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  • 11/13/14--14:27: 16514
  • >>16509

    This thread readily gets archived by google for a number of keywords, so if one searches for "ross enamait video core training" or similar keywords, a link to this thread appears on google and can get high ranking in the search engine.

    That's how many people found this thread and it became popular.

    Ross has every right to protect his content from people trying to share if he wants to, no matter how shitty his stuff may be.

    I would be slightly worried, because he seems like the type of asshoe who would hire a lawyer and sue you over sharing his video since he most likely has your personal information if you paid via paypal. I get this leery manlet jew vibe from him.

    Core Series Overview (FREE OF CHARGE):

    - ebook: handmade gym equipment (sand stuffed basketballs, etc.).
    ^whose really going to spend the time making such things?

    - Ab Wheel demonstration

    - Walk around carrying a sandbag or another kind of heavy bag with your arms.

    - Pick a heavy bag up and put it on top of something higher.

    - Rope/band pull

    - Put a heavy weight on barbell and move the barbell pole around with your arms

    - Hit a sledge hammer (with as much force as possible ) against a monster truck tire wheel
    ^Apparently Ross thinks everyone has room for a monster truck wheel in their dorm/apartment. :D

    - Throw a heavy ball down at the ground with your hands(with as much force as possible)
    ^I rather not get a noise complaint from my neighbors.

    - Put on some boxing gloves and throw punches at a punching bag

    - hanging leg raises on pull-up bar (use weights around feet for more resistance)

    - windshield wipers on pull-up bars

    - dragon flags

    That's all you learn in 3 hours of video footage folks.

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  • 11/13/14--14:27: 16515
  • >>16509

    Unless you're behind a VPN/Proxy that doesn't log IP/information you're screwed.

    What would be better is if fitness gurus allowed people to check out their programs for free and only pay what they want based on the results they get or how much they gained from their content. I feel a donation based model when it comes to ebooks/videos would be a lot better.

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  • 11/13/14--14:27: 16516
  • That is why people use TOR.

    I wouldn't concern yourself, billion dollar companies barely bother to sue people globally.

    Further more, the legal fees to sue someone over 5-10 downloads, the time wasted is not worth the time.

    People who download the file are more likely to be sued, than someone who has paid for the program and just uploaded it for BACK UP.

    Posting a link is not illegal, downloading a program is however. The uploaded has nothing to worry about, rather people downloading the programs.

    Saying that, it's a $14 program and 99.9% of lawyers are going to laugh, it's a complete waste of time.

    You have to look at the positive side of things, like the music industry it really does drives traffic, and at times business towards you. By getting your name out there, any marketing is good marketing.

    The link will be dead soon, but his name will remain and that will make loads of people curious and drive traffic to his website(even tho a few have complained about the program). Take into account, alot of newbies have no idea, even don't know how to use youtube and some people would rather, than spend time(they may not have) researching it.

    I am one of those people who downloads a fair bit, but to be fair I have not opened more than 5%. If I really enjoyed something, such as like others am looking forward to the Rehab programs, I will actually buy something from the creator, if not the program just to get further support.

    I think it's important to support people, esp if you actually learn something, and it aids you in a way.

    Keep sharing, stay positive. It's good for everyone.


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  • 11/13/14--14:27: 16517
  • anyone have diamond cut abs in a pdf that hasn't been converted?

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  • 11/13/14--14:27: 16518
  • Another vote for mobility rx. I am willing to throw in $5 if needed

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  • 11/13/14--14:27: 16519
  • Someone has:
    Post Rehab Essentials 2.0 by Dean Somerset
    Cardio Strength Training by Dos Remedios


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  • 11/13/14--14:27: 16520
  • I have Cardio Strength in paperback. It isn't bad, but not worth a scan

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  • 11/13/14--14:27: 16521
  • Still no LDNM Bulking bible v.2?

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  • 11/13/14--14:27: 16522
  • Here's how to protect yourself when uploading/downloading:

    VpnGate.net - free, they keep connection logs for 3 months, the individual vpns have their own logging policy, some don't keep logs and other keep for 1-3 weeks, a university project out of Japan, you get to choose the country/ip/vpn.

