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  • 01/20/15--07:44: 17250
  • >>13022
    You make gains from hormones, protein, minerals and stuff, not from calories. She needs calories to work, and she has it already, she's not skinny. But you're right, she shouldn't cut so much already.

    OP, about your food. First focus on the quality of your food and try to eat a little bit more than you do, because you will need more energy than usual. If you never did any sports or workouts, you should prepare your whole body with the new routine. Calories and stuff is a case for someone who has a little bit more experience, and if you do it anyways, do it with a specialist.

    About the exercises. Do more for your back and for the back side of your delts(like over head press). I think Back Extension isn't needed here. This routine needs more variation if you don't want imbalances, especially if you are a beginner.
    Have you some experience with your body already? If no, I would recommend going to the trainer in your gym and ask for a routine, even if he sends you to machines and stuff. At least you will work your whole body(if he is a good one) and you will get experience with your own body, focus, form. Do his workout for several weeks or months, and then try a strength/body building program with free weights of your will.
    It's what I think is better for you, but you know yourself much better. The only thing you must do is starting with quality and don't do things to quiky.

    Ps. I don't think you can do proper push ups.

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  • 01/21/15--08:01: 17251
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  • 01/21/15--08:01: 17252
  • Anyone have any luck on the the JTS Klokov: Training secrets of the Russian Champion

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  • 01/21/15--08:01: 17254
  • Anyone have CORE + FLOOR restore by Jessie Mundell. Thank you!

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  • 01/21/15--08:01: 17255
  • anyone have
    Rocky Marciano's book of boxing and bodybuilding

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  • 01/21/15--08:01: 17256
  • https://7chan.org/index.php?view=faq#id13

    Read this, it should be easy enough to follow.

    I'll delete this thread in a few days, so here's hoping you see the message.

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  • 01/21/15--08:01: 17257
  • >>2059

    Hi, Does anyone have Omar Isuf's Project Buff?


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  • 01/21/15--08:01: 17258
  • Hi Everyone!

    If someone could please upload visual impact frequency as its no longer on the chat.

    Many thanks :)

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  • 01/22/15--08:25: 17259
  • >>17258

    Have a nosey in chat again. It should be there now for you

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  • 01/22/15--08:25: 17261
  • I'm willing to pay $15 for the new program by pakulski (the incredible bulk), anyone? (the program cost $47)

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  • 01/22/15--08:25: 17262
  • Klokov: Training secrets of the Russian Champion

    Uploaded to chat

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  • 01/22/15--08:25: 17263
  • I collected a bunch of forum requests here, please contribute & share by uploading to our chat al.ly/fitchat the following books:

    1.A Guide to Better Movement: The Science and Practice of Moving With More Skill And Less Pain by Todd R. Hargrove

    2.Modern Trends in Strength Training by Charles Poliquin

    3.The Strongest Shall Survive: Strength Training for Football by Bill Starr

    4.Free+Style: Maximize Sport and Life Performance with Four Basic Movements by Carl Paoli

    5.Complete Program Design for Sprinters by Latif Thomas

    6.Exuberant Animal by Frank Forencich (upload or release from google books if possible) https://books.google.co.il/books?id=cZPadS3r4j4C&pg=PA60&lpg=PA60&dq=exuberant+animal+torrent&source=bl&ots=SYXwAPDHU1&sig=mNiZ4mjrKKOcTiWE7jErgCGCUHA&hl=iw&sa=X&ei=FbS5VNvaFoGBU6T-gJAJ&ved=0CBwQ6AEwA

    7.Moshé Feldenkrais, Higher Judo (Groundwork)
    (upload or release from google books if possible)

    8.The T'ai Chi Boxing Chronicle by Kuo Lien-Ying (upload or release from google books if possible)

    9.Athletic Body in Balance by Gray Cook

    10.How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek

    11.Clemente's Anatomy Dissector Spiral by Carmine D. Clemente PhD

    12.The Super-Athletes: a Record of the Limits of Human Strength, Speed, and Stamina by David P. Willoughby

    13.Manual of Freediving: Underwater on a Single Breath by Umberto Pelizzari & Stefano Tovaglieri

    14.Why We Run: A Natural History by Bernd Heinrich

    15.Neuromechanics of Human Movement 4th Edition eBook By Roger Enoka

    Thanks :)

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  • 01/22/15--08:25: 17264
  • Hi, anyone have something from this author? tnx

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  • 01/23/15--08:31: 17265
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  • 01/23/15--08:31: 17266
  • Anybody able to upload this thing?

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  • 01/23/15--08:31: 17267
  • I noticed this great list.

    A Guide to Flexible Dieting, Lyle McDonald (anything by Lyle, really)
    Bodyopus, Duchaine (because that diet was just plain insane)
    Brother Iron, Sister Steel, Draper
    The Rules of Normal Eating, Koenig
    Willpower, Baumeiester, Tierney
    Bodybuilding or Fat Loss Revealed, Will Brink (the hidden GEM are the moderators that you get access to along with the book purchase; as Jenny Goodwin and Deema Mauladad will attest!)
    Lean Muscle Diet, Aragon, Schuler
    Intuitive Eating, Tribole and Resch
    Sports Gene, Epstein
    Never Let Go, Dan John (anything by Dan)
    Mindless Eating, Wansink (his new book is great too!)
    Eating Mindfully, Albers (anything by Albers, really)
    5/3/1, Wendler (ease and simplicity)
    Overcoming overeating, Hirschmann, Munter
    Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, Tom Venuto

    If anyone has any of these, I have a seen a few of them.

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  • 01/23/15--08:31: 17268
  • Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines, 1e - Sahrmann

    Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Shoulder and Hip Dysfunction - Evan Osar

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  • 01/23/15--08:31: 17269
  • muscle evo or superior muscle growth anyone?
    thank you all for all your contribution

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  • 01/24/15--11:37: 17270
  • thank you for the fat loss happens on monday! could you share itin ebook formats (mobi)?

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  • 01/24/15--11:37: 17272
  • >>17050
    i have v1 if that's any good for you. looking for v2 myself

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