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  • 11/08/14--12:38: 16416
  • Off the Floor - A Manual for Deadlift Domination


    hey!, multi uploading files keep the files online much much longer

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  • 11/08/14--12:38: 16417
  • Does anybody have ldn bikini guide v2 as a pdf?

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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16422
  • >>16420
    Maybe I'm an idiot and I'm missing something, but being gigantic is precisely the reason people are finding about 7chan through this thread, as on it's many pages contains lots of keywords for people who are precisely looking for this thread's contents.

    Deleting it will lead to just people who already know about it being able to use it, until it becomes gigantic once more and people get redirected here by google again.

    Also except for the dropcanvas and rapidshare links, many of the rest still work as of today.

    I think that deleting something as useful as this serves no purpose as it's a log full of knowledge, not a piece of art that should be "cleaned" for aesthetic purposes, but whatever you think it's better.

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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16423
  • >>16422
    I forgot to say that also a nice community with increasing activity by each day is being made here that could be broken if we restart by this point.

    Nowadays people see a brutal log with many requests and uploads and since they see activity they become active too. Now imagine what would happen if people come and see instead a thread with no contents at all or just a few. They just turn back and go to another place since the thread has no contents to search for and looks dead.

    I mean, I see no point on deleting it. We already have a nice library&keywords on it's many pages, why would we want to delete all that?

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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16424
  • MOD: Could you give us a little extra time?

    MOD: Please when you do, paste the LINK for new thread here? Thank you

    I won't upload the Core program til the next thread is created, please everyone keep track esp in the last few pages of links which have been deleted and requests for them being uploaded again.

    The last week, links have gone down really fast and most of us haven't managed to grab anything! Please re-upload in the new thread created next week!

    Thanks! Awesome work by everyone!

    I agree with poster above, most of it is recycled! I only really buy, or download stuff related to injuries aka hip/lower back/core....as it's what I'm interested in.


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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16425
  • >>16423
    Because the thread is riddled with dead links, and when threads get too big they can fuck over the site, mechanically speaking. They're also a bitch to navigate since the [Last 50 posts] and [Next 100 posts] etc are broken as hell.

    As for your community argument, we have another thread exactly like this on /tg/ which we have had to reset twice for this exact reason. >>/tg/69896
    It's barely even phased them. It'll be ok.


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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16426
  • Travis Stoetzel books Anyone Please

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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16427
  • Please can someone re-upload,
    I have David Nordmark's Animal Workouts video & some of his ebooks: YAYOG .WEBM version:

    Links went dead fast.

    I also would like http://dropcanvas.com/du6rh reuploaded.

    Thank you

    New thread will be good, just gets a touch annoying seeing re-posts constantly!

    Surdoc looks the goods, 100GB and everytime someone downloads they give you 1GB extra storage! You can get up to 1TB for free storage!

    I wonder if we could create a universal account, people can upload folder too?


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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16428
  • >>16427

    Surdoc has lots of problems and 100gb is only free for the first year so I don't recommend it.

    OnionShare is slow as fuck and depends on your own upload speeds.

    cryptabyte.com is overly complicated for most people. We aren't sharing super secret documents.

    Yttr.co sounds ok, but files only last 12 days max.

    JottaCloud sounds good.

    AnonFiles.com is suppose to be safe & good as well
    >500mb size limit

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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16429
  • Yeah Surloc is annoying me, it's failed on 2 uploads and now it's nearly 100% 3rd time around, wasting 4GB of my data!

    Hopefully it finishes, or I will try Jottacloud.com -

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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16430
  • A torrent style thing could also work, those aren't less secure (still they can see the IPs that seed,well...)

    JottaCloud sounds good, just - for the sake of sharing, let's stop using DropCanvas :(

    Thank you

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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16431
  • Sean Hyson Truth About Strength Training!


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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16432
  • Cheers Psar,

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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16433
  • Can someone re-upload this file on another cloud please!!

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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16434
  • >>16433

    I would if I could, but I haven't been able to download it.

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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16435
  • >>16425

    Pretty sure people can just save the whole page as a .mht file. Active members can repost their links. Old books can be reuploaded.

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  • 11/09/14--12:50: 16436
  • The well known Biorhythm Theory remains a conjecture, based on simple calculations of periodic cycles. In reality, our rhythms are non-linear systems (they are not mere sinusoids) since they reflect the influence of many internal feedback loops. Thanks to the complexity theory our internal rhythms are calculated as solutions close to the Strange Attractor.
    all the computations carried out on this page make use of innovative algorithmic approaches based on Swarm Intelligence. Please do not confuse this with simple approaches such as the biorhythms and the like.
    How you will feel tomorrow? Your nine psycophysical states. Impress your friends, family and colleagues!
    "YOU TOMORROW" button is on: http://www.magikbit.com
    ... obviously it is free ;)

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  • 11/10/14--13:03: 16437
  • trying again, anyone have "lift with your head" by chip conrad? would be much appreciated.

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  • 11/10/14--13:03: 16438
  • The Official Functional Patterns Training for Humans Workout System from Functional Patterns Videos or any other videos from Functional Patterns please

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  • 11/10/14--13:03: 16439
  • Surloc is a fail. I wasted 5GB trying to upload to that POS website.


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