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  • 04/02/15--19:56: 17936
  • Hey guys. Anybody happen to have The Hybrid Athlete by Alex Viada?

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  • 04/02/15--19:56: 17937
  • The Hybrid Athlete by Alex Viada, please!!!


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  • 04/02/15--19:56: 17938
  • The Hybrid Athlete by Alex Viada, please!!!


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  • 04/03/15--20:09: 17941
  • Hey everybody
    does anyone have twisted conditioning I & II
    i can not find them anywhere

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  • 04/03/15--20:09: 17943
  • >>17744
    >The bacteria you excrete, normally live in your bowels. The dry weight of your feces is approximately 40% bacteria. You have more bacteria living in your intestines than you have cells in your whole body.
    Right! So with what you just said, we can go back to the argument that started all of this: what /if/ there are some people who are allergic to these bacteria? Whether the ones living in the body or ingested? The bacteria that sit in your mouth over night (and some that get caught in the crevices of the throat for long periods of time (hence that extremely foul smelling breath in certain people which goes beyond the tongue and side cheeks) which are then swallowed and rejected by the body in the same manner that bacteria-ladened food (of unwanted kinds) is rejected by the body?

    How can you correlate demons with a logical idea that starts at an observation and deduces a conclusion?
    What's more confusing than the process of trial and error is someone who is so confident in a refutation that they immediately reject the logical idea and put in place their conception of it to be in line with folkloric demonism. You will never agree because that's just the way you are: you're stubborn, and I wouldn't go so far to say that you are unintelligent simply because I know somewhere in your brain exists the capacity to consider new things and how they are relevant in some tangential way or another. When there are no answers, a consistent observation is more interesting than your (I'm trying not to say unintelligent, but is it actually appropriate here?) correlation to demonic mythology.

    There exists conditions in which white blood cells attack organs because it is considered a foreign object to the body. To go a leap and a jump "out of the box" from this, how is the thought of OP less to consider than the possibility that your own body can attack itself?... To "refuse" parts of the body that should or shouldn't be there, normally or not. There is currently no known cause to IBS, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon of opportunity rather than your absolute miserable, inhibited, stubborn confidence.

    If this idea turns out to be untrue, those who are interested in finding a cause will move on and find another. You can't just pretend the answer is no to everything.
    Is it possible that your ego is fuelled on giving the appearance that you are right all the time? Do you chance the likely odds that the answer is "no" regardless of the quality being presented? The reason I question this is because of your intellectually-frightening correlation to demons, your abrupt denial, and the ego are putting up which I know is very rigid.

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  • 04/03/15--20:09: 17944
  • Second the request for Hybrid Athlete!

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  • 04/03/15--20:09: 17945
  • Anyone have 'Hacking the Hinge' by Weingroff and Cheng?

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  • 04/03/15--20:09: 17946
  • For the guy who has these files. Thanks!

    -Personal Powerlifting
    -Uncaged 1-4 by Jason Ferrugia
    -Building the Efficient Athlete
    -fighters fat loss circuit
    -Yoked Phase 1-4
    -Bull Strength sample workouts
    -Juggernaut Football Manual
    -Learn to train John Meadows
    -Max Effort Black Box - 3 day template
    -Underground WS4SB 1 and 2 by Zach Even-Esh

    Thank you!

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  • 04/03/15--20:09: 17947
  • Anyone has ?joel jamieson ultimate mma conditioning and wheightlifting programming from takano?thanks

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  • 04/04/15--20:18: 17948
  • Is there a special diety a person of blood group B should strictly observe?

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  • 04/04/15--20:18: 17949
  • Trying to track down a copy of The Belly Fat Effect and The Adrenal Reset Diet. If anyone has a copy to share I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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  • 04/04/15--20:18: 17950
  • >>17873
    its in the chat

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  • 04/04/15--20:18: 17951
  • anyone have weightlifting literature. Specifically, "Olympic weightlifting: cues & corrections by Daniel Camargo".

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  • 04/04/15--20:18: 17952
  • >>17937
    It's in the chat!

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  • 04/04/15--20:18: 17953
  • >>17948
    this is a claim made by some japanese doctor (read: charlatan).
    It has no basis in science or evidence-based medicine.

    blood groups have nothing to do with your daily living and nutrition.

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  • 04/04/15--20:18: 17954
  • Looking for Show & Go and AMD 2.0.
    Can anyone re-up them? Thanks!

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  • 04/04/15--20:18: 17955
  • Assume I'm retarded. I can;t figure out how to access the chat...

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  • 04/05/15--20:53: 17957
  • MrHyde,thanks for interesting books,esp.for Seno Pushing for power

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  • 04/05/15--20:53: 17958
  • Looking for LDN cutting guide V3 and/or bikini guide v2/3

    Have cutting guide v2, ab pack and natural bulking bible which I can upload in exchange


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  • 04/05/15--20:53: 17959
  • Does anyone have DeFranco's 12 week Juggernaut program? I have a LARGE(over 3Gig's worth) catalog of pdf and Epubs that I can trade.

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