    FrootVpn.com - they're free (for now) and keep no logs

    Privitize.com - they're free, keep no logs, some complain it's malware online (just make sure to uncheck any other software it may install), but i've never had any problems using them

    PrivateInternetAccess.com - only $3.33 per month ($39.95 per year), the best vpn provider everyone seems to talk about, they keep no logs

    SpotFlux.com - they keep limited logs, only $29.95 per year, if you try to leave the page a pop up come sup offering you a $10 discount beinging the price down to $19.95 per year.

    Anonymizer.com - 14-day free trial Vpn

    Cyberghostvpn.com -they offer a free account

    Tor - slow but free

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  • 11/13/14--14:27: 16523
  • I am interested in this too. Is there a safe way to pool funds for it? I'd gladly contribute.

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  • 11/13/14--14:27: 16525
  • >>16518

    It's only $19.99 for a drm-free digital download at his site. Mobility RX hasn't been shared yet on any torrent site or private forum.

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  • 11/13/14--14:27: 16526
  • Freeletics torrent:

    I constantly see before and after photos on youtube of this program.

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  • 11/14/14--14:42: 16527
  • Those 2 youtube tutorials about the abb wheel are a joke!

    Thanks for the effort but the first guy has no clue about what he is speaking about and is not even able to perform a single rep of proper abb wheel, the second guy really doesn't shows or says much (unless somebody considers a kneeling roll out an exercise).

    On Ross's site there are plenty of tutorials (free) about abb wheels, go there if you really care about learning about roll out and proper execution.

    Complaining about a video that last 3 hours for a price of 14 USD is simply pathetic, I abstain to comment about complaining because shows "only" 11 highly effective exercises most of you have never seen before, leave alone performed,...at an exorbitant average price of 1,27 USD/exercise!

    It is true that most if not all of these exercises' tutorials are available for free on his site...but for the lazy ass whom finds too stressful to search them out he has made available the video too.

    But it seems most of you doesn't even know the guy has a site,...actually two sites.

    Whom complains about Ross simply doesn't have a clue and is not worth any further attention.

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  • 11/14/14--14:42: 16528
  • >>16527

    >Complaining about a video that last 3 hours for a price of 14 USD is simply pathetic

    I was complaining about the fact that most of those 3 hours he isn't demonstrating or explaining the 11 exercises (In Part 1 of the video he spends over an hour boasting before even demonstrating the exercise).The video could of easily been cut down to one video that was an hour or less if he cut out his "filler" of a mouth.

    >It is true that most if not all of these exercises' tutorials are available for free on his site.

    His articles: http://www.rosstraining.com/articles.html

    That's great to know, but for those purchasing his products they don't know what exercises are included in the programs he is selling until once they purchase. He does not list in his product descriptions the exercises they will learn or a table of contents. He also does not offer a "money back guarantee" for those who purchase his stuff and aren't satisfied.

    >Whom complains about Ross simply doesn't have a clue and is not worth any further attention

    Don't be this far stuck up your ass Ross. :^)

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  • 11/14/14--14:42: 16529
  • Joe D. POWER dvd???

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  • 11/14/14--14:42: 16530
  • I am also interested in:
    Post Rehab Essentials 2.0 by Dean Somerset( is 2.0 updated from 1?)
    Diamond cut abs(I am sure someone posted this weeks ago)
    Visual impact frequency training by Rusty Moore.
    Charlie Weingroff - Training=Rehab
    Charlie Weingroff - Lateralizations & Regressions (2014)

    I found some links via Google on Dean Somerset, just not sure if legit.

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  • 11/14/14--14:42: 16531
  • http://dropcanvas.com/wiait

    Can someone upload this to a 5GB account? The 1GB free accounts, never seem to be available.

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  • 11/14/14--14:42: 16532
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  • 11/14/14--14:42: 16533
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  • 11/14/14--14:42: 16534

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