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  • 10/02/14--06:33: 15691
  • Anyone have Everett's Olympic Lifting DVD/video guide?
    or Fleming's Complete Olympic Lifting, perhaps?

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  • 10/02/14--06:33: 15692
  • fuck u get tested

    everyone knows if it's got a title. it's in on it.

    solve your problems. keep it shut. you talk. you die.

    in africa they set fire to themselves to try to cure disease. if you want a disease for life go and talk to a person who can help you. f u all. the only peson who helps you is you. stay away from the disease/ people. they only want to fuck you over like there b4rain is run by business... whether you feel they're your friend or not... you live to be made money out of... stay awqaay from the fucking disease ( people) chance you'll cure your illnesses... or have them forever with speaking or asking for help... like a fucking dumbo they'll fuck your head up... you'll spend twnety years unaswear they're growing ulcers in your eyes..... lol go on ask for help.... u fucking dumbo!

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  • 10/02/14--06:33: 15693
  • get reps done. WIFI in my head says no. dont even care...

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  • 10/02/14--06:33: 15694
  • if you love my truth as much as i do:

    send your love for me to: "SCLAVIUS FORTRESS II"

    you only need to say the words. your will be done. U knowsit. kisses!!!!

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  • 10/02/14--06:33: 15695
  • salt

    roll it up and smoke it until you feel better

    send your thanks to "SCLAIVIUS FORTRESS II"

    you only need to imagine you send your thanks. and it is done. you nkowsit!.

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  • 10/02/14--06:33: 15696

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  • 10/02/14--06:33: 15697
  • heel Lifts out selling Iphones? I know it sounds ridiculous, numerous individuals might not even know, or care what heel Lifts are


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  • 10/03/14--14:33: 15698
  • >>15696
    didn't know it was released as an ebook
    any one got that ??

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  • 10/03/14--14:33: 15699
  • fucking dirty ghosts need purging... need purging all the time... with natural weapons beat neo weapons... i dont agree with neo weapons i think they should stop that shit too much power to any retard just click click and the world is any stupid cunts... ban neo weapons really... anyhow... CANT GET FIT? HAVE U TR$IED CLEANING UP THE AIR? NOT WITH MAGIC COCAINE.... OR MAGIC HEROINE... U'll end up a WHORE.... LOL.... just fresh air should b all u need.... if they spike it with heroine run for it.... cos the dumb fuck who spikes you will expecte you to make incest movies in return.... dont matter u didn't ask for his magic heroine.... but if you run away from his magic.... maybe he'll understand u really dont want his heroine....



    IF ONLY WE COULD PRETEND WERE INSANE FOR A MINUTE. AS IF IT HELPS. fuck this shit man fuck this shit!


    wot u fink makes u so illogical... is the magic .... the magic of the dumb fux.... lols.... understand the dumb fux ways.... fuk up the dumb fux who run this world of shit.... tehihihih......... keep the truth in your head..... and outwardly just dribble or giggle... chance you'll escape the RADARSSSSSSzzZZzZZZ ... chance better than opening your mouth cos u FEEL LIKE IT *ALOT* LMAO ROFL.., BANG BANG hitlers carebare deathsqaud say bye bye, back to knitting poo bear montage3s on tranqualizers for ANOTHER TENB CUNTED YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.


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  • 10/03/14--14:33: 15702
  • >>15699
    Ok, so is this a new kind of trolling or what.

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  • 10/03/14--14:33: 15703
  • >>15699
    dude fuck you.

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  • 10/03/14--14:33: 15704
  • >>15637
    you don't have to live vegan if you want to live healthier and lose weight, just control your eating habits, meat is healthy at all, just reduce the amount of fat you eat faggot, might just go running or snort amphetamines

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  • 10/03/14--14:33: 15705
  • Anyone have 'The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive' - Jim Afremow

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  • 10/03/14--14:33: 15706
  • Every Day Is Game Day: The Proven System of Elite Performance to Win All Day, Every Day by Mark Verstegen

    Anyone have this? Thanks in advance!

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  • 10/03/14--14:33: 15707
  • calisthenics kingz last ebook "the new age of fitness " please

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  • 10/03/14--14:33: 15710
  • calisthenics the new age of fitness

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  • 10/03/14--14:33: 15711
  • Hi! I'm looking for these books for ages. If somebody could post any of theese, I would appreciate it.
    Travis Hansen - The Speed Encyclopedia
    Ben Greenfield - Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
    Lucas Parker - Squat Strong
    Girls Gone Strong - The Modern Woman's Guide to Strength Training
    Chad Wesley Smith - Juggernaut Football Manual
    Joel Jamieson - Conditioning Blueprint
    James Smith - Applied Sprint Training
    Verkhoshansky Forum
    Yuri Verkhoshansky - Special Strength Training Manual for Coaches
    Anatoliy Bondarchuk - Transfer of Training
    Mark Verstegen - Every Day Is Gameday

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  • 10/03/14--14:33: 15712
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  • 10/04/14--15:13: 15713
  • anyone have Fortitude Training by Scott Stevenson?

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  • 10/04/14--15:13: 15715
  • Matt Marshall - How to Build a Classic Physique http://dropcanvas.com/1vut3

    Still looking for:
    2222 method
    the mass gain method
    the high rep protocol

    Anyone got these?

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