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  • 12/28/14--22:26: 17015
  • Lala
    "The Lean Muscle Diet
    Lou Schuler / Alan Aragon
    It's only $10 for the Kindle."
    if you could share, i would be happy to chime in. The country i live in is 18 dollar to Kindle, too much money for my wallet.

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  • 12/28/14--22:26: 17016
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  • 12/28/14--22:26: 17018
  • >>17011

    Perhaps 20% is too much, but I think that if someone put his time, money and effort in the building of a community he deserves to earn something from it.

    Moreover I really don't like how private trackers work.

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  • 12/28/14--22:26: 17019
  • >>16968
    I've been obese and I have tons of those everywhere, my skin is really fucked up. Working out really improved the aspect of many parts, mostly arms and chest. My abs are pretty defined but I have some lose skin I should surgically remove and until then I don't think the stretch marks will get better there.
    I went to a dermatologist, she gave me a cream with vitamin A (all those idiots can do) and sent me to get a tan (which I never did 'cause I hate the sun), claiming that that would improve the aspect of those a lot. If you do so, please share results. There's not much else you can do, as stretch marks are indeed scars and won't completely heal.

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  • 12/28/14--22:26: 17020
  • >>16691
    Keto enthusiast here.
    1- The brain can derive up to 60% of his energy requirements to the use of ketone bodies. Also, you're not on a constant state of hypoglycemia, since the liver is synthesizing glucose from amino acids and the low insulin release you have maintains the levels pretty ok. I never felt mentally clearer than when I was in keto, and I even get into a keto when I have finals coming and need my brain working at it's most.
    2- That is long to explain, but the levels of LDL and cholesterol go lower on a ketogenic diet. You should give a read to The Ketogenic Diet, by Lyle McDonald, it's amazingly clear and explains this part quite well. I experimented this descend myself, but it's impossible to tell if it's due to the diet itself or to the fact that one's losing weight, as in any diet the blood level of this compounds tend to go down.
    3- Fibber is really hard to get and that caused my abandon of the diet every time. Of course you can eat a lot of vegetables, as cellulose isn't even digested and thus that glucose won't fuck your diet up. The thing is I don't like them you know? but you can eat tons of salads on a keto if you want to.
    4- Calorie counting tend to fail due to the accordion effect (you need to restrict more calories each time to get the same effects due to changes in hormonal regulation). Also, a ketogenic diet is a great way to adapt to a new relation with food and to restrict useless food groups, and after you've been on one you'll never go back to the eating patterns you had before.

    Try to give a read to the mentioned book by Lyle McDonald. Unlike me, the guy isn't a defender of the diet, he simply gives facts and marks the pros and cons of the diet from a real perspective.

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  • 12/28/14--22:26: 17021
  • visual impact frequency training please i am willing to pool money to buy it do let me know if anyone is interested

    rusty moores courses are amazing and honestly are the only ones that i have found to work for my goals

    do share or ping me if anyone wants to pool money to buy

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17022
  • Anyone interested in FITNESS discussion should leave an email under a nickname. I can start an email group, it's easy as that.

    I'll collect emails and next week do an email.

    Best option, :)

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17023
  • Bulletproof Back.

    I have it, but I have 1 RAR which contains
    Day 1
    Day 2

    Is that the whole package? Originally I remember 3 RARS, NO PDF OR BOOK? Thanks

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17024
  • Did anyone every figure out if the Weingroff L&R was complete? I have 9 disks up to 6.2

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17026
  • I'm in for the FITNESS discussion group!

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17027
  • I made a /fit/ chat that allows us to share files and discuss about group buys. Other chan boards are using the same site to share movies and other files so I figured we could use it as well to discuss group buys and share what we have all in one place.

    The files uploaded only stay uploaded for 2 days so you will have to reupload them if someone wasn't able to get them in time. Just bookmark the chat room url so it's easy to find.

    >Check it out.


    Don't post the link to the chat here, because 7chan bans the url (4chan does too) for no good reason due to spammers. Let me know if it works for you guys.
    Also capitalization matters when you type the url.

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17028
  • nick nilsson 77 ab exercises ebook please

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17029
  • >>17027

    Uploaded Erick Brown - Muscle Mass Hypnosis & Steve Jones Muscle Hypnosis mp3s in the chat if anyone is interested.

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17030
  • >>17027

    Here's other rooms on there:

    Not /fit/ related but they have a bunch of files for download.

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17031
  • Programs that Work (MAW) 4.1 and 4.2.

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17032
  • Is anyone interested in a group buy for ELITE Fts Programs that Work (MAW) 4.1 and 4.2 ???

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17033
  • I think the biggest concern is not finding a place to share, but a place to discuss and no one wants to discuss in an open forum!

    No one is going to want to give details, esp for transfers.

    Email is the safest way, that way we control who is part of the email group and that way everyone knows each other. There may be 10-15 people max, and if anyone wants to join they can go through a process.

    It's not that hard for everyone to chip in $5 for a product. Nothing illegal about giving your email, and discussing Fitness related topics with friends. :)

    Im away, but hopefully we have some ideas in a weeks time.


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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17034
  • Please add me to your email list.


    Thank you

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17035
  • Thanks for sharing such great articles! A very thought provoking post and resonates well with me. I learnt a lot from here

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  • 12/29/14--22:55: 17036
  • It is a way to show your respect to the author if you can read the articles patiently and give your feedback.

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