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  • 02/18/15--02:56: 17530
  • Although I'm not really looking for the Power DVD I am downloading it to make sure that it is runnable.

    A DMG is a Mac format, just like an ISO. You should be able to use something like 7zip (google it) and simply EXTRACT it just like a ZIP/RAR file...

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  • 02/18/15--02:56: 17531
  • So me and Aybesea and other members started talking about setting up a new format. Tell me what you think

    1. Setup a 'members-only' group where the people who want to become members have to put some money in the collective pool - we could start with like $5-$10 a month
    2. A trade group - members are obligates to upload to the group - I was even thinking about a clean strict group with tracking of who uploaded what..
    3. A real buy/trade group - trustworthy members are obligated to upload stuff and join-in on group purchases (not every single one, but be a part of it and you'll benefit back)

    These are the options I came up with bouncing off ideas and stuff.

    Let me know if you have other ideas on your mind. You can email me (click on my nick) with whatever requests you got for the current group-buy.

    IMPORTANT NOTE - Sharing is great and all but some people feel a bit uncomfortable with the fact that they actually go and buy stuff, or find rare stuff at friends or whatever, upload a shitload or great stuff and keep the flow of the chat running and get virtually nothing back.
    While it is true that we aren't pricks saying we'll just upload X only if you upload Y, it is a fucking shame seeing 5-6 great uploaders and 90 leechers...

    Thanks for reading,

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17538
  • i sent you an email about it.

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17539
  • Hi,
    Thanks for upload so far can you confirm this is the complete psckage? Some mentioned in chat that horacic Mobilty with 2 Foam Rollers was missing. Are there any other files - movies PDFs. Thank you for your time

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17541
  • Size and Strength Blueprint: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Proven Workouts PDF by Josh Bryant, Noah Bryant Can someone re-upload to vola file please? It disappeared and Thank you much

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17542
  • >>17541


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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17543
  • >>17536

    I agree with you, a forum is the best platform to organize group buys. However why pay to ACCESS the forum? Wouldn't be better to let the member decide which product he wants and pay for the group buy only?

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17544
  • Uploading its taking ages.

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17545
  • >>17543
    Would be great if don't need to pay for access, BUT I was thinking that we'll organize buy ins and some informations are important (like emails, paypal,...) and be open access aren't a little danger?

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17546
  • if we all pay and we all share and we all upload and trade, why wouldnt we all pay a fee to go toward more stuff. noone feel screwed over...

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17547
  • if we all pay and we all share and we all upload and trade, why wouldnt we all pay a fee to go toward more stuff. noone feel screwed over...

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17548
  • My bad, I counted 16 videos but didn't realised I uploaded 1 video twice.

    I'm uploading the 16th video thoracic-extension-with-foam-rollers at the moment and a JPG which came with it.

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17549
  • >>17526

    I just uploaded it to the chat.

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17550
  • Frankie i never got an email from you what address did you send it to you. thanks for uploading it.

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17551
  • for all of you who haven't seen this in the chat room here goes.
    am uploading some Tumminello i didn't know i had or where i got it from. have no idea if it's complete or not. i find the attitude of some of you really juvenile. he can charge what he wants. are you people working for free. if you put out a dvd, wrote a book, produced a movie or were in a band that put out an album would you want everyone in the whole world to get it for free? then what? you would dig ditches, work at mcdonalds. yes some of the stuff costs a lot of money but you don't have to get it. i'm a lot older than most of you and went to woodstock for free, saw the grateful dead for free jefferson airplane for free but had to pay for all the other concerts and albums. no one i knew expected that everything should be free. maybe i'm too fuckin old to understand your attitudes criticize me all you want but i've uploaded a lot of stuff and happy to do so for all i've got in return. most of which i haven't used and never will. when Om says only a few people are uploading so either the rest of you don't have stuff to upload or are hoarding. if you're struggling to survive financially i understand that you have nothing to upload. Dan John says most people have never stuck with a training program for more than two weeks. You need at least two or three months. There's enough stuff here that if you don't get what you want there's a replacement program. Are all you guys master trainers that you have to have exactly the program you want and for free? I've had my say. So fire away. Call me an old despicable motherfucker. Grow up a little bit. I don't know anybody who says this is the world they want to be in but like it or not this is the world we're in and we're not living on a dollar a day like two billion people and if you can read what i wrote you have a roof over your head, enough food so you don't starve, a computer with internet access so you can get thousands of dollars worth of free stuff from here and on torrent sites. i don't romanticize the 1960's. we were nuts but also young and stupid. so try to appreciate that you have access to all this educational material for free. rather than complain about what you can't get and if you haven't stayed on a program for a few months try it out. Over and Out

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17552
  • >>17551

    People nowadays (perhaps me as well a bit) are in a status of abundance and greed. We have everything, anything and immediately available.

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  • 02/19/15--03:00: 17553
  • There are 7 people who want to participate in group buys. The top candidate for our first buy is The Incredible Bulk.

    If anyone else is interested in adding some $$ to the pool, email me (nick = link) with whatever it is you are looking for, or just that you will pay for anything..

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  • 02/20/15--03:21: 17554
  • Does anyone have any experience with Pakulski's material. I never heard of him before

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  • 02/20/15--03:21: 17556
  • Does anybody have Jeff Joslin's MMA Quick Start?

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  • 02/20/15--03:21: 17557
  • Looking for "The Hardgainer Solution: The Training and Diet Plans for Building a Better Body, Gaining Muscle, and Overcoming Your Genetics"

    Anyone? worth to buy it?

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