
    Your skin is highly adaptable. Callouses are basically your body defending you against infections by toughening the outer layer. Only way to stop callouses or thick skin is to reduce the amount of physical wear on that particular area.

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  • 03/29/13--12:39: 11511
  • 11484 again.

    I've actually managed to make room for Karate once a week. It's GoJu Ryu, so it's mostly point fighting and kata, but also physical conditioning, and occationally full contact sparring.

    Come summer I'll definitely be looking into doing some wrestling/mma.

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  • 03/29/13--12:39: 11512
  • whole uncooked chickens and cutting it up yourself, bacon, pinto beans, rice (unless you want to keto),eggs (really cheap nowadays thanks to the obesity epidemic and cholesterol scare) pretty much everything you have to cook yourself. Rice paper and veggies for spring rolls are cheap too.

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  • 03/30/13--13:29: 11513
  • well its like this:
    I have been a fat bastard for most of my life and then in HS, I started wrestling, cut down on alot of weight and gained quite a bit of muscle, then destroyed my knee an that was it, but that was two years ago and now im a fat shit again, im wondering how hard it would be for me to regain that physique because I heard that if you were in shape before, you can get it back,

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  • 03/30/13--13:29: 11514
  • op here: currently im just doing light cardio
    and doing free weight exercises just to stave off going obese

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  • 03/30/13--13:29: 11515
  • keto and calisthenics.
    How much do you wanna lose?

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  • 03/30/13--13:29: 11516
  • trying to cut like 30 pounds or so

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  • 03/31/13--13:48: 11517
  • >>11504 and 11505

    A LITTLE PRICEY?? Ha...that is flat-ass absurd. Looks to me like someone is advertising. Why in the hell would I pay $150 for that shit, when you have programs already posted up on here like Jugg 2.0, The Texas Method, Texas Method Advanced, and Greyskull LP?

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  • 03/31/13--13:48: 11518
  • >>11516
    go keto

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  • 03/31/13--13:48: 11519
  • To anyone that has Mastodon, Gladiator 2 and/or Drop the Panties by Johnny Pain from Strength Villain, please share it. Your kindness will be greatly appreciated.

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  • 04/01/13--15:25: 11520
  • serious question /fit/ please be serious:

    I'm a chubby girl (around 25-24% BMI) who wants to get a body just like this pic. I was reading the FAQ and it says I need to cut my daily calories, cardio AND LIFTING

    >>question here is about routine and weigh lifting

    I was thinking of doing the cut with 500 less calories, cardio 2-3 days/week BUT I'm not sure about weigh lifting because my body won't recover properly if I'm doing cut+cardio. Ok I'll eat my protein 1g/lb and I was thinking on follow this routine for my weigh lifting:

    Workout A
    3x5 Squat
    3x5 Bench Press
    1x5 Deadlift
    3x10 Back Extension

    Workout B
    3x5 Squat
    3x5 Bench Press
    1x5 Deadlift
    3xFailure(15 max)* Chin-ups/Pull-ups (alternating)

    everything will be like this:

    monday: cardio 40-60 min with middle intensity (no HIIT), NO lifting

    tuesday: workout A

    wednesday: cardio 40-60 min with middle intensity (no HIIT), NO lifting

    thursday: workout B

    friday, saturday, sunday: off days (no gym)

    is this good for me standing out I'm using a cut with calories?? should I use another routine with more cardio and less weigh lifting?? if I do HIIT it would be replacing a weigh lifting day and I can't do more gym days (if I could I'll do cardio again, no problem)

    thanks a lot

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